February 11: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 – Episode #7013

Brooke Makes a Move on Ridge

It could be the way it was for so long – just the two of us.  Ridge remembers everything.  Out to the pool or up to our bedroom Brooke propositions Ridge.  They have a lifetime of memories in this house and they can make more, Brooke suggests.  Ridge agrees they have many happy memories and a lot of love in this house.

Tell me you’re in love Brooke asks Ridge.  Ridge confirms he is in love.  Thinking that she has him back, Brooke hugs Ridge unaware he means he’s in love with Caroline.

Ridge tells Brooke a lot has changed between them and with them in the past couple of years.  When Ridge said he was in love with someone he didn’t mean Brooke.  He meant Caroline.  With Caroline it’s almost like they are of one mind.  He never meant to hurt Brooke but he’s committed to Caroline, Ridge tells a stunned Brooke.

Brooke says he’s making a mistake.  Being with Caroline is payback for her being with Bill, Brooke reasons.  It looks like Ridge is having a midlife crisis.  Ridge gets emotional and tells Brooke the biggest crisis in his mid life was getting dumped out of a helicopter because he was trying to save her from Spencer.  He had to work hard to get his life back and Caroline helped him.

So you owe her, Brooke reasons.  Yeah he does, indeed, Ridge says.  Indebtedness isn’t love its dependency, Brooke throws back at Ridge.  What happened to us?  Ridge asks.  The magic they had is gone now.  Ridge is moving on and she should too.  She can count on her as a friend, but Brooke doesn’t want to be distant from him.

Ridge will always love her but he needs to start a new chapter in his life – one with Caroline.  Ridge leaves.  Alone, Brooke pours herself a stiff drink…and then another.

”To all of the men who have loved me and left me.  Here’s to you” a lonely and drunk Brooke toasts as she cries.

It’s Inevitable

Pam drags Donna into Rick’s office when she’s had a long lunch.  She was at Brooke’s she says and tells Pam that Brooke wants Ridge back.  Caroline overhears Donna tell Pam that Brooke is teaching Caroline a lesson.  They discuss that everyone believes Brooke and ridge will get back together.  Except me says Caroline as she enters.  But she doesn’t believe for a moment that Ridge will leave her for Brooke.

Brooke has history with a lot of men Caroline notes.  Pam and Donna say she always ends up back with Ridge.  It always happens, it’s inevitable.  Nothing is certain in life but Ridge and Brooke are pretty close.  But Caroline isn’t listening to this.  She and Ridge know what they have.  Donna suggests they have a solid working relationship nothing else.  And that will only continue of Brooke allows it.

Caroline’s phone rings.  It’s Ridge.  He wants to meet her at the loft.

At the loft Ridge tells Caroline Brooke wants him back, but he has what he wants – her.

Quinn is Insecure

Quinn and Deacon have had uninspiring days.  She’s got not work and he did same old.  What even with Brooke back in town Quinn says.  Deacon taunts Quinn.  Brooke looks great!  He tells her seriously he only has eyes for one woman.

Brooke isn’t strong or independent like Quinn and mostly she’s a hot mess Deacon says.  Quinn notes that  Brooke is always one step above the nut house yet she conquers it – whereas she…

Deacon gives her a beer. Quinn is down because of her losing streak. Deacon had planned to go out but stays with Quinn instead because she is down.  Quinn plays more solitaire.  Quinn wants to make things right with Wyatt and Hope and wants to get her business back on track.  She should have more in her life than she has.  Deacon says at least she has him.

What’s in it for you Quinn wants to know?  They kiss.



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