Sonny Stabbed – Maggie and Paul Save Sonny’s Life? | Days of our Lives

Maggie found Victor in the square who admitted he was bothered by an argument he had with Sonny.  Edge of the Square is draining business form Sonny’s club.  Sonny called Victor greedy.  Maggie suggests they go visit him.  Victor says he’ll call in the morning.  Maggie makes him call tonight. Victor calls and they hear Sonny’s phone ringing…Maggie looks around

Meanwhile Sonny lays unconscious, in a pool of blood mere feet away after being stabbed.

Maggie makes him call tonight. Victor calls and they hear Sonny’s phone ringing…Maggie looks around and finds Sonny lying on the ground.  Maggie immediately uses her scarf to apply pressure to Sonny’s wound.  She yells at Victor to call 911.

Paramedics arrive in Horton square to take Sonny to the hospital.

With Sonny headed to the hospital, Maggie calls Adrienne who is with Lucas babysitting Arianna, and tells her to get to the hospital as soon a s possible.  Sonny has been hurt.  Lucas who has just confessed how much he thinks of Adrienne calls a sitter with the intent of getting to the hospital as well.  Lucas texts Will also.

Will is still with Paul.  They have finalized the article and it has been submitted to Will’s editor.  Paul and Will toast the article and Paul coming out over champagne. Will’s phone has been turned off to finalize his coming out article with Paul.  Will almost forgets his phone but outside Paul’s hotel room Will picks up the text messages from his dad telling him to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

Inside the hotel Room, Paul also gets a call to get to the hospital…

Adrienne arrives at the hospital to find Sonny’s blood all over Maggie.  Maggie has just been told that if she hadn’t applied pressure Sonny would have died.  She saved his life.

Sonny is rushed into surgery.  They only have six units of o negative blood Kayla tells Daniel who is about to perform surgery.  That’s nowhere near enough Daniel says.

Meanwhile Maxine asks if any of the family is O negative.  They are low on blood and it would be good if Sonny had more.

Abe says it looks like there was cocaine a the point of entry of the knife.  Drug related like EJ DiMera Roman notes.  Abe tells Victor that Sonny’s attack looks like a mugging.  Sonny’s wallet, ring and car keys are gone.  Victor blames Clyde hyping up the drug trade.  Victor notes to himself he’d kill him if he hadn’t already.

Adrienne tries to call Justin but gets his voice mail. She leaves a message.  Lucas arrives.  Adrienne resents Justin being away and having no idea about his son.

So does Paul.  Maxine has called Paul because he is the only O negative donor she knows. Paul is happy to donate.

Will arrives.  Lucas tells him Sonny is in surgery.  He was stabbed Adrienne tells Sonny’s husband.  Ins surgery they need the blood urgently.  The bus accident has wiped out there stocks.  If they don’t get blood stat, they will lose Sonny.

Will prays in the hospital chapel.  He prays out loud.  He may have betrayed Sonny but he loves his.  I need him and so does our daughter. Unlike me Sonny never breaks a promise Will says.  Help him make it through the surgery and bring him back to us.  Will find’s Victor’s hand on his shoulder.

When a nurse asks if the single donation is enough, Paul tells Maxine to take more blood even though it’s not recommended.  In surgery, Sonny is flat lining as Paul’s first donation is rushed to the OR.


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