March 4: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 – Episode #7028

You kissed me

Deacon turns up at Brooke’s door – they need to talk about what happened. Brooke is drinking coffee.  He asks if she remembers what happened.  She remembers that Deacon kissed her.  She doesn’t black out when she’s drunk.

You participated Deacon says.  You dazzle me – you always have.  Always out of my reach except for that one shiny moment.  I can never recapture that because it’s not what you want.  Now he’s with Quinn.

Brooke is always going to have a piece of her heart but he wants her to understand he’s with Quinn now.  Have this conversation with Quinn, Brooke suggests. She’s feeling a little insecure.  You’ve hooked up with a whack job – Quinn came over here last night and slapped me Brooke informs Deacon.

Brooke tells Deacon what happened and that Quinn ended up apologizing which made it all the more creepy.  You idealize women and you’re a romantic at heart.  But you really need to know the woman you’re involved with before you’re in to deep and can’t get out, Brooke advises.  Deacon leaves.

I Slapped Her

Wyatt turns up at Quinn’s loft – she needs to talk to someone who understands how she’s wired.  What did you do this time Wyatt asks.  Quinn admits she slapped Brooke.

Everyone knows Brooke is a man predator.  She didn’t want a swim party with Deacon she wanted him in her bed Quinn defends.  Wyatt asks if she was protecting poor defenseless Deacon’s honor then.  Quinn says she was protecting her relationship and she went a bit too far.  Quinn is worried what will happen when Deacon finds out.

Wyatt says Brooke will do that for you.

Brooke already doesn’t like you – you ruined her daughter’s life – Brooke has no reason to  protect you Wyatt says.  It s was one incident Quinn says.  Wyatt hopes that Deacon sees it that way.

Deacon gets back to the loft to find Quinn alone.  What the hell is wrong with you, Deacon asks.  You’re lucky she didn’t cal the cops.  You can’t go around punching people.  Brooke needed to know you were off limits Quinn says to an angry Deacon.  You are beautiful and intelligent and talented you don’t have to be insecure like this.  Hope and Brooke are important to me, they don’t deserve to have you wreaking havoc in their lives.

I screwed up yet again Quinn rants why don’t you walk out that door and never come back,  I don’t know how to do this – save yourself the future embarrassment and just go she yells at Deacon.  But he doesn’t’.  Instead he pulls out a jewelry box containing an engagement ring.  She’s nuts and she drives her nuts but god help him he wants to marry her.

You Could Have Had it All – Ivy to Liam

Ivy wakes up with Liam.  Ivy promises never to take him for granted.  She knows a lot of other women want him.  He could have had everything with Steffy.   Ivy asks if the takeover is dead because Liam didn’t throw in with Steffy’s blackmail. Steffy has regrets and insecurities and she’s self aware. You give her time to adjust…  Liam isn’t giving up. The takeover is happening he’s just not putting Ivy into play.

Liam serves Ivy breakfast in bed.

Steffy Going Back to Paris

Steffy visits Ridge at his loft.  She’s going back to Paris.  She wishes she never would have left him.  The world didn’t stop because she needed a time out.  Steffy isn’t going to do the takeover so there is no other reason for her to be here.  Ridge hugs his daughter.  She won’t torture herself watching Liam fall deeper in love with Liam.

Steffy looks at Ridge’s paintings.  Steffy wants to know if Caroline is a midlife crisis or infatuation.  Its much more than that Ridge says.  It bothers Steffy that idge is involved with someone his age.  Ridge is sorry but  he doesn’t know what to do about it.

Caroline enters.  Caroline assures Steffy that this isn’t a casual thing.  And your daughters opinion doesn’t matter.  What about my happiness Ridge counters.  I want you to be happy Steffy says as she leaves for her plane.  Her farewell to Caroline is frosty.

That went well Caroline says after Steffy left.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 – Episode #6775

While sitting in front of a fire at Katie’s home enjoying a glass of wine, Katie admitted to Ridge that she loved him too.  The couple shared their first kiss.