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Katie Logan’s life with Bill Spencer has been anything but smooth.  Between an almost-affair with Steffy, an actual affair with her sister, Brooke, and Bill’s constant lies and manipulations it is easy to believe that Katie would never want to set eyes on her ex-husband again.

But memories are short for the Logan’s Spencer’s and Forrester’s.  And a month after ending her engagement to Ridge, Katie is engaged once again to Bill Spencer.  Bill and Katie are putting their family back together again.

Katie accepted Bill’s proposal.

Bill had made great inroads on getting his wife back since Brooke left for Italy.  Bill promoted Liam to President of Spencer Publications freeing the Vice President slot for his ex wife to return to Spencer Publications.  Bill recognized what Ridge didn’t.  Katie had lost who she was in her relationship with Ridge because of all the issues Ridge had (Losing the ability to draw after falling from a helicopter in the Persian Gulf). He gave Katie back a purpose and recognized what Katie had achieved as CEO of Spencer during her tenure by reinstating some of Katie’s initiatives such as on-site daycare.

Katie could see that Bill was sincere in his desire to put his family back together, but with Brooke recently returned to Los Angeles from Italy there was still someone else who had the ability to derail Katie and Bill’s reunion.

As Katie told her sister after showing Brooke her new bling, to know Brooke is to love her.  Men who loved Brooke never really got over Brooke, Katie told her older sister.  More than that, Brooke never really let go of the men she loved either.  Brooke was led by her heart.

No one knew that through experience better than Katie.  Katie wanted to know if her sister had any regrets about ending her relationship with Bill.  Katie couldn’t look to a future with Bill if Brooke was still looking to her past with Bill.

Brooke assured her sister that she’d changed while she was in Europe.  She’d grown up.  All Brooke wanted now was her sister; the love, the trust and the forgiveness.  Brooke made Katie a sister’s promise.  Brooke would never interfere in Katie’s marriage again.

And she won’t – for now.  Brooke had her hands full interfering in her son and ex-husbands love life now…


  1. […] Despite Brooke’s return, Bill’s attention is still firmly focused on putting his family back together.  Katie gets a view of Bill’s softer side which certainly won’t hurt Bill’s efforts.  Since telling Brooke last week that he wants his family back and ending any hope of a Brooke and Bill reconciliation, Bill reaffirms to Katie, that despite Brooke’s return,  that his future is with her.  He puts his money where his mouth is and Bill proposes to Katie. […]

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