February 25: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 – Episode #7023

Ivy Tells Liam She Saw Him with Steffy

As Liam gets home he notes that Ivy seems tense.  Rick had her make a diamond jewelry piece for Maya. But it’s because of Steffy that she is tense.  She saw them together. Ivy isn’t blaming him.

Liam says there is nothing going on.  Ivy admits she spoke to Steffy after he left.  Steffy laid out her plan.  She’s not going to get you back Ivy tells Liam.

Liam won’t let Steffy be a problem.  Ivy says women like Steffy think that their past is more important that current relationships. Ivy knows how much he loves her and after what she saw today she has no doubt about that.

Rick Has Gift for Maya

Maya and Rick drink champagne in the middle of the day.  Rick has a gift for Maya that is as unique and precious as she is to him.  Maya is expecting an engagement ring but it is a necklace that he and Ivy design.  It’s the most expensive piece that Ivy has ever designed.  But it doesn’t compare to how valuable she is to him, Rick tells Maya.

Maya says she is still getting used to his lifestyle.  Which has made her think about Forrester.  Maya tells Rick that Forrester should speak to everyone.  There are lots of demographics not just those with Trust funds that they haven’t tapped.

Maya and Rick drink champagne in a bubble bath.  May promises she’ll never take this or them for granted.  Rick states he’s the number one son.  Hi dad gave him this house and supports him.  Rick feels like he is invincible – like he can do anything.  They kiss.

Steffy Wants Ridge to Support Liam’s Plan

Steffy stops in to see her dad after he texts her. Ridge tells Steffy that Liam told him what he wants to do.  Ridge reminds him that they would be betraying her grandfather.

Ridge realizes that Steffy still loves Liam.  She says she wants him back and this is her chance, Steffy tells her dad.  Something has to be done Steffy tells Ridge.  And it won’t happen without them.

Steffy wants to do it so that she can be with Liam.  She won’t lose him again. You and Liam then, Ridge says.  What about your granddad.  He’s my dad.  He raised me and he was loyal to me – another man’s kid.  Up until now, Steffy says.  His loyalty is now with Rick.

Liam is still going after Forrester.  Ivy says she is okay with Steffy helping Liam as long as she understands getting Liam back is not part of the bargain.

Bill won’t be involved Steffy assures her father.  They’ll have the lawyers draw it up. Spencer’s will be profit participants only and control will stay with them.  They need to save Forrester.  We deserve this.  And another shot at Liam Ridge notes.  Yes Steffy concedes but mostly they have to get rid of Rick and Maya.  To do that they need to join forces with Liam, Steffy tells her dad.

Brooke and Eric Discuss Rick

Forrester is in good hands Eric tells Brooke.  Rick has his full support.  He has total confidence in their son.  You heard everything Brooke says.  Rick got off to a rocky start and made some choices he didn’t agree with but the quarterly numbers changed that.

Brooke admits that she was concerned when she first got home.  Brooke is surprised that Eric supports Maya nd Ricks relationship.  He thinks Maya is a stabilizing influence on Rick.  Brooke is surprised that Eric isn’t concerned about the gun.  Eric says it unacceptable but he knows what drove him to it.  A long time ago Ridge took the woman he loved from him also.

They review the quarterly numbers. Brooke says their son is moving this company in the right direction.

Brooke wonders if Rick found the secret bottle of scotch.  Brooke gets it and they have a drink to celebrate their son’s success.  Brooke almost forgets to toast before guzzling the liquor.



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