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Eric Forrester Steps Down

When Eric Forrester decided to step down as CEO of Forrester Creations and step back from the day to day operations of the business a power play was set in motion between Eric’s two sons, Ridge and Rick.

After a visit from his brother John (and Ivy’s dad) Eric decided he wanted to join John on some on his adventures and enjoy life.  Both Ridge and Rick saw this as the opportunity they’d been working for all their lives, talking their rightful place at the helm of Forrester Creations.

A Power Play

But Eric of course knew that given their tempestuous relationship as “brothers” he could pass the baton to only one of them.  Forrester Creations had always been headed by a designer which saw Eric believe that Ridge had the edge on Rick.

But equally as powerful was Eric’s belief that a new power couple, like he and Stephanie had been, should run the company.  That of course put Rick in the running since not only was Rick married, but Caroline was a very successful designer in her own right.

With a Twist

What Eric didn’t realize was that there were other things going on at Forrester Creations.  Ridge was keeping a secret.  He had lost his ability to draw after falling out of a helicopter into the Persian Gulf.  Under pressure to deliver a couture line, Ridge learned that he could draw through Caroline.  Both designers found the experience of designing together particularly seductive and almost spiritual in nature.

But feelings got confused with Caroline developing a crush on Ridge as they designed together.  Ridge also, wasn’t immune to the feelings designing with Caroline, his first wife’s namesake, evoked. The design duo collaborated on more than just designing, the ended up sharing some sensual kisses also.

Meanwhile, Maya Avant was determined to win back former beau, and Caroline’s husband Rick because she wanted the Forrester lifestyle.  After witnessing Caroline and Ridge in what looked like more than a friendly hug, Maya decided all she had to do was sit back and wait for Caroline to self destruct.

Eric Chooses a New CEO

Eric made his choice.  He chooses his oldest son Ridge.  He was a designer, and had shown nothing but integrity and honesty in his professional dealings Eric stated explaining his position.  Ridge was pleased with Eric’s decision and ready to take over.

Maya, however, saw the situation as an opportunity.  She blurted out that Ridge was neither loyal nor honest.  He was having an affair with Caroline she accused.  Even though Maya’s accusations weren’t totally correct, Caroline did admit to her husband that something had happened between her and ridge while they were designing together.  It was only a few kisses she told her husband and Caroline begged Rick to forgive her. But Rick couldn’t see past Caroline betraying him with Ridge – of all people – the man who had treated his mother so badly over the years and undermined him.

Rick Cheats

After Caroline’s betrayal of their marriage, by kissing Ridge, Rick retaliated by sleeping with Maya…

Caroline and Ridge may have nudged up against the line with their kisses and budding feelings for each other, but Rick stomped all over  it.  By day’s end he and Maya had made love in the cabin on Brooke’s property.  Maya saw this for what it was – her chance to get the life she’d always wanted.  And Maya wasn’t letting go.

Caroline found out about Rick and Maya but still begged her husband to come home and forgive her.  They could work through this, she told him.  But Rick wasn’t buying it, especially with Maya in his ear about him deserving a woman he could trust one who was 100% loyal – a woman like her.

Eric Changes His Mind!

Ridge was shocked when Eric ripped the CEO job out from under him before he even had a chance to sit in the chair.  Eric wasn’t impressed by Ridge’s behavior with Caroline.  He was supposed to be older and wiser and known better.

Eric, instead, offered the job to Rick.  A job Rick initially turned down since he was Eric’s second choice.  Again Maya convinced Rick to take the job – he would be the man.  They would have the life she’d always dreamed of and he would be Ridge and Caroline’s boss.  They would have to respect him, Maya argued.  Rick bought it and signed the contract.

Rick Abuses His Power

Still angry with his wife for betraying him with Ridge, Rick decided that if Caroline and Ridge believed their Couture Designs were art they would price them accordingly.  Just prior to the Couture Line Preview Rick set outlandish prices for the gowns in a bid to sabotage the line.

Eric was not amused.  But Rick’s plan backfired when orders came in at the exorbitant prices.  Caroline and Ridge’s designs were a resounding success.

Eric Delivers an Ultimatum

Eric accused Rick of using his position to exact revenge on Ridge and Caroline.  He was acting on his own vendetta rather than for the good of the company.  Rick reminded him of the sales numbers but Eric told him his intent had still been to sink the line.  Eric told Rick that if he didn’t reunite with his wife and end his fling with Maya, that Rick would lose the CEO position.

Rick and Maya Scheme

Rick did as his father bade, and Eric was impressed by Rick’s turnaround.  He told his son he was proud of him and the choices he’d made recently. But Rick’s forgiveness of Caroline was a  mere pretense.  He pretended that everything was fine between him and his wife in the office but at home would feign tiredness to avoid being intimate with his wife.

Meanwhile Rick set Maya up in an apartment.  Rick visited often as he and Maya schemed to take over Forrester Creations.  Unfortunately for Rick and May Ivy witnessed Rick kissing Maya as he left her apartment one evening.  Ivy pressured Rick to end it but instead Rick fast tracked his plan.

Irrevocable Control

Rick had legal papers drawn up that he wanted Eric to sign.  With Eric headed to Europe on a lecture tour at Design schools and some fun vacation time with his brother, John, Rick reasoned it would be the perfect time for Ridge to undermine him.

Rick told his father that irrevocable control would allow him to get on with the business of running Forrester Creations without wasting time looking over his shoulder at what Ridge was pulling.  IF Eric truly was proud of Rick’s turnaround in running the company with his wife, Caroline, then put it is writing Rick begged.

Ridge Finds Out – Too Late

Being an astute business man, Eric turned to company attorney, and Ridge’s best buddy, Carter, for advice on the papers.  Eric immediately changed the contract to a one year term but still Carter advised against signing it.

But after Caroline assured Eric that all was well in her marriage to Rick, Eric found the peace of mind to give Rick what he needed.  But Caroline’s assessment of her marriage was premature. When Rick didn’t even manage to stay awake to ring in the New Year with her, Caroline became suspicious and confided in Ridge that not all was well in her relationship.

Eric signed the papers just as Ridge stormed into the office to pitch against Eric signing.  Ridge was certain there was more going on here than just control of the company.  Caroline’s confession that not all was well in her marriage and Ricks determination to have control over the company set his senses prickling.

Rick Delivers His Bombshell

Ridge and the others didn’t have long to wait to find out what Rick’s true agenda was.  Rick texted Maya, who was waiting outside the office, to come in.  Meanwhile Caroline was gushing about how thankful she was for Rick’s faith in her and his forgiveness and promising to be the strong loyal woman with who he would run the company.

Maya arrived and she was shooed from the meeting by Caroline, Eric and Ridge.  But Rick told them Maya could hear what he had to say.  Rick told the meeting that he had learned the value of a strong and loyal partner.  One who would support him and stand by him.  But Caroline wasn’t it, he stated.  Their marriage had ended the moment she betrayed him with Ridge.

No, Maya would be the woman by his side Rick announced.  They had never broken up…

The Fallout…

Rick’s announcement left everyone except Rick and Maya aghast.  Maya had a superior gloat on her face.  Ridge turned to his father with an” I told you so” expression on his face and Caroline was stunned and horrified by her husband’s double dealing and betrayal…

Rick may have what he wants, but will he keep it?  He’s just messed with a Spencer, as well as alienating most of his family…


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