March 2: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, March 2, 2015 – Episode #7026

Quinn Warns Brooke to Stay Away From Deacon

It’s one thing to slap me but to waste my vodka?

Stay away from Deacon, Quinn warns.  We have a daughter together, Brooke says

An adult daughter who lives in another country. Everyone else has rejected Brooke now she wants the man she’s been shunning all these years.  Do you think you can take Deacon away from me?  Quinn yells

Obviously you do, Brooke states.

Quinn becomes more reasonable . She offers to help Brooke up off the floor, but Brooke yells at her to not touch her.  Brooke tells her to leave.  You’re psycho Brooke says.

Deacon wants to be with her and Quinn isn’t going to let Brooke take Deacon away from her.

Brooke tells Quinn she doesn’t desire Deacon but if she wants to hang out with Deacon she’ll hang out with Deacon.  Brooke tells her to go.  Brooke locks the door behind Quinn.  Brooke pours another vodka and cries.

Wyatt Warns Quinn about Deacon

Deacon knows Quinn went to Brooke’s but Quinn will be banging on the door.  Brooke was so wasted she would sleep through it.  She was that wasted. Taking her home was a good decision.

Wyatt warns Deacon about what Quinn is thinking.  Deacon says nothing happened as he remembers kissing Brooke.  But Wyatt knows his history with Brooke.  His mother hasn’t cared about another man like this since his father.  Do not hurt her, Wyatt warns.

Quinn arrives home.  You wouldn’t leave me for her would you.  Deacon assures Quinn he wouldn’t leave her for anyone.  He loves her. That’s why I told you.  I didn’t want to hide it from her.

Did she go to Brooke’s?  What happened Deacon asks.  Quinn got her to stop drinking – she knocked some sense into her.  Quinnsays Brooke Logan doesn’t don a swimsuit for no reason.  She has any number of people in her life.  Anyone can drive her hope and tuck her into bed at night.  Any man but Deacon.  Deacon and Quinn hug.


It Could Work…

Steffy encourages Ridge to get on board Liam’s plan.  Ridge can’t stomach Rick being in control for a while year but he’s not comfortable with Liam’s plan either.  Ridge says he needs to check the legals with Carter, but he’s open to it.  Maybe they can make it work.

Ridge says his kids are too far away.  But he’s not making a business decision to fix her love life.  Ridge says he’s going to talk to Liam tonight.  Steffy thanks him.

Steffy is on the phone when Ivy walks in.  She’s making this more complicated than this has to be Ivy says.  If Liam wants her stock then being with her is part of the package, Steffy says.

Ivy says Liam’s not going back to her.  Steffy knows Ivy is nervous.  You know what Liam and I had and dating you for a couple of months doesn’t compare, Steffy tells Ivy.  Steffy says Ridge is with Liam now.  If they come to a deal, Liam will be coming back to Steffy.

Ridge Meets With Liam

Ivy and Liam kiss.  Hearing Liam defending their relationship to Steffy today meant a lot to her, Ivy tells Liam. Another shot with Steffy must have been tempting Ivy says.

Not in the way you’re thinking Liam says.  There are a lot of what ifs.  He has her and wouldn’t have it any other way.

But Icy says being with her is going to cost him Steffy’s Forrester shares. Ivy hopes Steffy can rise above what she wants and do what’s best for the company.

Ridge arrives.  His offer could work out well for everyone, Ridge says.  Rick would be out and Steffy would have the life she’s always wanted.  Why aren’t you jumping on Steffy’s offer Ridge wants to know.

Liam trusts Ridge and Steffy to elevate Forrester to where he knows Forrester can be.  Liam is pumped.  They can make it happen.  Not without Steffy’s 25%.  If Liam’s not making his daughter happy, Ridge will wait out the year.  But he doesn’t want to wait a year.  Liam needs to think about it.  Because Ivy can’t be in the picture.

Ridge has reiterated Steffy’s condition for the takeover.  He’s with Steffy and they takeover Forrester Creations or Ridge waits out the year til Eric steps in and sends Rick to the basement or Paris or wherever…

Ridge leaves.  Liam has a choice to make…



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