Days of our Lives Spoilers – February 9 – 13, 2015

This week on Days of our Lives (February 9 – 13, 2015): Will the Sonny, Will and Paul triangle  be exposed? Will and Victor are guilty, Cole tells Paige he knows who JJ slept with, Melanie investigates Dr Mandrake

Sonny, Will and Paul

The stakes are upped in this triangle as Sonny fights for his life while Will wrestles with his gult over cheating on Sonny with Paul Norita.  Unbeknownst to Will Paul is Sonny’s ex, the man Sonny asked to marry him before he met Will.  Unbeknownst to Paul, the reason he was called in to the hospital to donate his O negative blood is to save Sonny’s life.

Wih, Sonny, Paul and Will all at the hospital at the same time, and with emotions running high, the pieces are in place for this secret to come out!

Will is consumed by guilt and a past that he cannot change.  Victor too is suffering  and blames himself when he learns Sonny’s attack is due to his indirect actions.

Sonny’s mom, talks to Paul

Justin comes back to town to find his wife receiving comfort from Lucas Horton.

Paige and JJ, Eve

Cole helps Paige out – Paige told Cole about Theresa’s advice to steal JJ’s phone and find to see who he’s been texting.  According to MS Donovan that’s the way to find out who JJ slept with.  Does Cole get the name for Paige?  He certainly hints to JJ that he knows exactly wht JJ has been up to.

When JJ spends the whole night away from home Jennifer notices.  Mother wants answers.  As does Abigail.

Melanie, Brady and Theresa

Melanie and Brady have coffee date after making love for the first time.  I guess that is officially their first date them…

Clint continues to question Theresa about her bad dreams and memory fragments.  Melanie talks to Theresa about Dr Mandrake.  Sarcastic Theresa suggest she use the internet.

Melanie is curious and tries to find out who Dr Mandrake is.  Melanie’s probing leads to Kristen…

Serena and Eric

Serena is still trying to make the elephant switch.  Serena runs into difficulties with her latest switcheroo.  Nicole’s luck changes when she unwittingly saves the day.


Chad and Jordan

Chad wants another chance with Jordan after misinterpreting what he saw between Rafe and Jordan.  Is Jordan about to take him back just like that?

Abby and Ben

Abby stands by her man even though he has legal trouble up the wazoo since the DA won’t drop the charges against Ben for punching Chad.


Nicole and Daniel

Nicole wants Melanie’s help to calm the waters between her and Daniel.

Hope and Aiden

Hope finds someone unexpected at Aiden’s holiday house. Hope finds video of Aiden’s wife who supposedly killed herself in front of Aiden.  In the video she claims that Aiden wants her dead.  Hope finds an axe concealed and begins to wonder if Aiden actually murdered his wife.  A panicked Hope is fearful but is still trying to find another explanation…

When Hope appears to be upset over something Hope has learned about Aiden’s wife , Aiden is left wondering what it is.


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Down the Track on Days of our Lives:

Brady and Melanie make love?  Really?  They go from bumbling Mel to in bed?  Just not feeling this pairing.  Melanie keeps her investigation of Theresa and Dr Mandrake a secret.  If Melanie finds out the truth, will she tell Brady?  Or will she keep the fact that he and Theresa have a child under her hat?

Lucas and Adrienne get closer – now this pairing is intriguing!  Lucas and Adrienne fight their feelings for each other.  Justin is back in town and what he’s been up to comes into play to have Adrienne make life altering choices.

Serena wants something from Eric that makes him suspicious

Aiden has secrets hidden in his holiday home. Hope finds the place spooky and ends up fearing for her life.  How well does Hope know Aiden?

Will’s article comes out, as does Paul, and the secret that has been simmering in this love triangle.

Nicole is surprised in a good way.

JJ and Eve’s affair doesn’t stay a secret.

Days of our Lives Comings and Goings:


All My Children actor, Adam Mayfield is headed to Salem.  Reportedly, a character from Serena’s past he will appear in a short storyline arc.

Paul’s mother is set to come to Salem.  Will Paul come out to his family?

Look for Kristen (Eileen Davidson) to return to Salem during February sweeps month…

Christelle Strause tweeted that her time at Days of our Lives has come to an end.  How does Jordan leave Salem?  Look for a final airdate (and answers) during March 2015.


Some spectacular rumors:

There are some pretty wild rumors floating around in Days of our Lives fandom.  They will remain in the “rumors” column until either discredited or become confirmed spoilers. Dot points below are rumors!

  • Kristen returns to Salem with twins…
  • Eve is pregnant with JJ’s baby.

Theresa will work out that something happened to her baby.  Eve will support her sister.

Doug and Hope have an upcoming storyline together – likely something to do with Hope’s fortune that she inherited from her momma Addy (who inherited it from first husband, wealthy banker Ben Olson given Aiden’s upcoming interest in her money.  Hopefully there will be an interesting twist to Aiden (or dead wife, Meredith’s backstory tying them into Salem’s distant past…) Doug of course was a con man initially just after Addy’s money…
The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.





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