February 19: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, February 19, 2015 – Episode #7019

Eric Returns

Rick tells Maya that his dad is coming back today.  So soon, Maya says.  You seem worried.  Rick says there is a lot he doesn’t know like us living in the main house and your portrait above the fire place.

Eric enters.  Rick and Maya welcome him back. Was John too much for him Rick asks in fun.  Eric says his brother is a wild man, but Eric had had enough.  He felt it important for his to be here.

Maya leaves father and son to catch up. Rick wants to hear about the trip, but Eric wants to hear about him.  Rick admits running the company is more challenging than he thought it was.  Rick admits he made some choices he may not agree with.  Eric says he caught Rick off guard.  Is there something you want to tell me Eric asks.

Rick tells Eric he and Maya moved into the main house, into his bedroom and he took Stephanie’s portrait off the wall and replaced it with one of Maya.  For the first time is humble.  He made up the remodeling of the guest house.  He’s ashamed of some of the things he’s done.

Eric asks him if he really didn’t think Eric knew this?  That he wouldn’t keep tabs on him.  Eric knows more than he realizes.

You shot a pistol in an office towards your brother and wife.  It will never happen again Rick grovels.  What Caroline and Ridge did destroyed him and he deeply regrets it.  You still have feelings for Caroline Eric asks.  Not any good ones Rick says.  He loves Maya.

Eric tells Rick it has been a terrible time for this company.  He shows him the quarterly report which Rick doesn’t realize had already come out.  The sales figures, the bottom line, it’s all on him.  This report is his first as CEO.  Job well done Eric says as he hands him the report.

You mean that Rick asks?  You’re not mad?  Just the opposite Eric says.  He’s earned this office.  The sales figures prove it.  Loosen your tie a little and smile once in a while Eric recommends.

What about he other stuff?  Eric tells him to stay in the main house.  Eric will move into the guest house with Stephanie’s portrait.  He’s running the ship, he and maya deserve the main house.  Eric is happy he has a woman who supports him.  He is in awe of Rick’s strength.  He’s proud of him and he loves him Eric tells Rick.

Rick promises to do right by him.  They hug.

Ridge Happy over Eric’s Return

Caroline says Ridge is in a good mood today.  Ridge got good news this morning.  Dad is on his way home and maybe Rick’s days as CEO are numbered. If anyone can get through to Rick, its Eric.  Caroline doesn’t believe that Eric will tolerate Rick’s behavior.

Maya comes in and tells them Eric is back.  Ridge tells her that her ride at Forrester is over.  You didn’t think this day through did you Ridge says.

Steffy in a Bikini

Ivy leaves Ivy and heads to work.  Liam wants her to stay.  He likes it when she stays the night too. Liam’s phone rings.

Its Steffy, she wants to talk about his plan.  Liam tells her he’s at the house.  She is on her way. Liam tells Ivy.  Is Steffy in Ivy wants to know.  Liam isn’t sure.  He hopes so.  But isn’t sure Steffy is happy to go behind Ridge’s back.

Liam asks if Ivy is okay with him collaborating with Steffy.  Ivy admits even thought Steffy made it clear she’s still in love with Liam and wants him back she’s really comfortable with their relationship.  Ivy heads to work.

Steffy arrives at Liam’s wearing a sexy bikini.  It’s what she misses most about LA.  The ocean.  They discuss Bill and Katie’s wedding and Brooke being tipsy.  Steffy asks if he took Ivy as his date.

Steffy helps himself to a beer.  We should go for a swim Steffy says.  Liam says now?  Its 55 degrees.  Steffy drops her wrap.  C’mon.  Liam agrees – to score points and calls her Loco.

Afterwards they are glad they did it.  Just like old times Steffy says.  Liam forgot how fun she is.  How could you forget Steffy says and kisses Liam.



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