Maya Avant, Forrester Creations Lead Model, Actually a Man? | The Bold and the Beautiful

Rick and Maya Rule All Things Forrester

Rick Forrester and Maya Avant have been king of the heap over at Forrester Creations ever since Maya revealed in a meeting that Ridge and Caroline were carrying on behind Rick’s back, and Rick’s subsequent appointment as Forrester Creations CEO with irrevocable control for 12 months.

Rick has been abusing his position of power both within the company and in the family.  Unfortunately for anyone else named Forrester, Rick has been doing so with his father’s blessing – since the quarterly numbers are so good.

Rick has had his new lady love, Maya, by his side also enjoying the her new life and the luxuries and power that go with it.  Not just the Lead Model Maya with her portrait now hanging in the living room of the Forrester mansion where Stephanie’s once hung, now sees herself and the family’s new matriarch.  And she has been behaving like it.

Maya’s Sister Threatens Maya’s Lifestyle

Until baby sister Nicole turned up, that is.  Nicole quickly proved to have her sister’s talent for manipulation and scheming.  And like Maya aspires to the good life.

At Rick’s invitation, Nicole moved into the mansion when she told Rick and Maya that she’d lost her apartment and was either sleeping in the library at UCLA or in a friends dorm room.  Rick could tell the sisters weren’t close and thought that living together they could build their relationship.

But Nicole soon turned to blackmailing her sister, with a secret Nicole claimed to have over Maya that would end the plush life she had built for herself with Rick Forrester.  One word and she could bring it all crashing down Nicole told Maya.  Maya seemed scared of what her sister may know.

Nicole however wasn’t bluffing.  Not only was Nicole not moving out of the mansion as Maya insisted, but Maya was going to get her a job at Forrester Creations.  And not as some lowly intern, either.  Nicole has modeling aspirations like her big sister.

Nicole’s Reveal – Maya is a Man?

But the real bombshell came as Maya stood up to her sister and told her that she wasn’t going to be blackmailed and threatened in her own home.  Either Nicole spill what this secret was or she could get out.  Maya seemed desperate to know what she was dealing with.  Does Maya perhaps have more than one secret buried in her past?

A teary Nicole recounted a childhood of trying to get close to her sister and understand why their parents wouldn’t talk about Maya or make eye contact with her on her rare visits for Nicole’s birthdays.  Now, after doing some research, Nicole believes she knows the answer.

It’s because Maya isn’t her sister, Nicole began.

And at this stage it is likely that The Bold and the Beautiful fans were sitting on the edge of their seats shouting “You’re my mother!” at the screen.  Everything seemed to be pointing that way.  But that was not the bombshell that Nicole dropped.

“You’re not Maya at all.  You’re Myron.  You’re my brother,”  Nicole finished and the same fans who were so sure 20 seconds ago that Maya needed to explain another daughter to Rick were likely agape.  Forrester Creations lead model was a man?

Maya is Myron?  A Man?

There is no doubt this reveal was a bombshell reveal.  Rumors about Maya being a man had surfaced on chat boards and fan forums but mostly dismissed as too crazy.  But that is where The Bold and the Beautiful leaves fans hanging over a 4 day broadcasting break.

With The Bold and the Beautiful preempted for the next two days, fans will be left hanging over the weekend to see where Nicole’s accusation will lead.  Is Maya really a man?  Or are we in for a massive back peddle and today’s scene was merely a shock and awe tactic – one that worked.

Maya’s History

Maya’s backstory will need some explaining if The Bold and the Beautiful are sticking with a transgender storyline.  Maya was introduced to the canvas as a part of Dayzee’s past.  Maya, sentenced to go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit allowed Dayzee to place her baby daughter with an adoptive family.  Maya eventually learned through Dayzee that her daughter had died in a car accident with her adoptive parents.

Maya’s Jail Time and Babies

This raises two questions – what type of facility did Maya serve her jail time in?  And if Maya was born a man, Myron, then how on earth did she give birth to a baby girl with her ex, Jesse, who made a brief appearance in storytelling to learn that his daughter had died.

Of course, a quick stroke of the writer’s pen explaining that Myron was born with two sets of “equipment” forcing his parents to assign a sex at birth could reason that bit of backstory away.  If Maya did spend part of her life as Myron, clearly she has had gender reassignment surgery. And given that over on Days of our Lives Kristen stole an embryo from another woman’s uterus, soap operas have always had a penchant for extending the bounds of what is possible medically.

The Re-Imagining of Maya’s Backstory – How it unfolded

Is this a Red-Herring?

The other possibility is that Nicole has taken facts that may be true in her family’s history and misinterpreted them.  Nicole claims to have done the research, but it wouldn’t be the first time a soap character got the wrong end of the stick.  Soaps are built on misunderstandings.

Nicole may indeed have or have had a brother named Myron.  Or Myron may be related to another family secret.  One that sees Maya turn out to be Nicole’s mother.  That would certainly be easier to swallow and easier to accommodate in future storytelling.

But given Rick and Maya’s recent bad behavior on The Bold and the Beautiful there would have to be many fans wanting to see the look on Rick’s face when he learns that his tenure as CEO of Forrester Creations is forever to be over shadowed by appointing a man as Forrester Creations lead model.

Not to mention – who doesn’t want to hear Rick answer his Aunt Katie’s question about having children with Maya.  Or to see Caroline rub Maya’s honesty in Rick’s face. It also makes Caroline’s inability to get Maya’s name right all the more ironic.  Myrna, Martha, Myron….

Is Maya actually a man?  What do you think?

Update:  After this episode aired and twitter was set alight with talk of a soap opera, both Bill Bell and Karla Mosley confirmed that The Bold and the Beautiful were embarking on a story line with a transgender character.  Spoilers indicate that Maya’s baby that Dayzee placed with an adoptive family will be referenced next week when this story continues…


  1. I hope she is not a man. Not only is it rewriting history because she had a baby Maya is way too feminine to be a man. I am so sick of catering to the LGBT community. They are not even five percent of the population but you would never know it by how they are represented in the media and entertainment industry. I am so sick of the gay agenda being shoved down our throats. Yes they deserve rights but that does not mean everyone has to approve of their lifestyles or be called a hater. Enough already!

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