February 9: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, February 9, 2015 – Episode #7011

Only if We’re in it Together

I said I still love you Steffy says.  We can figure this out Liam says but Steffy won’t sellout her family so he can be hero for his new girlfriend.  I can’t be in this unless we are in this together.  We will be, just not like that, Liam says.

Steffy says she won’t be part of it.  But Steffy won’t be able to change what matters most to her.  Liam says she could have control of Forrester.  She could end the madness and get Forrester back on track.

But Steffy doesn’t want to sell to Spencer.  Liam tells her that is the first step.  It ends with Steffy running Forrester with Liam to support her.  Steffy scoffs so she can have something of her own?

Liam gives Steffy a pep talk about leading Forrester.  She’s a fighter and there’s nothing she can’t do.  Please say yes.  She will be the most badass CEO this company has ever seen.

Steffy says they were a great team but he has Ivy now. Their future was having a family Steffy says.  She wants to run Forrester Creations with him more than anything, but he can’t do it.  You really didn’t know this?  Liam says she never said anything.  She let him think her life went on because his did.  Maybe now hers can.

Liam will never forget what they shared.  The memories are important to him too.  But that’s not why he called her.  Steffy says her father still wants to be CEO and that can still happen when Rick’s contract expires.

Steffy is sorry she unloaded on him. She wishes him luck and leaves.  Outside Liam’s office Steffy cries.

Aly and Her Shoe Line

Aly shows Oliver her designs.

Aly comes home and goes to head upstairs.  But Aly says she doesn’t want to do that – Rick and Maya are up there.

Oliver asks what Ivy is doing – she’s fixing Maya’s blouse because Rick asked her to.  She’s trying to be a team player Ivy says.  Aly notes it doesn’t’ feel like they are on the same team

Rick and Maya Work on Getting Rid of Ivy and Aly

In bed, Maya and Rick wonder why Aly and Ivy are still there.  Eric calls.  Rick tells him the gun is done with it was dumb and everything is under control there is no need for him to rush back to LA.

When Maya is hungry Rick calls downstairs.  Aly picks up.  Rick asks her if there is Ice cream in the freezer.  Aly tries to talk about her shoe line.  Rick says he  could think better about her line if he had ice cream in his stomach.  You want me to bring you ice cream Aly says incredulous.  That would be great Rick says laughing with Maya as he hangs up.

Aly delivers the ice cream but gets no attention for her sketch.  Rick and Maya think using Aly is funny.

Ridge and Caroline Make Love

At his artist loft Caroline removes her wedding ring and tells Ridge its time.  Ridge continues to paint. Caroline likes his painting but suggests he paint her instead as she drops her sheet.  They make love.

If this is what moving on feels like she should have done it a lot sooner Caroline tells ridge.  All his life he wanted to create beauty now he wants to just appreciate it.  She’s his muse.  She is fantastical Ridge says kissing Caroline.



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