February 18: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 – Episode #7018

Bill and Katie’s Wedding Vows

Brooke is clearly drunk at the wedding.  She waves at the guests and chimes in on Carter’

Liam reads.   Cool Brooke states at the end of Liam’s reading, giving him a thumbs up.

Wyatt reads from Gandhi about forgiveness.  He thanks them for showing them the beauty and power of forgiveness.  Their strength inspires them all.

Katie and Bill exchange traditional vows read by Carter.  Carter asks Bill if he will forsake all others…Brooke chimes in “me”  then later tells Katie she forgot the rings, but Carter has them.  Bill and Katie continue with their vows.

Katie changes her vows on the fly.  She isn’t going to make him a promise that is too easy to break.  She is capable of great things and big mistakes.  One thing she has been consistently capable of is loving him.  He is her friend, her frustration, her happiness and her hurt, her home and her heart.  She won’t make him a promise but she can honestly tells him she will cherish who they are together.  She will fight and protect it.  Everything they have been through has brought them to this place.  They are stronger and smarter than they’ve ever been and she can’t wait to see what comes next.

My Katie, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and demotion to you.  He too won’t make any great promises.  Great marriages are based on follow through, not promises. That is what she will get from him.  She’s beautiful and smart and won’t settle for anything less. I want you Katie, I want our family I want our life together.  Nothing means more to me, Bill tells his bride.  I give you this ring so you will never ever forget that.

Carter pronounces them man and wife and they kiss.

As the reception progresses Katie tries to take the champagne away from Brooke.  Is she sure she’s okay Katie asks.  Brooke is happy for them she assures Katie.  You’re a little….Just celebrating Brooke says and assures Katie she has no second thoughts.  As long as Brooke is just having a good time and not just numbing herself Katie says.  Brooke tells her sister she doesn’t’ regret backing off.  Katie tells her sister she’s grateful and the hug.

Bill and Katie cut the cake.  Wyatt and Liam make a speech on Will’s behalf.  Today was a special day for Will – even thought he slept through it.  Today his parent got back together.  They thank Bill and Katie for giving him the family his older brothers wished for.

Brooke toasts.  To her beautiful sis and her husband; who she loves more than anything in this world.  This will be such a great year for you guys and me too.  I can’t be more proud Brooke says.  Katie is clearly worried about her drunken sister.

Quinn Wonders Why Deacon is So Worried about Brooke

Deacon tells Quinn she’s been in the workshop for hours.  Lucky he isn’t the jealous type.  Deacon asks if Bill and Katie’s wedding today doesn’t sting just a little.  You have me confused with Brooke, Quinn says.  Maybe I’m the one who should be jealous.  Deacon notes Brooke says it doesn’t bother her either.  But Deacon knows she’s lonely.  You’re worried about her Quinn notes.  Deacon admits she’s not herself.  She’s not used to being on her own without a man.

Quinn empathizes with Brooke but doesn’t feel sorry for her.  Deacon says she’s drinking more than usual.  She’s teetering and I don’t think it would take a lot to push her over, Deacons states. She usually has a man or her family to lean on.  Right now she has neither.

Quinn dons her dominatrix leather and Quinn reminds Deacon that Brooke can take care of herself and she is going to take care of him…..the kiss.



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