The Bold and the Beautiful Weddings: Katie and Bill – 2.0

Katie and Bill Wedding Statistics

Date: February 17, 2015 and February 18, 2015

Location:  Los Angeles

Venue: At home

Bride:  Katie Logan Spencer

Groom:  Bill Spencer Jr.

Best Man:  Wyatt Spencer (Fuller)

Matron of Honor:  Brooke Logan

Celebrant/Minister:  Carter Walton

Bill and Katie Wedding February 2015

Why Did Bill and Katie Divorce?

Bill and Katie’s first marriage suffered from two events that lead to the demise of that union.  First, Katie developed Post Partum Depression after the birth of Bill and Katie’s son, Will and secondly Brooke took the bait when a mentally ill Katie pushed Brooke and Bill together.  As soon as Brooke slept with Bill, Bill and Katie’s first marriage was over; though it took a couple of reunions and break-ups in between.

Bill and Katie divorced.  Katie was romanced by Brooke’s ex-husband, Ridge when he returned to Los Angeles.  But Ridge and Katie didn’t last for pretty much the same reason Ridge’s romances don’t last with anyone – Ridge likes a pretty girl.  And his eye found Caroline Spencer – who helped him regain his ability to design after Bill threw him out of a helicopter to punish Ridge for stopping his wedding to Brooke.

In Brooke’s Absence, Bill and Katie Found Each Other Again

Eventually, reason prevailed, and Brooke headed to Milan to clean and embezzlement mess.  Brooke thought it the perfect opportunity to give Bill and Katie some space to see if they could find each other again.  Bill argued against Brooke going alone.  He wanted to come.  They would marry in Italy.  But Brooke was insistent.

For once, it seemed Brooke did know best.  During Brooke’s absence, Bill did come to realize that what he wanted back more than anything in the world was his wife and son – his family.  He defended Katie (and Caroline’s) honor against Ridge’s philandering ways when Ridge and Caroline’s relationship became public knowledge.  Katie began to see the virtues of her former husband and not only his faults.

Bill’s Feelings Come to the Fore

Bill was pushed to admit his feelings to Katie when he believed that Katie was going to marry Ridge.  Little did a relieved Bill know, Katie was actually breaking up with him.  It wasn’t long afterwards that Katie accepted Bill’s proposal and soon after wards they married in an intimate ceremony in their home.

Katie asked Brooke to be her matron of Honor. It soon became apparent that though Brooke had been instrumental in seeing that Bill and Katie found each other again, Brooke wasn’t over Bill.  For the first time in her life Brooke was alone; Ridge and Caroline had recently made their relationship official, Bill and Katie were re-marrying and even Deacon had moved on – with Quinn.  Brooke found solace in the bottle – vodka was her liquor of choice but Champagne proved a worthy substitute during Bill and Katie’s wedding.

Brooke was drunk when she arrived; and piped up inappropriately during the vows when Bill was asked if he would forsake all others.  Brooke asked “me?” but her interruption was noted, ignored and the bride and groom went on to marry before their family and friends.  Brooke then gave a toast that concerned her sister.

Fortunately, Wyatt and Liam were on hand to make readings during the ceremony.  Bill and Katie went off book for their wedding  vows  and during the reception Liam and Wyatt made a speech on behalf of their younger brother who would now have his parents back together, Something his two older brothers could only have dreamed of.


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