Hope Deduces Aiden’s Secret – Chase Killed Meredith | Days of our Lives


As speculated while compiling  Days of our Lives spoilers for this week, Aiden, with his strange and secretive behavior, was indeed protecting someone with his suspicious behavior.  He was protecting his son, who doesn’t remember playing with his (drunken) mother’s loaded gun when he was four years old.

Meredith, toting a glass of wine, entered the living room of the vacation house that has been the site of so much tense and odd behavior from Aiden.  Even inebriated, Meredith understood the danger her young son was in.  She tried to get the gun from her son, but in the struggle, the gun went off killing Meredith.

Of course, Aiden didn’t just offer Hope that explanation.  First there was an argument about lying and a tussle for a letter opener being used as a weapon.  But Aiden was stopped in his tracks when a scared Hope told him he’d been lying to her all this time.  She’d fallen in love with a man who’d killed his wife.

Aiden’s reaction told Hope there was more to the story.  First he stopped dead in his tracks then continued along with the story he’d been defending all those years.  He told Hope to get out of his house and do what she needed.  He’d certainly defended himself against the accusation of murdering his wife before.  Bree for one had been vocal on that score.

But Aiden couldn’t stop looking at the wall.  The detective in Hope sensed there was more to the story.  It had to be him that killed Meredith, Hope reasoned.  By Aiden’s own admission there had only been three of them in the house – him, Meredith and Chase.

Then the penny dropped.  If Aiden hadn’t killed his wife, and was determined to keep that chapter of his life buried, then he had to be protecting someone.  Chase!  Hope deduced.

Hope continued to push Aiden for the whole story and asking him what was with the wall he kept looking at.  Then Hope realized the wall hadn’t been dry walled in the video Meredith made.  What was behind the wall Hope asked.

On the verge of a breakdown Aiden told her he would show her.  He retrieved the axe which was the subject of so much speculation from the closet and broke into the wall.  He pulled out a bag of bloodied clothes and shoes.  Calmer now that his secret was out, Aiden explained what had happened.  Chase had shot his mother while playing with her gun.

Aiden had cleaned up chase and put him to bed.  He’d removed the clothes and called the police and told them Meredith had committed suicide.  Aiden told Hope that Chase didn’t remember any of it and that he could never remember….Hope assured Aiden he was no longer alone with the burden he’d carried for the five years.

But is that all there is to this story?  Perhaps for now.  But there’s still plenty of scope to revisit this crime in the future, even if it does get tied up all neatly with a bow now…



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