The Young and the Restless Spoilers – February 9 – 13, 2015

This week on The Young and the Restless (February 9 – 13, 2015): A plane crash, Underground collapses and Adam saves Connor – but what about Billy? There’s two lots of CPR being performed and all of Genoa City appears involved in the catastrophe.

Nikki and Victor

Nikki doesn’t believe Victor’s intentions are altruistic when he announces Phyllis is staying with them.  When Jack turn up looking for Phyllis he makes an impassioned speech but Phyllis just ends up returning his engagement ring.

Nikki confides in Neil when she walks into the same seedy bar that Neil has chosen to fall off the wagon at.  Neil tells her to have a drink – he is.  He gets his sight back and the first thing he sees is his son and wife doing the nasty…

By week’s end Victor and Nikki are caught up in the catastrophe that rocks Genoa city.  Is Nikki with Phyllis?  And who is Victor performing CPR on? Is that Jack?

Neil, Hilary, and Devon; Lily and Cane

Neil, unseen by Hilary and Devon, who are otherwise engaged, closes the door to Devon’s suite. He is in shock.  Neil heads back downstairs where he pretends to still be blind!

Neil heads to a seedy bar.  He’s drinking. But not alone. Nikki, also a closet drinker arrives. They commiserate after Neil confides he can not only see but just saw his son having sex with his wife.  Neil needs to work out who he can trust before he makes Hilary and Devon pay.

Meanwhile Devon and Hilary agree to tell Neil – before Valentine’s Day.

But as the week draws to a close we find Neil on a jet clutching a briefcase.  Turbulence rocks the plane and throws Can who is out of his seat onto the ground.  Lily, Devon, Jill and Colin are jostled in their seats as the plane bounces around in a snow storm.

The plane crashes.  Cane calls desperately for his wife.  When Lily promised Can a special Valentine’s Day this likely wasn’t part of her plan. Meanwhile Neil and Devon find a female hand sticking out from pinned beneath the snow.  Who is it?



Ashley confronts Victor.

Jill and Colin

Jill and Colin go down in the plane crash.

Sharon and Nick

Nick has a surprise for Sharon.

But Nick is with Sage in the storeroom at Underground when disaster strikes.  It looks like Sage is working at Underground since she is wearing the shirt.

The building shakes knocking Nick and Sage off their feet.  The room collapses on top of them.  Electrical wires spark adding to the danger of the debris falling on top of Sage and Nick.

Phyllis, Jack and Kelly

Phyllis accepts Victor’s offer of help.  She comes to stay at the ranch.  At Fairview Jack learns Phyllis was discharged. When Jack turns up looking for Phyllis he makes an impassioned speech. t Phyllis isn’t buying what jack is selling however and  just ends up returning his engagement ring.


Christine and Paul

Christine is frustrated to learn that Phyllis has been released from Fairview and that her doctor isn’t sure she is fit to stand trial. Christine thinks Phyllis is going to get off on a temporary insanity plea. Paul reminds Chris not to let things go to her.  They have a future that involves a stroller he adds.  Paul is concerned about Chris but it is he who has an accident.

The psychiatrists report on Phyllis comes in and Chris takes it to Avery.

Paul questions Christine about her hostility and anger towards Phyllis.

Victoria and Ben

Billy, Chelsea, Adam and Sage

Chelsea learns the truth about Sage and Gabriel.  Adam admits they are married but since exchanging I do’s things haven’t been right in his marriage. Billy is frustrated that Chelsea continues to help Gabriel decorating his apartment.

By Friday expect to see Chelsea in Adams arms

Adam in on hand when Chelsea yells that Connor and Billy are still up there (their apartment? ).  Adam races inside and picks up Connor.  Is that Billy he’s leaving on the ground unconscious? Would Adam really want to win Chelsea by letting Billy die?  Adam returns Connor to his mother’s arms.

Dylan, Avery and Joe

Joe continues to push Dylan’s buttons.  When Dylan comes upon Joe in Avery’s office Dylan punches Joe after Avery storms out because of their bickering.  Joe comments about Dylan’s temper and Avery presumes he punched Joe when Dylan is icing his hand. Avery worries about Dylan’s mental state and his PSD.  Avery remembers Valaentines’ Days past – ones spent with Joe.  Joe and Avery remember the same day differently.  Joe wishes he could have the time to do again.

At home Dylan sees the mess Sharon made of the photos. He warns Sharon if Nick sees evidence of this kind ob behavior she will lose all contact with Faith.  The promise to keep each other on the straight and narrow.

Kevin and Mariah

Mariah and Summer spend Valentines day at the Abbott cabin with Austin and Kevin after receiving mysterious invitations.  They had a good time but inbeknownst to them are bing watched – Kyle perhaps?


Summer and Austin

Summer and Austin congratulate Nick on winning custody.  Austin tells Nick about the builing inspector shutting down the Underground.   Austin claims he was busy with his real job  – making commercials and forgot to pass on the messages.  Nick reminds him the Underground is a real job.

Nick meets with a contractor and arranges for the necessary repairs to be complete by Valentines Day.

Nick won’t fire Austin because he’s married to his daughter.  Austin quits.  Austin storms out.  Summer is exhausted.  She doesn’t like pretending not to be rish for Austin’s benefit.

Meanwhile Austin texts someone…


Next Week’s Spoilers!


The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings (Casting News)

The role of Kyle Abbott has been cast.  Look for Australian actor Lachlan Buchanan to step into the role.

Y&R are reportedly trying to find a way to bring Sally Kellerman back to the show. Sally recently portrayed Constance Bingham, Gabriel’s, now dead, Grandmother.

Someone is set to die in the catastrophe’s that being in Genoa City on Friday 13, 2015.  Who will it be?

Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

Victor and Jack’s rivary is a strong as ever, but Victor learns something that could bring Jack down

Adam’s return changes things for many in Genoa City – especially Chelsea who has moved on with Billy…Adam wants his old life back and is determined to have it.

Phyllis and Kelly’s rivalry continues to excalate – will one or both of them good off the deep end in a deadly way?

Kyle and Fen are involved in a mystery when they return to Genoa City.

Nick and Sage become closer as Nick and Sharon work on a way to move forward as parents of Faith.  Sage has secrets, however, and they could cost Nick his daughter.  Sage decides she wants a life of her own – not tied to Gabriel.  Will she expose Adam?

Neil’s eyesight returns but what is it that he sees?  He learns the truth about Hilary and Devon.  Niel and his family find themselves in a life threatening situation.

Faith wants her mom and dad together again. For Faith’s sake, Nick and Sharon try to get along.



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