February 17: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Bill and Katie’s Wedding

On his wedding day Bill goes through all his blessings with his sons and Ivy…including more money than god…

Aly and Ivy

Ally asks Ivy what she would think about a double wedding.  Not if Steffy has anything to do with it Ivy says.  She has plans for her and Liam Ivy tells Aly about the heart to heart she had with Steffy.


Already late for the wedding, Brooke downs a last stiff drink before heading out.  When she arrives at Katie’s she heads straight for the champagne. She tells Bill everything has turned out the way it should be.  He and Katie will be married and his son will have both his parents.

Ridge and Caroline

Ridge and Caroline prepare for the wedding. Ridge tells Caroline that Logan is Katie’s Matron of honor.  It’s going to be a difficult day for her.

At the wedding Brooke sidles up to ridge – Did you come alone?  You know I didn’t Ridge tells her as Caroline arrives.  Brooke has to go see Katie and takes champagne upstairs.  Can she leave the kiddies unsupervised.

Downstairs, Bill and Ridge play nice so as not to spoil the day for Katie

Katie and Her Sisters

Donna and Will help Katie get ready…Donna asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. Katie asks if Brooke is there yet.  Katie worries being her Matron of Honor is too much.

A drunk Brooke bursts in with bubbles and they toast Katie.  Brooke sends Donna downstairs to give Katie some space.  Katie asks if Brooke is okay.  Brooke gives Katie their mother’s locket to wear.  Katie is grateful that Brooke is in her life again and that she can be happy for her.

Brooke and Donna miss their father’s presence – he has the flu.  Brooke also misses her vodka.  It’s time Donna bursts in to say.  Let’s get you married Brooke tells her little sister.

Donna comes down the aisle and Brooke stumbles as she puts down her champagne to walk down the aisle.  Brooke can’t help but look at Bill.  Katie walks down the aisle and meets her groom.