February 12: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, February 12, 2015 – Episode #7014

Deacon and Quinn

Deacon wants to go do something but Quinn isn’t interested.  She just wants to stay in.  She enjoys having her playmate, soul mate there.  Don’t get freaked out she tells him she means soul mate in a “you get me” kind of way not all goopy and romantic.

Deacon and Quinn discuss the radio silence from Hope.  Quinn gives Deacon the same advice he gave her – giver her time.  Quinn says they have each others back and the drink their wine.  Deacon goes to see Brooke and see if Brooke has heard from Hope.

Alone, Quinn obsesses over pictures of Brooke.

Brooke Drinks Alone

Drinking, Brooke calls the office.  Pam tells her he’s in a meeting.  Pam is grateful she doesn’t have to interrupt because Rick would have yelled at her.

Deacon arrives.  Want a drink Brooke asks.  Should he go to Milan.  Let her be.  Give her some time Brooke suggests. Deacon says that’s what Quinn said.

Deacon asks if Brooke is alright.  Brooke admits it’s strange being back here. The corporate apartment in Milan fit.  She was busy with work and Hope.  Then she came back here and all the men she was involves with are all with someone else – moving one.  And here she is in this great big beautiful house – alone.

Liam Tells Ivy about the Hostile Take Over

Ivy tells Liam that she thinks she walked in on something the other night with Steffy.  She’s right Liam says she did and it’s a game changer.  Rick is boss unless someone takes it from him.  Ivy is intrigued.  Liam admits his plan needs Steffy to work and he’s not so sure about that now. They have been discussing a hostile takeover of Forrester Creations Liam tells Ivy.

They go through the math of the shares.  Liam is hoping to bring in some portion of 20% to get to 50%.  Of course this is between you and me Liam says.  Ivy is stunned.  She doesn’t’ like it.  Its Uncle Eric’s company he can’t just take it out from under it.  And there’s Bill.  He doesn’t’ trust Bill to run Forrester Creations.  Bill is about the bottom line and Forrester is about family.  Liam assures her the company stays in Forrester hands – Steffy will run it.  He wonders if that will help her throw her support behind his plan.


Who Owns Forrester Creations?


Ivy doesn’t like going against her family but Steffy is a Forrester and a talented designer.  Having two professionals at the helm would be nice Ivy says.  Liam says he’s not sure about Steffy being in.  He admits that Steffy isn’t over them, but he has to get her out of personal mode and into business mode.

Steffy Likes the Big Chair

Pam tells Rick there is someone here to see him and he calls her a lousy gatekeeper.  Steffy enters and tells Mr CEO she pulled rank.

How’s the view from up top Steffy asks.  It suits him Rick says.  He gained a lot but he lost a lot Steffy notes.  Rick asks Steffy to schedule lunch with Maya she could need some friends and she could score some brownie points with him.  Steffy calls him confident and decides it must be the chair.  Steffy takes a seat.  Oh yeah a person get used to this Steffy says putting her feet on the desk.

They discuss irrevocable control and why Maya’s picture is in her house. Rick says it’s his house.  Rick asks how Steffy feels about Ridge seducing his wife.  Steffy agrees it’s one more thing around here he doesn’t’ approve off.

And I’m one of them Rick notes.  Steffy agrees.  You’re not the only one in this family with ambition Steffy warns Rick.  He’s got work to do he says.  Steffy warns him not to get to comfortable she likes that chair.

Ivy arrives back at the office at Rick’s beck and call. A cranky Rick storms out of his office and says its about time.  He wants to review her designs in ten minutes.

Ivy goes into his office surprised to find Steffy.  Ivy tells Steffy she supports Liam’s plan.  Join forces with Liam Ivy asks.  Rick abuses his power he has to go, Ivy tells Steffy.



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