The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: March 30 – April 3, 2015

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (March 30 –April 3, 2015): Quinn gets out a sharp knife when Brooke refuses to stay away from Deacon;  Brooke and Deacon become closer; Quinn’s return to Forrester Creations is not popular.

    Liam and Ivy

    Liam believes it may take some time but he is determined to get Rick out of Forrester Creations.  Liam may not have time up his sleeve.  Ivy, after a staff meeting that Rick holds, tells Liam that Quinn is working back at Forrester Creations.

    Ivy says that maybe Deacon has made a change in Quinn but who can guarantee how long that will last.  But Liam is certain of one thing.  Quinn Fuller is dangerous.  She is a dangerous person.

    Rick and Maya

    Rick displeased with Ivy’s work rehires Quinn to work at Forrester Creations though he does have reservations about Quinn’s crazy.  He calls a staff meeting to make it official.  The news doesn’t go over well, given some of Quinn’s previous antics.  Rick concludes the meeting by yelling that he brought Quinn back and that is the end of the story.

    Rick tells Maya he wants to spend some time alone with Nicole, grilling her about Maya’s past.  Odds are that Nicole knows a few things about Maya that Rick doesn’t.  Maya is unsettled by Rick’s request.  Alone with Maya Nicole tells her that they are sisters.  If Maya supports her, Nicole will support Maya…

    Rick continues to try to broker peace between Maya and Nicole.  Maya isn’t pleased that Nicole isn’t dialing down the threats against her sister.  Nicole isn;t letting up.  Seeing Maya’s secret as her ticket to the good life that Maya is already enjoying Nicole responds by blackmailing Maya.

    Maya yells at her sister that this is her private business.  Whatever, Nicole states with attitude.


    Carter has concerns about Quinn being back at Forrester.  He states that Quinn is dangerous.

    Bill and Katie

    Katie hopes that whatever is going on with Brooke, that she is getting the support that she needs.  Katie has questions about the company that Brooke is keeping.  Katie is worried that rather than be alone Brooke is keeping bad company.

    Katie confides her concerns in Bill about Brooke spending time with Deacon.  Katie loves that he is looking our for her family, but she doesn’t’ think they need to go charging into the situation.  Alt least not yet.

    Ridge and Caroline

    Deacon, Quinn and Brooke

    With the new closeness they feel through their shared AA experience, Deacon lays it on the line with Brooke.  He’s engaged to Quinn and he loves her but she has always been the unattainable woman he had no right to be with.  Please tell me, Deacons asks of Brooke, is there any chance for us…

    Deacon isn’t leaving Brooke’s home until she tells him how she feels.  He wants to know all about her feelings. Brooke says that it could be their chance…

    Meanwhile Quinn is becoming suspicious about where Deacon is spending his time (now that Quinn is a working woman again).  Quinn asks Deacon why he smell like perfume. Quinn doesn’t like what she learns…He’s been hanging with Brooke!  Deacon says that he deosn’t think Brooke needs Quinn goign ballistic on her for no reason at all.

    Back at Forrester Creations Quinn warns Brooke to stay away from Deacon.  Also at the office, Brooke doesn’t pay Quinn’s words any attention as she hugs Deacon.  If Quinn wants to explode she tells Deacon, let her explode!  Quinn is on a high.  She’s got her job back, she’s engaged to a wonderful man and her son is supporting her.  Quinn gloats that she doesn’t have to answer to Ivy or anyone else.

    Katie asks her sister if she could be developing feelings for Deacon.  Katie looks skeptical.

    Wyatt overhears a conversation between Deacon and Brooke. Considering Wyatt has always feared that Deacon would leave Quinn for Brooke should the opportunity arise, Wyatt confronts Deacon and Brooke about what is going on between them.  Wyatt tells them that they may pretend like there is nothing going on, but Wyatt doesn’t believe it.

    Brooke wants to know from Deacon how he could even think about marrying someone like Quinn.  Brooke tells Deacon he’s making a big mistake. Brooke hopes Deacon realizes that someday.

    Quinn tells Brooke that she needs support – but not from Deacon.  Quinn yells at Brooke that Brooke doesn’t want Deacon, and Deacon doesn’t want Brooke.  Quinn warns Brooke that she has pushed her to her limits – once again.  Quinn heads to her workshop and again produces a sharp and deadly weapon (like she did when she went after Liam).  This time it’s a dagger.

    Wyatt finds his mother in her workshop and tells her what he witnessed between Deacon and Brooke.  Wyatt tells Quinn that Brooke said there was a chance for Brooke and Deacon.  He also informs Quinn that Deacon, Quinn’s fiance, was going nuts thinking about what Brooke being open to a relationship with him.  The only thing standing in their way is Deacon’s engagement to Quinn.


    Quinn tells Brooke that they are going to settle this once and for all.  Alone Quinn tests the blade on her knife…

    B&B Spoilers March 30 - April 3 2015

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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Jacqueline MacInness Wood returning in Spring for longer story arc!  The actress spilled the beans over the weekend that she begins taping I April

    Linsey Godrey’s accident has changed filming schedules.  Linsey was back on set on march 4!

    March 4 also saw Kim Matula return to the Bold and the Beautiful to tape scenes.  Hope Logan was last seen on December 4 when she fled to Italy after losing her and Wyatt’s baby.  Hope’s return is rumored to kick off a major storyline.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Looking Forward

    Brooke’s drinking escalates as do her moves on Deacon.  But when he also turns her down, Brooke takes a fall.  Does that fall mean she reaches rock bottom?  Maybe.  There is a rehab program in Brooke’s future.

    Quinn will not lose her man to her rival – Brooke!

    The future of Forrester takes an unexpected turn…

    Ridge and Caroline’s relationship has hurdles to overcome.

    Reunited, Bill and Katie become the new power couple of The Bold and the Beautiful.

    Bill Bell’s statement that Hope will remain a central character and on the canvas is being interpreted as The Bold and the Beautiful recasting Hope after Kim Matula’s departure.  How long will the character of Hope be rested?  Will Hope return from Italy with Brooke?   Brooke’s return had Brooke stating that Hope wouldn’t be back anytime soon.

    Ridge isn’t finished vying for the CEO job. The battle for control at Forrester Creations isn’t over.

    Rick may find that his feelings mess up his grand plan…

    Could Rick impregnate both Caroline AND Maya at the same time?  Not likely since he hasn’t slept with Caroline!….Yet.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.