February 20: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, February 20, 2015 – Episode #7020

Rick is Finally Repentant

Rick is finally humble before his father.  He has to do better, Rick tells Eric.  This office is yours Eric tells Rick.  You’ve brought a business acumen to this job that I never had.  Run with it Eric tells his son.

Maya comes into Rick’s office where he is alone. How bad have I been Rick asks finally self awayre.  But Maya won’t judge him.  She’s no better than him.  Everything will be okay.  She will fix everything.   Get a removal truck and put Stephanie’s painting back.

Rick tells her he’s not proud of him but his father is.  He’s still in charge.  And they are staying in the main house.  Its our home Rick tells Maya and this is his office.  Rick says he‘s going to be better for her and because of her.  Maya realizes Eric taking his side means the world.

Rick calls Maya his safe place.  She wishes she was smarter and more cultured but she can be his safe place.  Rick tells her he loves her.  He’s going to make all her dreams come true too.

Eric and Ridge

Ridge and Caroline tells Maya that she should have seen this day coming.  Maya asks how bright Caroline’s future is with a man who’s neckties are older than she is.  Maya calls them entitled and wealthy, they tell her to start packing.

Eric comes in to see Ridge.  Ridge calls him the cavalry. Ridge asks if he is wrong in predicting there are going to be some changes around here.  Have you seen the latest Quarterlies Eric says, but Ridge doesn’t want to talk numbers just getting rid of Rick.

Ridge has a plan to have a shareholder vote of no confidence to oust Rick.  Eric questions Ridge and Caroline’s relationship. Eric doesn’t want them to discuss bad behavior until they examine their own. Rick has Eric’s support and his old job too.

Wyatt Warns Ivy to Beware of Steffy

Maya and Wyatt discuss jewelry on the sun lounge.  Wyatt says she could do this job without him.  Ivy tells him he knows why he’s back.  She knows about the plan to take over Forrester.  Wyatt tells Ivy that Steffy can drive a hard bargain.  Wyatt is concerned when he learns Steffy is at the house with Liam.  He recognizes a quality in Steffy that his mother has.  They don’t wait for an invitation; they charge on in.

Ivy says she can’t imagine Liam lying to her.  Wyatt says he has a weakness for Steffy.  But he doesn’t have a weakness for lying.  Ivy storms off after telling Wyatt that life is a lot less complicated when you don’t lie to the people you love.

Steffy Wants Liam Back

Steffy’s cards are on the table.  She’s doing what comes naturally.  Maybe he should do the same.  Liam made her a business proposition and she keeps changing the subject.  Hers is simpler Steffy says.  He gets what he wants and she gets what she wants.  Isn’t that fair?  Steffy asks.  Are you really making this a contingency Liam asks.

Steffy says that they don’t even know if there is a deal to be done. They discuss Ridge walking away from Forrester and if Eric was to replace Eric it would be with Ridge not Steffy.  Steffy asks if he blames her for walking away.  Liam says he suffered some losses and she was one of them.

You broke my heart Liam tells Steffy.  I needed you to love me – to stay.  This time I can do both those things Steffy says, but Liam tells her it’s too late, she’s in love with someone else.

What do you see in my little cousin anyway?  Steffy thinks he’s settling She doesn’t think it’s the same thing that he had with her.  Liam likes to think he’s learned some things.  Steffy realizes he’s afraid she will bail again.  Steffy will do what he wants.  They will give Rick the boot and run Forrester together, but not just as business partners.  As lovers.  It’s the only way she can see herself doing this.

Steffy kisses him again.  Her kisses are just as sweet, but he’s just not as easily led by them.  Really, Steffy pushes him back onto the sofa then Ivy walks in and sees the duo in the intimate position…



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