March 17: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 – Episode #7037

Maya and Nicole

Rick asks Maya what is going on.  They were just talking and got a little serious Maya says.  Rick asks if there is a problem.

With Rick gone Maya tells Nicole she’s not going to get what she wants by threatening her.  If she does Nicole doesn’t understand who she’s dealing with.

Maya wants a background check

Maya comes into Carter and asks him to find out why Nicole transferred to UCLA.  Maya wants Carter to do a background check on her sister. She wants whatever information he can get on Nicole – today.  Maya wants Nicole out of her life and out of her house.  He may not find anything but she can’t let Nicole destroy what she’s built.

Maya becomes hysterical and Carter says he’ll do it.  Maya is behaving stranger than usual he notes.  Carter makes a call to UCLA.

Nicole talks to Rick

Meanwhile Nicole goes to see Rick.  He deserves to know what is going on between Maya and her. There is tension between Maya and her.  They have been apart a long time Rick notes.  Rick says he’s trying to help.  Maya walks in.  Rick tells Maya that he was telling Nicole how much she appreciates her honesty.  Caroline kept secrets from him Rick says.  Maya has never done that he tells Nicole and Maya watches nervously.

Rick reminds they living in the same house this is a good chance to get close.  Whatever is going on between them Rick is sure they can work it out.  Nicole tells Maya that he was going on and on about how honest she is.  That’s right – you don’t like Miss Perfect. We all have secrets Maya Nicole says.  We will discuss it later – at home.  This isn’t over.  Pam overhears the conversation.  Nicole leaves and Maya gets a text from Carter.

Later Pam notes to Rick that Maya and Nicole don’t seem to like each other much.  Like her and Stephanie when Pam first arrived Rick asks. Rick thinks Nicole and Maya living together will help them to get past their issues.

Nicole  quit UCLA, Carter tells Maya – she was only taking extension classes Carter says, not full time in the Computer science program.  Maya thinks she has what she needs to get rid of Nicole.

Nicole is enjoying being in the mansion when Maya gets home.  Maya tells her sister that this isn’t how she wanted things to go.  Maya was excited when Nicole first got here, but then she started to feel like Nicole was manipulating her.  Maya knows the truth about her.  Maya confronts Nicole about her not going to UCLA.  There is no computer science program she just did extension classes, or room mate problem.  She lied and tricked Rick into feeling sorry for her.

Nicole came to LA with an agenda, Maya accuses her sister. Their parents weren’t easy on her either Nicole says.  Now you just want to turn your back on her – again. You built a beautiful life here.  But I tell your secret it all comes crumbling down.  Nicole tells her she can take all of this away from her with one word.

Deacon and Quinn

Quinn wants to share her engagement with Bill who Wyatt says is back from his honeymoon.  Deacon agrees it would be fun to see the look on his face.  Deacon tells Quinn he has to go help someone form AA.  Deacon tries to tell Quinn about the person, but Quinn stops him – isn’t it supposed to be confidential.  Quinn tells him to go before his buddy does something he might regret.

Bill and Katie stop by to see Brooke

Bill and Katie stop by Brooke’s to see her.  They discuss the honeymoon – they went to Aspen Kate admits.  Good choice says Brooke.  They look at photos.  Katie admits she knows this is hard on Brooke.  Brooke says she isn’t where she thought she would be at this point in her life.  Its sweet they stopped in to check in on her but she’s fine Brooke says.  She wishes them both a very successful and happy life together.

Alone, after Bill and Katie’s visit, Brooke struggles not to pour herself a drink.  She calls Deacon.  She really wants a drink.

Deacon arrives to find Brooke staring at a bottle of vodka on the table.  Whatever happened drinking isn’t going to help, Deacon says.  The house felt so empty she overreacted.  Just one little glass will make her feel better Brooke says.  Deacon talks her off the ledge.  Deacon tells her he’s there to help her and she doesn’t have to face this alone.



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