The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: March 2 – 6, 2015

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (March 2 – 6, 2015): Ivy and Steffy face off over Liam; Quinn and Brooke face off over Deacon; the takeover plan continues…

    Liam, Ivy….and Steffy!

    Steffy is still determined that she will have Liam back for her support in the takeover of Forrester Creations.  Steffy makes Ivy, in particular, aware of this fact.  Steffy isn’t letting Ivy’s presence in Liam’s life or Liam’s assertions that it is too late for him and Steffy hold her back. Ivy suggests to Steffy that she is making things more complicated than they need to be.  But Steffy is adamant.  If Liam wants her stocks to takeover Forrester, being with her (Steffy) is part of the package.

    Liam continues to work of winning Ridge over to his takeover plan.  He tells Ridge he trusts Ridge and Steffy to elevate Forrester to the level that he knows it can attain. (with the Spencer’s as a silent partner). Ridge is open to Liam’s plan but on the same terms as Steffy.  If his daughter is happy, then he will go along with Liam’s plan.

    At Ridge’s loft, Steffy tells Ridge that she won’t torture herself watching Liam fall deeper in love with Ivy.  Ridge comforts his daughter.

    Steffy lays out her reasons to Liam for them getting back together.

    Liam’s takeover plan hits a bump in the road.  Is it Ivy’s jealousy over Steffy that causes problems?

    Rick and Maya

    Maya’s little sister has her suspicious.

    Ally tells Ivy that if she doesn’t do exactly as Rick says, she can kiss her career (her shoe line) goodbye…

    Bill and Katie

    Looks like Quinn is back into crazy stalker mode. This time she’d defending her claim to Deacon – from Brooke…

    Deacon, Quinn and Brooke

    Brooke’s drinking and her interest in her old time drinking buddy Deacon means things remain tense for this threesome as Quinn lays claim to her man.  Brooke tells Quinn that if she wants to hang out with Deacon, she is going to hang out with Deacon.

    Deacon admits to Brooke that he will always have a soft spot in his heart for her.  She will always have a little piece of his heart Deacon tells brooke.

    Quinn tells Deacon that Brooke Logan doesn’t get drunk and don a bathing suit and invite some guy to a swim party for no reason.

    Quinn warns Brooke to stay away from her man.  Deacon ends up seeing a side to Quinn that he didn’t know before when Brooke decides to tell him a few things about Quinn. Brooke believes Deacon really has to understand the woman he is getting involved with.  Before he’s in too deep and can’t get out.

    Quinn justifies her behavior to Wyatt.  Brooke is a man predator. She did not want to have a swim party with Deacon she wanted him in her bed Quinn states.  Oh says Wyatt sarcastically so you were defending poor defenseless Deacon’s honor then…

    Wyatt stops in to see Brooke when he learns Quinn dialed up the crazy and slapped Brooke to the ground. Brooke thinks that Wyatt hasn’t washed his hands of his mother is a good thing because hes’ going to need her son when Deacon walks out on her.  Wyatt must try to defend Quinn because Brooke isn’t going to stand there and be blamed for damaging Quinn and her fragile psyche.

    Quinn isn’t happy to hear Brooke bad mouthing her and Quinn isn’t the kind to just sit by and let others walk all over her…By the end of the week Quinn has Deacon asking what on earth is wrong with her. Then Deacon  proposes!  Take the damned ring Deacon tells Quinn and put it on your finger.

    What the hell is that Wyatt asks his mother as a deliriously happy Quinn flashes the engagement ring on her finger stating its exactly what it looks like.  No says Wyatt…Yes says Quinn.

    Meanwhile Brooke tells Deacon that she will never accept his engagement to Quinn.  Later Quinn tells Brooke (again at Brooke’s house) that Deacon is happy with her and that Brooke tries so desperately to stop the men she’s been involved with from moving on.

    Brooke is slated to suffer a fall which sends her into a 12 step program.  Does Quinn have anything to do with this fall (like she did the fall that saw Hope lose her baby?)

    Ridge and Caroline

    After a frosty encounter with a disapproving Steffy Caroline tells Ridge, over beers in his loft,  that she really doesn’t want to cause a rift between him and his daughter.


    Eric has come around to see Maya as a stabilizing influence in Rick’s life and supports that relationship now (Brooke doesn’t), but Eric still can’t condone Ridge’s relationship with Caroline.  Perhaps because Ridge once stole a woman from Eric that he loved also (Brooke).  Does Eric feel kindred with Rick on this one?


    Next Week’s Spoilers!


    B&B Recaps and History

    Monday, March 2, 2015 – Ridge reiterates Steffy’s conditions for the takeover

    Tuesday, March 3, 2015

    Wednesday, March 4, 2015 – Steffy returns to Paris

    Thursday, March 5, 2015

    Friday, March 6, 2015 – Brooke forbids Deacon and Quinn’s marriage

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Linsey Godrey’s accident has changed filming schedules

    Jill Whelan, best known to TV audiences as Vicki Stubbing on The Love Boat appears on The Bold and the Beautiful when Brooke begins a 12 step program to deal with her issues.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Looking Forward

    Brooke’s drinking escalates as do her moves on Deacon.  But when he also turns her down, Brooke takes a fall.  Does that fall mean she reaches rock bottom?  Maybe.  There is a rehab program in Brooke’s future.

    Quinn will not lose her man to her rival – Brooke!

    The future of Forrester takes an unexpected turn…

    Ridge and Caroline’s relationship has hurdles to overcome.

    Katie teams up with her ex Bill against Forrester.  Bill realizes he will never have Brooke and wants Katie back.  Reunited, Bill and Katie become the new power couple of The Bold and the Beautiful.

    Bill Bell’s statement that Hope will remain a central character and on the canvas is being interpreted as The Bold and the Beautiful recasting Hope after Kim Matula’s departure.  How long will the character of Hope be rested?  Will Hope return from Italy with Brooke?   Brooke’s return had Brooke stating that Hope wouldn’t be back anytime soon.

    Ridge isn’t finished vying for the CEO job. The battle for control at Forrester Creations isn’t over.

    Rick may find that his feelings mess up his grand plan…

    Could Rick impregnate both Caroline AND Maya at the same time?  Not likely since he hasn’t slept with Caroline!….Yet.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


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