March 12: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, March 12, 2015 – Episode #7034

Brooke and Deacon at AA

Deacon arrives at the same AA meeting as Brooke has already attended. He tries to leave but is convinced to stay by the counselor.  She asks Brooke to continue sharing her story.  Alcohol has never been a problem for her until this year.  She figured if she wasn’t an alcoholic in this point in her life she wasn’t going to become one.  Someone else chimes in that he did.  Deacon listens as Brooke admits to feeling lost.

Deacon admits he thinks he blacked out for entire years of his life.  He did a lot of stupid stuff. He did manage tog e sober in these rooms.  It didn’t magically make him a better person but it slowly happened in spite of himself.  He is getting married and doesn’t want to screw this up.  He has started drinking again and he knows if he doesn’t stop he will wind up poisoning everything good in his life.

At the end of the meeting the counselor reminds them that what is said in this room and who they see here is in the strictest confidence.

Deacon is glad she came before her life goes down the toilet like his did.  If she needs to drink, she needs to call him.  He’ll do the same.

Wyatt’s Divorce Papers

Wyatt stops by his mother’s loft. Quinn thinks the legal papers are for her.  But Wyatt says he dropped the restraining order.  Quinn thinks it’s a pre-nup for her and Deacon. Deacon won’t sign one and Quinn won’t ask him.  Wyatt asks if that is not a red flag for her, but changes the topic back to his papers.  But It’s not a pre-nup, Wyatt needs her to keep it in the safe for her.  he asks her to do it for her without asking any questions.  But Quinn pushes.  It’s his divorce papers Wyatt admits.

It was his idea Wyatt said.  He’s going to stop blaming his mother for what happened. She is seriously off center.  She will do and say anything she has to get what she wants.  But he has come to admit that he’s the same. He knew Hope didn’t stay for him – it was because of the baby.  But Wyatt didn’t care because he had what he wanted.  He is his mother’s son Wyatt announces.

Wyatt tells Qunn he’s already told Brooke.  He notes Brooke is lonely and its kind of sad

Rick’s Divorce Papers are Ratified

Maya and Rick gloat about threatening Ivy’s job with Quinn.  Rick says his attorney is coming in.  His divorce papers will be ratified today.  Maya tells him she will do whatever he needs for support.  He says her waiting at home for her is all the inspiration he needs.  Maya will cook.  After today she won’t be the other woman any more.  Rick thanks her for being patient.  Maya thanks him for being the best thing that ever happened to her.

The lawyers go through the papers with Rick.  All they have is a six month waiting period from the date pointed out on the documents.  Then they are done.  Rick says that’s what he wants – to be done…

Rick admits to Carter afterwards he’s sorry that he hurt Caroline so bad.  There is still time Carter says.  It broke his heart to lose Caroline but this is for the best Rick says.

Rick and Caroline’s Divorce

Ridge asks Carter to represent Caroline who is in New York.  Rick calls Carter looking for Caroline.  Carter heads over to Rick’s office.  Ridge thanks him for looking out for Caroline.

Nicole Makes Herself at Home

At the Forrester Mansion Nicole makes herself at home.  She sees an envelope on the mantle for her from Maya asking her to make her own bed and remove her clothes from the dryer.  She burns it in the fire place and keeps dancing.

Maya gets home to loud music.  She’s home early to plan a celebration for her and Rick.  His divorce came through and tonight would be a great night for her to reconnect with her UCLA friends – on campus.  Nicole says she will manage to stay out of the way.  But Maya isn’t impressed.  She’s not asking she’s telling.  Nicole informs her sister that she isn’t going to be swept under the rug because Maya is ashamed of her.  Maya says she hardly knows her and she’s beautiful and educated.

Nicole says she found her place to stay.  Maya doesn’t like it.  Lets ask Rick Nicole says.  She says she’s not going out tonight and she’s not moving out. Maya likes that she can stand up for herself.  She wishes she’d been able to do that, but this is a fight Nicole can’t win.  Nicole says she’s not leaving and Maya knows why.



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