Melanie and Brady Make Love for the First Time | Days of our Lives

Melanie and her new beau, Brady Black, no sooner received Daniel Jonas’ blessing for their relationship than they were in bed – before their official first date – and despite deciding to take things slow!

Daniel, Melanie’s father, and Brady’s best friend came to terms with the fact that Brady and Melanie made each other happy.  And Daniel wants them both to be happy.

Melanie and Daniel were about to settle in for an evening of popcorn and Bourne movie when Brady arrived hoping to take Melanie out for the first date that was abandoned when Melanie, through a poor footwear choice slipped on ice.  Daniel told his daughter to go and have fun, but before Brady and Melanie could leave Daniel received a phone call from the hospital.

He was needed in surgery.  Sonny Kiriakis had been stabbed.  Melanie and Brady’s date was shelved as well as they headed to the hospital where Daniel and Kayla operated on Sonny.  It was touch and go for Sonny but he survived thanks to a blood donation from his ex-lover, Paul.

After a long and emotional night at the hospital Brady took Melanie home to Daniels apartment.  They discussed what a good person Sonny is.  Melanie reminisces about how out of place she felt at the Salem Square opening since someone (Brady) had sent Dario Hernandez (Melanie’s then boyfriend) to South America.  Sonny was sweet and danced with her Melanie said.  What wasn’t mentioned was that Chad also danced with her and it began their romance.

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Melanie told Brady that life was short and they needed to make the most of every moment.  Brady agreed.  They kissed and things escalated quickly.  Brady couldn’t take her back to his place that was too complicated and Melanie was living with her dad.  So they went to a hotel.

And made love for the first time.  Brady wanted Melanie to spend the whole night with him, but Melanie said that couldn’t happen.  Given what had happened to Sonny that night Victor and Maggie would worry if he didn’t come home.  And Melanie was also worried what Daniel would think.  Though she knew what he would think.

Instead, the got up, dressed and went to Salem Square and had coffee….



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