March 26: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, March 26, 2015 – Episode #7042

Maya Reconsiders – Nicole Can Stay

Rick tells Nicole that they are having a private conversation.  Nicole says she couldn’t help it – came back for her ear buds.  So what is it – an opportunity to be sisters or do you want me to go?

Rick says he asked her to move in to help the sisters bond.  But he may have jumped the gun.  You’re family we will look after you.  Nicole says it’s just growing pains.  They have a better chance of getting over them if they are under the same roof.  Nicole asks a very quiet Maya if this is what she wants – to kick her only sister out of the house.

Maya tells Rick he’s wonderful.  He’s kind a considerate.  Your first instinct was right, Maya tells Rick.  Nicole and I have lost so much time.  Tension is to be expected.  Maya concedes she’s not easy to get to know. I’m guarded and protective and I’ve had to be, Maya tells Rick and Maya.  Maya turns to Nicole. Circumstances have kept us apart but you’re here now.  I want to be a woman you can respect and look up to.  If it’s possible, and what you want then I would very much like you to stay, Maya tells her sister.

Rick leaves the sisters alone to talk.  Maya tells her she meant what she said.  Nicole says she didn’t some her to blackmail her.  She’s built a wonderful life for herself and she wants to be a part of it.  She wants them to be close.  But, she has expectations.

She expects her to treat her like her sister.  Share the wealth Nicole says.  What do you want Maya asks. She is having trouble with her car lease Nicole hints.  Its only an example Nicole says.  She just wants o be treated like family.  Maya agrees she will treat her like family and Maya needs her to respect her.  She gets to tell Rick about her past as she sees fit.  No one finds out unless Rick proposes.

You take care of me, and I take care of you Nicole states.

Katie and Brooke

Katie and Brooke have takeout dinner and wine together.  Katie serves Brooke wine and tells her that she forgot how much Bill’s presence filled a house.  Katie is grateful that she and Brooke are back on solid ground .  Katie is grateful for a lot she says as she drinks.  Brooke can’t stop looking at the wine…

Brooke admits she hasn’t been involved at Forrester since Rick is control.  It’s a change from how busy she was in Milan.  But Brooke can only focus on Katie drinking her iwne.  She was very needed in Milan and she’s returns and the world seemed to have passed her by.

She’s been going through a period of self evaluation.  Nothing she wants to share at the moment.  Katie encourages her to get out more.

Brooke says she’s fine but Katie knows she isn’t.  She’s never been alone – without a man. Katie admits that she didn’t like being alone.  She thought the house was going to swallow her.  She realized she couldn’t focus on the past she had to focus on the persent and future.  Kate says having a job helped and encourages Brooke to volunteer if she doesn’t want to go back to Forrester.

You can call me Katie says – I’ll be there for you.  Brooke thanks Katie but she had to navigate this alone.  Its going to be hard figuring out who she is not.  Brooke Logan – single independent.  Katie hugs her .

She tells her sister and tells her she doesn’t have to do it alone.

Alone Brooke ties up then picks up her untouched wine.  She sniffs it and considers drinking it.  She takes it outside and pours it and the rest of the bottle out.

Deacon and Quinn

Quinn is looking at her ring.  Deacon says she can re-set it if she wants.  Quinn admits there are a few things she would change design wise but she loves that he picked it out for her.  Quinn dons one of her sexy dominatrix outfits.

Quinn titillates Deacon and he tells her that no one can stop them getting married.  They are like a runaway train.

Quinn tries to support Deacon by not drinking when he brings her a glass of wine.  They discuss the wedding.  She was thinking a big event but who would come.  Good point says Deacon. They discuss their only guest being Wyatt.  Quinn wonders how they have no friends then asks if he wants to invite his friend from AA to the wedding.  Deacon says it defeats the purpose of anonymity.

Quinn shows Deacon her wedding dress.  Its different but definitely sexy…a night ceremony with lots of candles and fires burning.  Sounds witchy like you, Deacon says.


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