February 16: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, February 16, 2015 – Episode #7016

Vodka for Breakfast

Brooke wakes up where she passed out on the sofa.  Brooke takes a swig of vodka for breakfast.  Kate walks in and Brooke hides the bottle.  Brooke claims she is jet lagged when Katie asks her if she’s okay.

Katie tells Brooke she and Bill are getting married tomorrow.  Brooke feigns happiness for Katie.

Donna arrives.  Katie tells her also that she is getting married tomorrow.  Donna goes into planning mode.  They are getting married at the house.  Katie says she’s grateful Brooke gave her the space for her and Bill to find each other again.  Katie realizes it may be too much to ask but asks Brooke to be her matron of honor.  Brooke isn’t even sure she can attend her wedding.  She cost her a lot of pain.  But Brooke does agree when Katie asks her again.

With Katie gone, Brooke pours herself a drink.  Donna can’t believe she agreed to be matron of honor when she is still in love with the groom.  You can’t just turn those feelings off.  Are you over Bill Donna asks.  Brooke says yes.  He’s going to be her brother in law again.  Donna asks if alcohol is how she is going to get Bill out of her system.  Yes says Brooke, for the time being.  And Brooke isn’t interested in what Donna has to say about it.

Best Man

Wyatt and Liam discuss getting Steffy on side because he’s begged the Prince of Darkness for his job back.  What is Steffy’s hold up Wyatt asks.

Bill enters and tells them no more talk about work.  He and Katie are getting married tomorrow.

Liam, Wyatt and Bill toast Katie and Bill’s wedding with his organic barley scotch.

He can only have one best man tomorrow.  Bill asks Wyatt to be his best man.  He’s been going through a rough patch and he’s seemed a little lost – but he’s not.  He has a home and a family here and he would be honored if Wyatt would be his best man.  Wyatt is surprised and honored.

Later, Wyatt asks if Liam is okay with Wyatt being Bill’s best man.  Wyatt teases Liam bout his scotch and they head out to get him a burger.

Bill and Katie

Back at home Katie admits that Brooke seemed a little off.  She doesn’t’ do well by herself Katie notes. The world kept turning while Brooke was gone and being single isn’t a death sentence Bill tells Katie.

Cheap Jewelry and The Stupid Tree

Liam tells Ivy her jewelry looks cheap.  Ivy says she was going to lend them to Kaite for her wedding.  Rick and Maya remind Ivy she hasn’t got the authority to lend anything out.  Ivy asks permission.  Rick says okay, if Katie wants to look cheap.

Rick states he won’t be going leaving Caroline and Ridge free to go – two adulterers at a wedding – too funny, Rick states.  Why aren’t you going Ivy says when they laugh at Aly saying their invitation is on the way.   Rick runs one of the biggest fashion houses in the world.  He doesn’t have time for Bill and Katie 2.0.  Maybe if Ivy spend more time on her work she wouldn’t be trying to palm of a sweet 16 charm bracelet as a Forrester Creation Rick snipes.

Aly shows Rick and Maya some of her shoe line prototypes. When she stumbles because a shoe breaks Rick whispers to maya.  What you see before you is the product of Thorne and Darla. This girl fell from the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.  Aly smiles at a giggling Rick and Maya.

Later Aly tells Ivy she thinks Maya and Rick liked her line.  Ivy suggests that she not get her hopes up until

Maya and Rick gloat over Aly making a fool of herself and Wyatt crawling for his job back. The like giving everyone a lesson in humility.



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