February 27: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, February 27, 2015 – Episode #7025

Wyatt Warns Quinn about Deacon

Wyatt is telling Quinn that Deacon is a master manipulator.  Quinn appreciates his concern.  Deacon Sharpe will lead you into darkness Wyatt says.  He doesn’t want her going back there.  Deacon and Brooke share a daughter and a whole lot more than that.   But Quinn thinks Deacon is one of the good guys she’s had in her life.

They wonder why Deacon is not back yet with food.

Quinn questions Brooke drinking at Katie and Bill’s wedding.  Brooke wasn’t there with Ridge Wyatt says which makes her very available.  And she was the love of Deacon’s life.  Brooke is always with a man.  Quinn isn’t concerned about Deacon choosing Brooke over Quinn.  He can’t get from Brooke what he gets from her.  And Wyatt shouldn’t ask what that is.

Deacon walks in just as Wyatt is about to leave.  He got side tracked Deacon says.  He ran into Brooke at the restaurant Deacon admits.  She was buzzed so he took her home. He gets the third degree from Wyatt and Quinn.

Deacon tells Wyatt its time for her to leave.  Brooke wanted to go swimming but obviously they didn’t Deacon says.  She wanted to party and she was traipsing around in a swimsuit so he had to talk her down.

Quinn leaves while Deacon is out of the room.  Deacon worries when he learns where Quinn has gone.  Wyatt admits that she wants Quinn to end it with him.  Wyatt knows his history with Brooke Even Hope said he was always vulnerable to Brooke. What happened there tonight Wyatt wants to know.

Brooke Propositions Deacon

Deacon tells Brooke he didn’t mean to kiss her.  They she grabs him – of course you did.  Deacon wonders what he is doing.  Quinn’s food is getting cold.  Deacon gets a text from Quinn.  Brooke tells him to tell Quinn he’ll be home soon but now its time to party.  Drinks are on her Brooke says.  Deacon is tempted.

Let’s take our drinks and get in the pool Brooke says.  They discuss before Brooke went to Italy.  He proposed she didn’t want him.  She made it clear she was moving on when she went to Europe.  Deacon won’t be her drinking buddy and pal.  He’s with Quinn now.  Brooke doesn’t want to hear her name.  Have some scotch.  Quinn is crazy Brooke tells Deacon.

Deacon says he can’t do this and leaves.

She calls Donna to go out dancing like they used to, but she’s looking after Will. So Brooke drinks more.

The door bell rings.  Its Quinn.  Brooke says she looks like she needs  drink.  Quinn comes in.  She tells her to leave.  You weren’t’ alone all night were you Quinn says.  You’re drunk and you’re pathetic and he wants nothing to do with you.  Who Ridge, Bill, Eric?  Quinn slaps Brooke to the ground and warns Brooke to stay away from Deacon.

Bill and Katie Honeymoon in Aspen

Bill and Katie are honeymooning in Aspen.  Katie is glad he accepted the new sword necklace.  She knows he wasn’t fond of Liam switching his (a gift from Ivy).

Katie admits to be worried about Brooke and the happy face she put on at the wedding.  Her sister doesn’t do well when she’s all alone.  She could feel a sadness coming from her.  Bill says she will be fine.  Brooke Logan is never going to be a hermit.  Katie hopes she’s hanging out with the right people.

Bill thinks Brooke is probably having a great time partying with Donna.  Katie hopes Brooke isn’t alone.  Bad things happen when Brooke is by herself.



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