Days of our Lives Comings – Peter Reckell and Nadia Bjorlin

It’s been a busy week for comings news on NBC’s soap opera Days of our Lives.

Bo Brady – Peter Reckell Returning

Peter Reckell, who left the role of Bo Brady on Days of our Lives  over two years ago, is reportedly in talks with the soap opera to return for the soaps 5oth year anniversary celebrations this year.

Bo, of course, has been off screen, his whereabouts unknown even to his wife as he went deep undercover on an investigation.  After two years, Hope thought it time to get on with her life and penned Bo a goodbye letter she mailed with divorce papers.  She wasn’t even sure the documents and letters would reach him.

Hope did so because she and new lawyer in town Aiden Jennings were becoming close and she wanted to date him.  Hope and Aiden’s relationship hasn’t been without its issues, most notably the suspicious death of his first wife, but if the photos floating around the internet of Hope in a white gown is any indication we could be seeing some nuptials for that duo.

Of course, Hope and Aiden could be dressed for another formal event and doing a romantic dance…either way, Hope and Aiden are together for months to come as Days of our Lives films at least three months in advance of air dates.

Wedding or not, of Hope’s former one and only, Bo, would certainly throw a spanner in Hope’s new relationship.  Bo and Hope have a decades long history of finding their way back to each other.

Chloe Lane – Nadia Bjorlin

It has been about eighteen months since Days of our Lives viewers last saw Chloe Lane on their screens also.  The beautiful, Nadia Bjorlin is set to reprise her role for a short multi episode story arc.  You can bet that means some shenanigans in the love life of Dr Daniel Jonas with whom Chloe shares a child – Parker – although even that history is convoluted.

It will be interesting to see former enemies turned besties, Nicole and Chloe interact with Nicole making a beeline for Daniel.  Chloe has been very possessive of her Dr Dan in the past.  Is she past those feelings?  Time will tell. Either way its sure to be an interesting few episodes.


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