Ridge and Caroline Make Love | The Bold and the Beautiful

Despite having a rough week with both Ridge’s daughter, Steffy and Ridge’s ex-wife, Brooke, lambasting their relationship, Ridge and Caroline managed to put everyone else’s opinions aside and made love for the first time.

With both Brooke and Steffy out of the country through the development of Ridge and Caroline’s relationship, they were uniquely positioned to comment on it.

Brooke Tells Ridge to End His Relationship with Caroline

Brooke returned home from Italy to find that while she had been helping Hope through the loss of her baby, her son’s marriage had crumbled, thanks in no small part to Ridge.  Brooke’s initial reaction was to do what Eric did – demand that Rick and Caroline reunite.  Brooke could see that Rick trusted Maya but Brooke wasn’t sure about Maya’s motives.  Rick belonged with Caroline, Brooke decided.

But Caroline wasn’t receptive to Brooke’s demands.  Why on earth would she want a husband that shot at her when he wasn’t pleased with her, Caroline wanted to know.  Brooke found Caroline and Ridge’s relationship inappropriate and when neither Ridge, nor Caroline agreed to end the relationship, Brooke decided to use tried and true methods to teach Caroline Spencer a lesson. She was going to get Ridge back.  Brooke will use sex appeal to do it but all indications are she will fail to seduce Ridge away from his first wife’s niece and namesake.

Steffy Calls Ridge and Caroline Pseudo Incest

Steffy, was even more forthright than Brooke in her assessment of Ridge and Caroline’s relationship.  She told her father he and Caroline had to end.  Caroline was not only Steffy’s age, but she was also the niece of his first wife.  It’s not incest, Steffy claimed but it was enough to turn the average person’s stomach.  Ridge was disappointed that Steffy didn’t approve of his relationship with Caroline and saddened that it embarrassed her – being an embarrassment to his children – was never his intent, but it wasn’t enough for Ridge to end things with Caroline.

Ridge’s Artists’ Loft

If fact, he did precisely the opposite.  Since moving out of Katie’s place after Katie ended their engagement, Ridge rented a loft; one he hadn’t mentioned to anyone.  He changed that by asking Caroline to meet him there.  Caroline entered the apartment and noted it was very different to the Forrester mansion.  The place was kitted out as an artist’s loft, with paints, easels and Ridge’s artworks dotting the décor.

Ridge and Caroline Make Love

Ridge said he was looking for something simpler.  He asked Caroline to sit for him while he painted her.  Artists apparently work best by candlelight because by the time Caroline posed for Ridge wearing only a sheet, the loft seemed set for seduction rather than artistic creation.

That has, however, been the theme of their relationship – getting swept up in artistry – so the setting seemed appropriate.  Caroline came to look at Ridge’s work.  She was pleased with what she saw and that this was how Ridge saw her. She likes his painting but asked that Ridge paint her, and dropped the sheet concealing her body from his view.  Ridge began painting her naked body but before long painting was forgotten and they were making love on the floor of Ridge’s loft apartment.  Afterwards, Caroline noted that if this was what moving on (from Rick) felt like, she should have done it long ago…

Making love won’t change that Ridge and Caroline’s relationship doesn’t have many supporters.  They will face their first challenge in the form of Brooke who has decided she wants Ridge back – because she thinks she can.  But Brooke is laboring under the false assertion that Ridge and Caroline’s relationship is still chaste (as Ridge so delightfully put it)…


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