March 18: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 – Episode #7038

Maya’s Secret – Nicole thinks Maya is Myron

Maya tells Nicole she has nothing on her – she’s not ashamed of anything.  Then be honest with me Nicole asks of her sister.

Maya was hoping they could get closer but she won’t have her threatening and controlling her.  Maya tells her it’s time to go, but Nicole isn’t going anywhere till she gets the truth.

Nicole says that Maya knows her secret and Maya doesn’t know what to do with it.  You haven’t told Rick everything have you?  Will Rick feel the same way about her when he finds out Nicole asks.  You wonder too, don’t you Maya, Nicole says.

Maya tells Nicole she won’t have her blackmailing her.  Tell her the secret she has or get out, Maya tells her little sister.

Nicole just wants someone in their family to be honest with her.  This sister she has that her parents never spoke of and wouldn’t look at when she came over for her birthday.  They behaved like Maya never existed and forbid her to reach out to maya.

Nicole thinks she understands now.  Maya wasn’t wanted at home.  Her parent turned on Maya and hurt her and Maya did that to Nicole she weeps.

I stumbled across what could be the reason for all this.  Nicole wishes Maya could tell her herself.  You’ve been living a whole other lifestyle.  You’re not my sister Maya.  You’re not Maya at all.  You’re Myron.  You’re my brother.  REALLY?

Katie and Rick

Katie stops by to brighten Rick’s day.  They discuss the honeymoon.  Then they discuss Brooke.  When’s the last time he saw her Katie wants to know. Rick is giving her a cooling off period.  She doesn’t have time for Maya, but hopefully his mom will realize that Maya is in his life to stay.

Katie asks what is going on with him.  Rick says he talks to Maya.  Talk to your family Katie says.  She’s lonely and Brooke doesn’t do lonely well.  If you want someone you trust at Forrester – what about Brooke.  Rick notes that Katie didn’t see Brooke order him to stay with Caroline.

Once trust is gone, it’s gone for good – there’s no getting it back Rick tells Katie when they discuss the end of their marriage except for the waiting period.  Katie says that the truth is important to both of them.

What Maya tells him he can believe Rick says but he deosnt’ think that honesty is part of the Spencer coat of arms.

Wyatt and Quinn

Wyatt finds his mom reading bridal magazines. Quinn is thinking of wearing black or grey something designed by Ridge maybe.  Wyatt doesn’t want her to rush into the wedding.   Wyatt thinks Deacon is free loading.

Wyatt is curious about the friend Deacon is rescuing.

Deacon and Brooke

Deacon asks Brooke to give her the glass.  They can talk, but Brooke just wants to block out the loneliness.  She’s not alone Deacon says.  He’ll stay as long as she needs him to.  Deacon says she felt the need to go to an AA meeting – she’s an alcoholic.  Don’t let this win, he says taking the drink from her hand.

They made a pact.  He’s here to catch her.  She’s stronger than she thinks she is.  They can do this.  Together.  They discuss Bill and Katie’s visit bringing this on.  Deacon says she should be proud of what she did for Kate and Bill.  Brooke notes that for once she did something selfless.

Deacon tells Brooke they need to get all the alcohol out of here – it’s too much of a temptation.  Brooke thanks Deacon



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