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When Ridge Forrester returned from Paris in December 2013, he found that much had changed in Los Angeles during his absence.  Brooke has experienced the same since returning from running the Milan, Italy, office of Forrester Creations.

Rick and Caroline’s Marriage over – Because of Ridge

Fresh off the plane from Italy, Brooke had drama to deal with.  She had known that Caroline and Rick were having issues in their marriage but busy helping Hope deal with the loss of her baby, Brooke didn’t realize that things were bad enough to see Rick shooting at his wife and Ridge.

Instead of waiting to hear what had transpired in her absence Brooke insisted that Rick and Caroline reconcile – despite neither Rick nor Caroline wanting that.  Rick had already moved on with Maya and Caroline was more interested in a future with Ridge than her gun totting husband.

Brooke was stunned. She blamed herself and Ridge for the many years of inconsistency in their relationship harming her son.  She told Ridge that his fling with Caroline was inappropriate, she was half his age.  (Steffy, Ridge’s daughter expressed the same sentiment). Ridge defended his relationship with Caroline telling Brooke that there was nothing inappropriate going on and if fact their relationship had been chaste – unlike Rick and Maya’s.

Brooke Wants Ridge Back

When her family didn’t fall into line with Brooke’s view of things Brooke set about making them happen.  If she couldn’t make Caroline see sense about her marriage and giving up on her infatuation with Ridge, Brooke would make her.  By getting Ridge back.

Brooke turned to tried and true methods. Instead of lingerie, however, Brooke donned a sexy bikini and flimsy cover-up and invited Ridge over for a day at the pool. When he arrived, Brooke reminded him of the many happy memories and love they had shared in their home.  Ridge agreed there was much love in this house.  Brooke propositioned him.  Pool or bedroom she asked.  You are in love Brooke wanted to know.

It’s all Brooke’s fault

Yes, Ridge agreed, he was in love; but not with Brooke, with Caroline. Brooke blamed Ridge for the break-up of Rick and Caroline and supposed Ridge was having a mid life crisis.  Ridge had another theory.

The only crisis in his midlife he stated was falling out of a helicopter while trying to save Brooke from marrying Bill Spencer. It had been Caroline who helped him get his life back.  In his way, Ridge was actually blaming Brooke for everything that had happened.

Ridge told Brooke he would always love her, but their magic was gone.  He was moving on with Caroline and Brooke should also, Ridge told Brooke as he left the house they’d once shared.

Brooke Finds Something to Lean on – but it’s Not a Man

Alone, Brooke headed to the bar and filled a glass with ice and vodka (a clear spirit).  Later, a teary Brooke, now dressed, refilled her glass and settled into a chair in front of the fire.  While drinking she reflected upon her recent loves – Ridge returning to Los Angeles to and Brooke’s affair with Bill.

A lonely and drunk Brooke toasted all the men that had loved her and left her…

With that single drinking binge we get a hint of what could be Brooke’s promised new storyline.  Though it’s not really a surprise.  The same path for Brooke was hinted at before she went to Italy when Bill found her drinking alone.  That time however, Brooke’s beverage of choice was wine. And she’s turned to vodka before confirming to Stephanie’s portrait that she was just a slut from the valley as Stephanie called her before passing out – drunk.

Brooke turning to the bottle is a believable twist to her storyline.  If there is one think Brooke has always relied on it was that she and Ridge were destined.  Sure Brooke had had other men, and Ridge other women, but as Pam and Donna noted to Caroline, Brooke and Ridge always found their way back to each other.

Until now.

We were also reminded thanks to Deacon and Quinn’s conversation that Brooke wasn’t strong or independent.  She didn’t stand on her own two feet.  Brooke had been rescued by the men in her life all her life, and when she was in trouble – she turned to a man to solve her problems.

Brooke has been abandoned by the one constant in her life – the men in her life.    Bill and Katie have reunited, are engaged and planning a wedding, Deacon has found domestic bliss and a safe word with Quinn, and now the love of her life, her destiny, Ridge has declared their magic is dead and he is in love with Caroline.

Caroline is also a much younger woman which would have most women questioning their ongoing appeal to men – especially one who has been as desirable to men as Brooke.

With Eric away in Europe, Brooke has no man to lean on, so instead she turns to the bottle.  And with a soap opera drunk you can bet there is some drama and disaster that coincides with Brooke’s addiction…


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