The Young and the Restless Spoilers – January 5 – 9, 2015

This week on The Young and the Restless (January 5 – 9, 2015): Constance passes away.  Gabriel inherits – but there are conditions!  Phyllis will prove Kelly sabotaged her.  Joe wants his ex back…

Nikki and Victor

Nikki confronts Victor – has she learned that Victor has the Mayor in his pocket and is supporting the redevelopment of the warehouse district – something that Nikki’s son Dylan is fighting against?

Jill asks Victor is he’s trying to put himself on Nikki’s bad side but taking up against Nikki’s son.

Adam and Sage

Sage is saddened that Constance won’t make it through the day. Constance dies when she sees Gabriel waiting for her.  The will comes out and Adam notes how much  Gabriel inherits and how little is there for Sage.  But Adam hasn’t finished reading…They share the fortune – she’s his wife!

Adam wants the truth out of Sage.

Adam and Sage threaten each other.  Adam tells Sage she has no one and if she went missing no one would notice or come looking for her and he would be done with her.  Sage however turn it around and says its true.  She has no one so she has nothing to lose – perhaps he is the one who should be scared of her.  They get testy and Adam finally tells her taht just becasuse he is stuck in the sham of a marriage for the nest 2 years, 2 weeks and 1 day doesn’t mean he isn’t going to stick to his plan.  He realizes that age was in love with Gabriel and warns Sge to stay out of his way.

Gabriel heads to Genoa City where he concocts an excuse of renting an apartment in Chelsea’s building to get into her apartment to see the layout.  While there he lifts one of Connor’s toy cars.  Bill arrives home and isn’t impressed to find Gabriel there.  Gabriel tells Billy they will be seeing more of each other – he’s taken a job at Jabot.

Sage also heads into Genoa City to deal with lawyers papers relation to Constance’s death.  Nick sees her at Crimson lights, clearly upset and interrupts a conversation with Sharon to see what is wrong with Sage.

Sage’s backstory:  Sage was taken in by Constance when her parents died.  Constance may have raised Sage but she was never part of the family – seemingly more like a servant. Since Gabriel was a nice chap but a bit of an irresponsible playboy Sage and Constance concocted a plan for Gabriel to be included in Constance’s will only if he married Sage, who is responsible.  While it would be a marriage of financial convenience for Gabriel it seems Sage may have felt more… Sage and Gabriel married on the day that Gabriel died saving Adam’s life.  There is also a clause stating that Gabriel and Sage must stay married for three years….which puts just a small wrench in Adam’s plan to woo back Chelsea.  What will he chose?  The Bingham fortune?  Or the love of his life?


Ashley and Stitch make a vow – likely to forget about their night of shower sex and keep their relationship purely professional.

Stitch watches as Ashley gets flower from Joe for a great New Year’s Eve.

Jill and Cane

Realizing that New Year brought them both to the same resolution – to regain control of Katherine Chancellor’s company from Victor – Jill and Cane, join forces.

Sharon and Nick

Sharon gets assistance from an unexpected source in her custody battle against Nick.  Nick declares that he’s willing to meet Sharon halfway.  But when Sharon’s lawyer arrives he announces Sharon will be after sole custody.  Sharon is surprised.  The meeting disintergrates from there.

Victor lets Nick know that Sharon’s lawyer has subpoena’d him.

Nick and Sharon end up arguing about who is the better parent when they run into each other at Crimson Lights.  Nick reminds Sharon that she brought this on herself when she messed with Summer’s paternity.  Sharon wonders how what Nick did was so different.  Nick knew all those years ago that Summer’s paternity test was tainted, yet he had no compunction about potentially withholding Jack’s child from him….When Nick walks away from their conversation to talk to a visibly upset Sage, Sharon tells him that she thinks the Judge will be very interested that he has more time for a stranger than to talk to her about their daughter’s custody arrangements.

Their mediation session fails.  Sharon mistakenly believes Nick and Sage are dating and tells Nick she is going to tell the judge…

Nick reaches out to his boarding school buddy Gabriel (Adam).

Phyllis, Jack and Kelly

Phyllis lets Jack know her theory about Kelly sabotaging her car on New Years Eve.  Jack is disbelieving of Phyllis’ thoughts.  Phyllis is determined to prove Kelly did sabotage her.  Phyllis’ attempts to get info out of Billy, but Billy won’t be part of it, other than to advice Kelly to move on from Jack.

Kelly thinks she has moved on from Jack about as far as Billy has moved on from Victoria.

Suspicious that Kelly set her up on New Year’s Eve Phyllis plans to get even.  She sets a trap for Kelly.  Phyllis texts Kelly from Jack cell phone.  Phyllis believes that if Kelly really believes Jack and Kelly are over she won’t turn up to meet “Jack” But Kelly does.  She finds Phyllis sitting in Jack’s chair.

Victoria and Ben, Billy and Chelsea

Billy and Chelsea’s relationship hits difficulty as they have difficulty overcoming their pasts – Chelsea’s presumed dead, husband Adam killed Billy’s daughter, Delia – only on a soap would these two end up together!

Billy and Chelsea end up in an argument about Chelsea still wearing Adam;s wedding ring and Billy still having his wedding ring tatto from his marriage to Victoria.  Chelsea storms out of lunch and heads home to run into Gabriel who is looking at apartment int he building.  Billy arrives home to find Gabriel there and that Gabriel took a job at Jabot.  After Gabrile leaves Billy shows Chelsea a bandaged wedding ring finger.  he had the tattoo removed including the one on his back that said Victoria.  Chelsea is touched and reciprocates by removing her wedding bans and placing them in a drawer.

Neil, Hilary, and Devon

Gwen seduces Devon.  Devon arrives at a suite to find Gwen dressed in sexy lingerie.  When Devon isn’t into being seduced, Gwen quickly dresses and heads downstairs (at the Athletic Club) to have a drink at the bar. Clearly she misread the kiss between them on New Years Eve.  She asks him if he’s still with the married woman he had a thing for.

Neil walks by and tells his son they need to talk.  Downstairs Neil tells Devon that Hilary has thrown away their birth control pills – they are trying to have a baby.  When Hilary arrives a stunned Devon heads over to the bar where Gwen is an invites her up to his private suite.  it would be a shame to waste what he knows she has on under that dress.

Hilary learns what is upsetting Devon when Neil admits he told Devon they were trying to have a baby.  Hilary winces.

Dylan, Avery and Joe

Dylan gets some news that shocks him – Could he work out that Victor is the powerful man behind the Mayor blocking heritage listing of Crimson Lights? 

With Ashley’s New Years revelation, that Joe isn’t over his ex and is determined to win her back, Joe puts a plan into action.  Joe arranges a meeting for Avery to attend as the representative for the Warehouse redevelopement protest group at the Athletic Club.  When she gets there she finds the meeting is only for her and Joe and the warehouse district is the last thing on his mind…

Avery tells Dylan she wants to get married – right away.

Kevin and Mariah

Kevin keeps writing as he can’t get his and Mariah’s New Year’s kiss out of his mind.  Kevin calls Michael’s bluff.  Kevin pushes Michael to chose a treatment path rather than going from doctor to doctor for second, third and fourth opinions.

Kevin takes an interest in finding out who is behind the holding company that owns the land beneath Crimson Lights and other businesses in the warehouse district.  Michael wants him he won’t take his case if he’s arrested for hacking.  Dylan shows interest in Kevin’s data mining skills.

Mariah visits Cassie’s grave


Lauren encourages Michael to start treatment

Nest Week’s Spoilers

Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

Gwen seduces Devon.

Kevin calls his brother’s bluff.

Adam’s return changes things for many in Genoa City – especially Chelsea who has moved on with Billy…Adam wants his old life back and is determined to have it.

As Chelsea and Billy’s relationship progresses news comes to light about Adam’s death.

Joe and Dylan compete for the heart of the fair Avery.  Does Dylan play fair when a dark side to his nature rears its head?

Lauren is determined to stay strong and fight Michael’s cancer, but does Michael feel the same way?

Jack may have chosen Phyllis, but Kelly isn’t giving up believing Phyllis’ nap has made her an even bigger bitch.

Nikki’s drinking is not under control as she told Maureen when she paid her to start anew – out of Genoa City.  Nikki’s love affair with the bottle may cause issues in her love affair with Victor.

Faith wants her mom and dad together again.



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