February 23: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, February 23, 2015 – Episode #7021

Rick Gets Eric’s Support

Rick is stunned his father gave him unconditional support.  Maya says the era of Ridge is over.   Rick and Maya learn the family is in a closed door meeting with Eric.  Rick doesn’t underestimate Ridge’s ability to influence his father however.  He needs to do something

Rick owned his behavior Eric said.  Eric came in with full knowledge and Rick confessed an apologized.  Ridge brings everyone in to tell Eric about how the suffered under little Napoleon.

Caroline goes first.  Rick became a monster because of me Caroline says.  Rick brought out problems into the office and he put her down when he could and threatened to fire her at least twice a day.

Aly says it was bad here but it was worse at home.  Aly is glad he is home to send them packing.  Eric drops the news that he is staying in the guest house.  Everyone is surprised.  They don’t deserve to be there Aly says. She tells him about having to get him ice cream.

Wyatt explains what happened when he came back from Italy.  He had to beg for his job back.

Oliver says Rick has him taking photos of Maya on his own time for no compensation.

And he shot a gun off in this building Caroline says.  Ridge wants to know why Ridge keeps rewarding bad behavior.

Rick calls and pulls everyone into his office.

Rick green lights her show line. Oliver help her.  He apologized to Oliver for taking his time and talent.  He apologizes to everyone.  He’s abused his authority.  This team deserves better and that’s what you’re going to get – from here on out.

He apologizes for all the things that everyone has been complaining about across the hall.  Caroline is finding Rick’s turnaround hard to swallow.  Rick says he can understand, so he will earn it.

You’re buying this Rick asks.  He’s conning you again.  You know this isn’t right Ridge tells Eric.  But Aly suggests they give Rick the benefit of the doubt if that is what grandpa wants.  And that is what is happening Eric says. Back to work everyone.

Ridge and Rick are left alone.  Ridge sees through Rick. I see exactly who you are Ridge says.  I’m coming after you and I’m going to take you down.

Lovers or Nothing

Liam pushes Steffy off him saying she’s trouble.  He missed her he admits.  Ivy listens to Steffy tell him that if he wants her back all he has to do is reach out.  Steffy is surprised when Liam nods that he is that committed to Ivy.  Liam tells Steffy she’d better be going.

Steffy says you barely know Ivy.  You can’t compare it to what we had.  Yet wasn’t enough o keep you Liam notes.  Steffy says she had to find a way to piece herself back together after losing her baby.

We can’t run Forrester together as friends.  Lovers or nothing.  Your call, Steffy tells Liam.  Liam says he is committed to Ivy.  He’s not going to cheat on her or walk out on her.  Steffy is grateful they are friends but it isn’t enough right now.  She wishes her timing were better.

Steffy goes to get her bag from outside.  Liam heads to work.

Ivy waits for Steffy to return.  How dare you come on to my boyfriend Ivy tells Steffy when she returns.  She’s been there long enough to get an insight.  He’s not available to you anymore and you’re my cousin.  If you can’t control yourself around Liam then go.   You are dating Liam we were married you have no right to tell me what I can do with that history.  Keyword is history Ivy says.  Back off and Back off now Ivy warns Steffy.



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