The Young and the Restless Spoilers – February 16 – 20, 2015

This week on The Young and the Restless (February 16 – 20, 2015): Disaster Rocks Genoa City and beyond.  Plane Crash, Underground collapse and an apartment fire?


The Plane Crash

Neil, Hilary, Devon Lily, Cane, Jill and Colin

Devon, Hilary, Neil, Lily, Cane, Jill and Colin are all on a plane enroute to Chicago to look at some office space for Chancellor Industries.  It’s a first class trip all the way and the couples intend to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  All except Neil, who has revealed he can see by pouring himself a drink on board the plane and reading the label (12 year single malt scotch – 80 proof) of the bottle when Lily tries to stop her alcoholic father from mistakenly drinking alcohol in his “blindness”

Initially there is joy at Neil’s ability to see but it soon dissipates as neil describes the sight he saw when he regained his sight.  His son in bed with his cheating wife.  Neil takes adrink and tells them they will all pay for their parts.  The good man he was is dead – thanks to Devon and Hilary.

Lily is horrified to learn that Cane knew about the affair.  She is repulsed by Devon’s behavior and Colin for blackmailing Devon.

Colin wants to know what is in the briefcase.  Their lives Neil states as turbulence rocks the plan.

Cane who is out of his seat is thrown onto the ground.  Lily, Devon, Jill and Colin are jostled in their seats as the plane bounces around in a snow storm.

The plane crashes from 35,000 ft into a forest.  It’s 35 degrees below zero.  Cane calls desperately for his wife.  When Lily promised Cane a special Valentine’s Day this likely wasn’t part of her plan. Meanwhile Neil and Devon find a female hand sticking out from pinned beneath the snow.  Who is it? It is Hilary pinned beneath the plane door!

Cane is seen walking around after the plan crash, as is Neil, Jill, Devon and Colin. It looks like Hilary is pinned beneath a plan door and Lily?  Is missing…Jill huddles by a fire as Colin comes up to her carrying Neil’s briefcase.  Meanwhile Neil is digging in the snow trying to free Hilary as Devon strokes her hair…

The survivors awaken cold at the plane crash site.  Devon panicks when he can’t awaken Hilary, but she comes to.  With the weather still being bad the survivors realize a rescue plane won’t be coming any time soon.  Devon decided they need to help themselves.  He’ is the logical choice to walk out.  Can has children, he’s tronger than Colin and Neil only just got his eyesight back.  Jill thinks he’s trying to do penenance for what he and Hilary have done.  Wlaking out for help would be silly since they don’t even know where they are.  But Colin has found a map.  Devon tells Neil he will spend his life trying to make this up to him and goes to say goodbye to Hilary who is weak.

Devon returns to get the map.  They realize both the map and Neil are missing.

The Abbott Cabin

Fen, Abby, Mariah, Kevin, Summer and Austin

At Abby’s party speculation run wild that Austin ran from the cabin because he actually has murdered someone. Summer and Austin come back in from the cold.  They are about to leave the party but Courtney arrives and tells them they can’t  because of the weather.  Unseen a hand tips something into the punch drugging everyone.

Later, as the party attendees waken they realize Austin is missing.  Kevin finds him when he falls from a  closet – unconscious or dead.

The young people deicde to stick together and come up with a story about Austin having an accident.  They get their stories straight and put in a call to the police station when the phone lines come back up.

Later, Abby supposes that Summer had the perfect motive for murder.  Austin was cheating on her.  Mariah tells Abby that she had a pretty good motive also since she was the one having an affair with Austin.  Wouldn’t he leave Summer Mariah questions.

Everyone commits to the accident story and Noah goes to set it up.  he returns to tell everyone that Austin’s body is gone!

Crimson Lights

Paul commandeers Crimson Lights which has a generator as a triage center and emergency center base of operations.  Lauren mans the phones.  A call comes in about Chelsea nd Biully’s apartment building being on fire.  Victoria rushes over there.

A second call for Paul is about a plane originating from Genoa City headed for Chicago being missing.  Paul tells Lauren that Jill was on the manifest.

Dylan pulls Nick out of the rubble to let the search and rescue team secure the rubble before they search on.  Nick and Dylan return to Crimson lights. Nick asks Sharon about her head.  Dylan tries to help Sharon out but Sharon tells Nick exactly what happened and gets the response she expected.  Dylan defends Sharon.  Sharon tells Nick that she was going to lie because she knew Nick would use this as a reason to stop her seeing Faith.  She’s constantly walking on eggshells thinking he’s going to use any excuse to stop her seeing her daughter.  A tired Nick admits he reacted badly and tells Sharon he doesn’t want her living that way.

Nikki and Phyllis are pulled from the rubble and returned to Crimson Lights.  Dylan receives a call from the Underground.  There has been a subsequent collapse.  Victor and jack were still inside…

Underground Collapse

Sage, Nick, Phyllis, Jack, Nikki, Victor, Dylan, Joe, and Avery

Joe tells Avery he’s leaving town. Ashley doubts that she is the blonde that Joe wants to be spending tonight with.  Ashley tells Victor that she is pulling her fragrance line. She is intentionally misleading Victor…

Nikki surreptitiously drinks.

Jack provokes Phyllis into an irrational outburst by hinting he is going to see Kelly.  Phyllis realizes afterwards that Jack set her up – as part of her defense strategy.  Phyllis leaves, Victor follows.  Nikki tries to stop him. They are caught int he collapse together.  Nikki with Phyllis separated from Victor who is with Jack who isn’t breathing. Victor performs CPR on Jack and he regains consciousness muttering Adam’s name.  Victor saved Jack because people Victor loves, love Jack.  Phyllis and Nikki beat on the pipes to attract attention.  Sage and Nick hear them.

Sage, filling in for Nick as a bartender for the Valentine’s Day rush is working at Underground.  Nick and Sage go back into the store room to get more supplies.

The building shakes knocking Nick and Sage off their feet.  The room collapses on top of them.  Electrical wires spark adding to the danger of the debris falling on top of Sage and Nick.  Nick and Sage hear banging on the pipes and take it to mean there are survivors.  Nick supposes it could be his parents. Dylan, who took an injured Sharon to Chrimson Lights so Stitch could check out the cut on her head found that Paul had commandenered the coffee shop as a command center for the emergencies dotting the city.  Dylan learns about the collapse at Undlerground and came tolend his search and resuce expertise.

He finds Nick and Sage.  They make their way through the rubble and find Joe and Avery.  Dylan and Nick continue to search as Joe Avery and Sage go back to Crimson Lights.  Joe and Sage are taken on to the hospital.

Nikki and Sharon are rescued from the rubble.  They are sent to Crimson Lights for evaluation.  jack and Victor bicker about who is going out first.  As they bicker the roof collapses…

Jack and Victor are forced to work together…

The Apartment Fire

Billy, Chelsea, Adam, Connor

Chelsea and Billy have a conversation about their future.

Billy arrives to see Chelsea and Gabriel hugging.  They were talking about Delia.  Gabriel leaves and Billy admits he realized something visiting Delia’s memorial tonight.  He cannot forgive Adam for what he did but he can still embrace what makes him happy.  Chelsea makes him happy.  Billy gives Chelsea a necklace and Chelsea gives him a tea rose bush – Delia’s favorite flower.  Chelsea and Billy have a conversation about their future.

Adam must make a decision.

Adam in on hand when Chelsea yells that Connor and Billy are still up there (their apartment? ).  Adam races inside and picks up Connor.  Is that Billy he’s leaving on the ground unconscious? Would Adam really want to win Chelsea by letting Billy die?  Adam returns Connor to his mother’s arms. then he heads back into the burning building for Billy.  he tells and unconscious Bill that he didn’t come back to die like this.  Adam also supposes that if they make if out he’s repaid his debt to Billy.  Billy comes to and the duo make it outside.  Chelsea and Billy are grateful but don’t understand why Gabe would risk his life for a man he barely knows.

Victoria arrives at the apartment building after hearing at Crimson Lights taht the building was on fire.  Her children were with Billy and Chelsea and Victoria is glad to learn they are okay.

Gabriel is checked over by the medics who notice his gun shot wound…


Next Week on The Young and the Restless


The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings (Casting News)

The role of Kyle Abbott has been cast.  Look for Australian actor Lachlan Buchanan to step into the role on February 25, 2015

Y&R are reportedly trying to find a way to bring Sally Kellerman back to the show. Sally recently portrayed Constance Bingham, Gabriel’s, now dead, Grandmother.

Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

Victor and Jack’s rivary is a strong as ever, but Victor learns something that could bring Jack down

Victor doesn’t put up a fight when Colin, Jill and Cane try to take back Chancellor Industries.

Adam’s return changes things for many in Genoa City – especially Chelsea who has moved on with Billy…Adam wants his old life back and is determined to have it.

Despite Jack’s rejection and choosing Phyllis over Kelly, Kelly isn’t giving up on love – with Jack.  Could Phyllis and Kelly’s competition end up deadly before its over?

Nick and Sage become closer as Nick and Sharon work on a way to move forward as parents of Faith.  Sage has secrets, however, and they could cost Nick his daughter.

Neil’s eyesight returns but what is it that he sees?  He learns the truth about Hilary and Devon.  Niel and his family find themselves in a life threatening situation.

Faith wants her mom and dad together again.


The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.