Neil Regains His Sight and Cops an Eye Full |The Young and the Restless

With Neil Winters optimistic about regaining his sight through a clinical trial, Hilary, Neil’s cheating wife and Devon, Neil’s “son” decided that when Neil regained his eye sight it would be time for them to come clean about the affair they had been having right before Neil’s, sightless, eyes.

But when Neil was called into his doctors office to discuss his latest round of tests, it wasn’t good news that Neil received.  Instead, his doctor’s diagnosis was that the experimental treatments weren’t working and Neil was to be dropped from the clinical trial.

Neil came home and told his wife the news.  Guilt over what she and Devon were doing to Neil overcame Hilary especially after Neil promised to devote his life to making her happy even though a blind husband wasn’t exactly what she signed up for.  An emotional Hilary ran from the apartment telling Neil she couldn’t do this anymore.

Understandable Neil was worried and began a search for his wife.

Meanwhile at the Athletic Club, Cane was having issues of his own.  Lilly had worked out that Cane wouldn’t voluntarily handover the running of Chancellor Industries to Jill unless Colin had something on him.  Lily reminded Cane what secrets had cost their marriage in the past and asked her husband multiple times to come clean with her.  Cane finally was going to come clean with Lilly but Neil entered the athletic Club looking for Hilary. Lily went to call Hilary’s office and Cane sent Neil up to Devon’s suite with the key through the elevator that would take him straight to Devon’s door.  Perhaps Devon knew where Hilary was, Can suggested to Neil.

Cane of course understood what Neil was about to learn.

Neil took the elevator but as he exited his eyesight when from black to blurred.  Neil confirmed though touch that what he was seeing was real.  His eyesight, granted blurry was back.  Neil let himself into Devon’s suite.  The sight that greeted him would likely be enough to make Neil question the reliability of his sight.  Were the two blurry figures in the bed making love really his son, Devon and his wife Hilary?


  1. The time has come for him to find out about his wife and son. The story line has been going on far to long, it has become boring.
    When there scene comes on I just turn the tv off and check it out again the next day.

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