The Young and the Restless Spoilers – March 2 – 6, 2015

This week on The Young and the Restless (March 2 – 6, 2015): Christine is determined Phyllis will pay; Jack and Victor work together to prove her innocence; but who is double dealing who? Summer grieves;  Billy is suspicious of Gabe

Jack, Phyllis and Kelly

Kelly wants Ashley to talk to Jack and find out why he is saying that he didn’t make love to Kelly. Ashley doesn’t know what is going on with Jack.

When Christine and Paul visit Jack at the hospital, jack is sure to tell them that Kelly has gone over the edge and is lying about them being together on Valentines day.  Christine isn’t buying into it and says Phyllis will pay for what she has done.

Jack and Victor make a pact to secure Phyllis innocence. Later, Ashley confronts Jack about why he is lying about sleeping with Kelly.  Jack admits he is and tells Ashely that he and Victor have an arrangement. Ashley is stunned to learn that Jack and Victor are allies.  Jack rephrases her.  Let’s just say we are not enemies…Meanwhile Ashley and Jack work together to protect jabot.

Victor propositions Kelly to work with him.  Kelly realizes that Victor will be calling the shots and she will be doing exactly as he says.  You in Victor wants to know.  Kelly is – as long as its clear that part of the plan is for her to end up with Jack.

Ashley questions Victor about working with Jack.  Victor says jack faced his mortality in the Underground collapse – it changed him.

Phyllis has a run in with Paula nd Christine and learns from them that Austin is dead.  After going to see Summer, Phyllis tells Jack, who is now at home, that Austin is dead.

Billy, Chelsea and Adam

Billy wonders about Gabriel’s plans in regard to Chelsea.  He regrets asking Gabriel and Sage to stay at the Abbott house with them while their apartment building is closed.  Billy thinks Gabriel is attracted to Chelsea and that Sage is correct.  Adam thinks Sage being “jealous” is a good thing.

Later Sage and Gabriel argue about her telling Chelsea that Gabriel was attracted to her. Jack arrives home to wonder what Adam is doing there.  Billy invited them Adam states.  Jack warns him Billy will work out who he is.  Adam doesn’t think so.

But Jack is right.  Billy is suspicious about Bingham.  He still wonders why he made comment about them being even when Gabe saved Billy’s life.  Billy reads people well and Billy believes that Gabriel would liked to have leave Billy in the apartment to die.

Victoria and Stitch

Stitch questions Victoria and Billy’s relationship.

Nick and Sage

Avery and Nick have a conversation about Nick’s relationship with Sage.  When Sage gushes about what a wonderful person Nick is, Nick is forced to admit that he likes Sage but there is a complication – her marriage of convenience.  Avery warns Nick to be careful, Sharon could re-open the custody case if she finds out that Sage is a married woman.

Sharon and Dylan

Sharon and Dylan develop a friendship.


Nikki loses control.  While driving Nikki hits something/someone with her car. It looks like she hits a female carrying a black handbag, wearing black gloves and  a red scarf. She is brought into the police station.  Paul tells Victor that Nikki was drunk.  She’s being booked with murder.

Paul and Christine

Phyllis isn’t the only person Paul and Christine disagree over. Paul tries to control Christine as she verbally attacks Phyllis.  Christine calls Phyllis a smug narcissistic bitch and tells her that she is going to make Phyllis pay for every vicious thing she has ever done.   Paul tells Phyllis to go easy on Christine – she’s pregnant.  Phyllis suggest that perhaps Christine should focus more on that then her case.  Christine suggests Phyllis take her own advice since she’s taunting Christine instead of supporting her daughter who just lost her husband.  Phyllis is stunned – this is the first she’s heard of it

Christine tells Paul that she will take on anyone – including her own husband – to put Phyllis behind bars.

Christine and Paul also argue about Nikki, the mother of Paul’s adult son…Christine yells at her husband that this is about them, their marriage and his undying loyalty to Nikki.

Summer, Austin, Fen, Abby, Kevin, Mariah etc

Kyle has spent the night with Summer who believes she killed Austin.  Phyllis arrives and asks why Summer didn’t call her parents.  Summer brings Phyllis up to date.  They plan a memorial so Summer can say goodbye.  Phyllis thinks it’s convenient Kyle is around when Summer needs someone.

Kyle supports Summer and comforts her.

Summer watches a video that Austin made for her the day he died.  In it he says what he owes her is an apology.

Abby struggles to keep her secret…Kyle tells Abby that he knows about her affair with Austin.  Abby asks Kyle if he killed Austin.

Kevin speculates with Courtney and Mariah, that Kyle took care of the body because he was the one who killed Austin in the first place.

Austin’s memorial is the scene of unexpected events.  Phyllis and Nick try to support their daughter, Summer.


Neil’s drinking continues which has his daughter, Lily, worried.

The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings (Casting News)

Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

Victor and Jack’s rivalry is a strong as ever, but Victor learns something that could bring Jack down

Adam’s return changes things for many in Genoa City – especially Chelsea who has moved on with Billy…Adam wants his old life back and is determined to have it.

Despite Jack’s rejection and choosing Phyllis over Kelly, Kelly isn’t giving up on love – with Jack.  Could Phyllis and Kelly’s competition end up deadly before its over?

Faith wants her mom and dad together again.
The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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