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Quinn and Deacon Meet

When Deacon Sharpe returned to Los Angeles he walked into Bikini and found a woman ordering the establishments best scotch drowning her sorrows.

The woman was Quinn Fuller.  She had just lost her job – thanks to her involvement in setting in motion the “accident” that saw Ridge Forrester fall from a helicopter and into the Persian Gulf.  The same incident saw her son, Wyatt, lose the love of his life, a most wonderful young woman, Quinn told her barfly buddy.

Deacon Sharpe noted the young woman must have been quite a catch for Quinn’s son to disown his mother over her loss.  Quinn said she was.  Had he heard of Hope Logan?  Deacon smirked.  Of course he’d heard of her – he was her long absent (or perhaps exiled) father.

Quinn hadn’t been interested in Deacon until that point.  But forming an alliance with Hope Logan’s daddy had the cogs in Quinn’s scheming and manipulative brain turning on overdrive.

Quinn and Deacon – Allies

Though there was chemistry between Deacon and Quinn from the start, Quinn was merely interested in Deacon to have him influence his daughter back towards her son.  Quinn gave homeless and jobless Deacon a place to stay in exchange for putting in a good work with his daughter.  Deacon agreed – to a point.  While Wyatt seemed like a good guy – Deacon had learned his lesson about interfering in his daughter’s love life after Bill sprung him from jail.  He would only interfere if Hope wasn’t happy with Liam.

Hope, of course, had dumped Wyatt because in defense of his crazy mom, he decked Liam.  Hope in that moment saw Wyatt as just like his mother using violence to get what he wanted.  In addition she no longer saw a future with Wyatt because she couldn’t imagine having dangerous Quinn as a mother in law or the grandmother of her children.

Hope went back to Liam. She assured Deacon that she was happy with Liam and though Deacon related to Wyatt, the self made man, he let it be.  Quinn didn’t, and interfered again with Hope and Liam’s relationship by pushing Ivy into the Seine in Paris, delaying Liam from meeting Hope in Paris where they planned to marry.

Hope rebounded and ended up flying to Monte Carlo with Wyatt and the duo married on Bill Spencer’s yacht.

With her son’s love life secure, Quinn turned her attention to her own – and Deacon’s.  But still not as a couple.  Quinn was convinced that she and Deacon had to put their (grown) children’s’ families back together.  Deacon had returned to Los Angeles to woo back Brooke Logan – Hope’s mother.  In doing so, Deacon would also free up Brooke’s current love, Bill Spencer, for Quinn.

That plan, however, was not to be.  Bill didn’t want loony Quinn, and though both Bill and Deacon proposed to Brooke, Brooke left for Italy to find herself and give Katie and Bill the chance to find each other again.

Quinn and Deacon – Lovers

It was then that Quinn and Deacon commenced on a sexual relationship.  Quinn pulled out the sex card when Deacon threatened to walk out on her when it was discovered that Quinn was responsible for Ivy’s fall into the Seine.  Hope had been ready to leave Wyatt and go back to his brother Liam, when she found out she was pregnant.  Hope couldn’t go back to Liam but she could banish Quinn from her and her baby’s life, which is what she did.  She told Deacon if he was involved with Quinn he too wouldn’t be welcome in his grandchild’s life.

Deacon thought Hope would come round in time.  Quinn couldn’t wait.  And after Quinn confronted Hope, who was now terrified of her mother in law, Hope accidently fell down the stairs in the garden at  Brooke’s house.

Hope lost her baby, and Deacon once again had cause to leave Quinn but he stood by her.  Quinn and Deacon’s next relationship challenge appeared when Brooke returned to Los Angeles.  Brooke found that the two men who’d proposed to her mere months ago had moved on with their lives.  Deacon was with Quinn, Bill was in the process of reuniting with Katie, and even old faithful, Ridge, was cavorting with his brother and Brooke’s son’s wife…

Deacon Proposes

Rejected by Ridge, a drinking Brooke began to lean on Deacon, and vodka. And Deacon who confessed he would always have a soft spot for Brooke – his unattainable woman – obliged, making crazy Quinn crazy jealous.  After Quinn if a fit of jealousy attacked Brooke in her own house, Brooke was sure Deacon would leave Quinn, but instead, Deacon whipped out a velvet jewelry box and proposed….

Will Deacon and Quinn Marry?

Quinn and Deacon’s engagement faces a lot of opposition.  Wyatt, doesn’t believe that Deacon will ever be over Brooke and is wary of his mother marrying Deacon.  And Brooke, she has openly told Quinn she won’t only not support her marriage to Deacon, she forbids it.

Then there is Hope, who is headed back to Los Angeles in Spring 2015.  How will she feel about her father marrying the woman who’s meddling was instrumental in the loss of her baby?


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