The Young and the Restless Spoilers – March 9 – 13, 2015

This week on The Young and the Restless (March 9 – 13, 2015): Austin’s expose on the Abbott’s and Newman’s draws attention.  What is the secret it contains?  And will the cabin killer strike again?  Abby looks for forgiveness, Christine goes back to work with a vendetta.

Jack, Phyllis and Kelly

Kelly makes a confession.  Phyllis did not poison her – Kelly made it all up.  Jack and Paul both think Victor put Kelly up to it.  But Kelly gives a statement to the effect.  Paul tells Christine she needs to back off Phyllis now.  Chris huffs off. Paul drops the charges against Phyllis and arrests Kelly.

After her confession, Kelly tells Victor that she did what he wanted. Victor assures Kelly she will also get what she wants.  Kelly later wonders if Victor is double crossing her.

Jack and Phyllis move their relationship forward.  Or at least Jack wants to.  While getting ready for Billy and Chelsea’s engagement party Jack tells Phyllis he wants to get married in exactly one month.  Phyllis isn’t so sure about their future, but she asks for her ring back and commits to a wedding by the end of April.

Billy, Chelsea and Adam

While Chelsea and Billy discuss their future as a married couple,  Adam and Sage butt heads when their validity of their marriage draws scrutiny and suspicion from Constance’s estate attorney who is monitoring their union for fraud.

Sage wants out of the arrangement claiming there is more to life than money, but Adam needs the Bingham fortune…

Sage decides to stand  by the arrangement but has new ground rules for Adam.

Chelsea is finding wedding planning stressful.  Billy suggests eloping.  Chelsea wants a big wedding but is also spending more time with Gabriel.  Is Chelsea having second thoughts?

While preparing for their engagement party Billy hears Chelsea and Phyllis both agreeing that neither are in a hurry to get married.  Billy wonders if Chelsea wants to get married after all.

Billy asks Gabriel to be his best man – If Gabe hadn’t saved his life he couldn’t be marrying Chelsea.  Adam isn’t keen but agrees.  At the engagement party “Gabe” drinks heavily.  Jack warns Sage that handling Adam isn’t as easy as handling Gabriel 1.0.  Traci sends a not welcoming Chelsea to the family, Jack makes a speech, then Adam takes the floor.  There is something they need to know, he starts…

Adam makes a move to slow down the renovation of the penthouse apartments to keep the foursome sharing quarters at the Abbott’s.

Victoria and Stitch

Ben tells Victoria that Austin claimed to be doing a documentary on the local titans – The Abbotts and Newmans, but to Ben it felt more like an expose.

Vicki and Ben invite Abby to stay with them when she is released from the hospital.  Ben finds Abby saying Austin was killed strange.  Upon further questioning Abby admits that Austin was murdered.  Ben wants to involve the police but Abby is adamant – no police.

When Abby finds herself alone at Vicki and Ben’s place she is frightened.

Nick and Sage

Nick and Sage become closer.

Sharon and Dylan

Sharon has some questions for Nick.  They work on their relationship  but trust is an issue.

Dylan confides in Sharon that things with Avery are tense.  Dylan walks into Avery’s office as she’s waking up from a nightmare.  Avery claims it is over Phyllis’ case.  Later Phyllic give Avery her news – Kelly confessed to lying – the charges have been dropped.  Avery has a perfect wedding dress for Phyllis, but Phyllis isn’t thinking marriage right now.  Nor is Avery she admits and burns the dress.

Joe, Dylan and Avery

Joe continues to be a thorn in Dylan and Avery’s relationship.  Joe gives Avery a box of memories from their time together – it includes her wedding dress. Avery wonders if Joe has more issues than Dylan.

Avery has a nightmare.


Nikki begs Neil to keep their secret.  Can Neil keep quiet?  Nikki was sober when a drunk Neil was driving the car that hit Christine and resulting in the loss of Chris and Paul’s baby.  With Nikki driving it looks like an accident with a drunk Neil driving its murder and jail time…

A drunk Neil however isn’t good at keeping his mouth shut and Devon finds himself explaining the accident to Hilary and paying her off.

Victor moves his plan forward.

Paul and Christine

Paul worries about Christine’s state of mind after the loss of their baby.  She is released from the hospital and throws herself into her work – specifically in bringing Phyllis to justice.  Paul thinks Chris is on a vendetta against Phyllis.  But Phyllis isn’t the only one Chris is gunning for.  She in incensed  when Nikki is released from jail.

Summer, Austin, Fen, Abby, Kevin, Mariah etc

Abby looks for forgiveness for her affair with Austin.  Ashley concedes that Abby didn’t have good role models in her and Victor when it came to affairs of the heart.  She advices her daughter to make amends with those she hurt.  Abby is determined to make things right and starts by apologizing to Summer for her affair with Austin.

Summer and Mariah are at odds. Summer gets a message “I know what you did”.

Abby is found unconscious after being hit over the head.  The police find it strange she was mugged but her purse wasn’t stolen.

Abby receives a disturbing message.

“Shut up or you’re next” Is the text  from Austin’s killer?

Courtney thinks its time to go to the police.  Kyle thinks it is someone outside their group.  He believes Austin’s expose must contain something that someone doesn’t want to get out.

Summer learns the truth about Austin.  He was working on a expose of her families – The Abbott’s and Newman’s.  In it Austin promises to show how the Abbott’s and Newman’s became so wealthy.  It contains a secret the families will not want to come out.  In the video Austin gloats about it being time for the world to see the ugly truth.

Kevin continues working to break into Austin’s encrypted files.  They realize how much hate Austin was carrying around. The group discuss the possibility of Victor having Austin killed.  Later, Ben tells Kevin that Abby told him everything about Austin’s death…

Mariah taunts Summer.  It looks like Austin married her to stay out of jail and only stayed with her to dig up dirt on her two rich families…

A gunshot has everyone running outside.  Has the killer struch again

Lauren and Michael

Lauren talks to Michael about his treatment.  Michael has more on his mind than just his current treatment however.  He is concerned about their sex life after wards as well.  That issue hasn’t been resolved either.  Lauren tells Michael not to worry, but a jealous Michael after seeing Lauren talking to a handsome waiter tells her that things didn’t work out so well last time he was unavailable to her.  She turned to Carmine.  Lauren asks her husband not to go to the worst case scenario.

Hilary, Devon and Neil

Hilary is looking to Devon for answers.

The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings (Casting News)

Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

There is a mysterious arrival in Genoa City.

Victor and Jack’s rivalry is a strong as ever, but Victor learns something that could bring Jack down

Adam’s return changes things for many in Genoa City – especially Chelsea who has moved on with Billy…Adam wants his old life back and is determined to have it.  Will Sage be the one to expose Gabriel’s’ true identity?

Despite Jack’s rejection and choosing Phyllis over Kelly, Kelly isn’t giving up on love – with Jack.  Could Phyllis and Kelly’s competition end up deadly before its over?  Jack tries to referee the ladies.

Faith wants her mom and dad together again.
The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



  1. What happens to the Bigham estate when Adam finally reveals his true identity even if him and Sage made it through the matting requirment, fraud is fraud.

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