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Maya’s Backstory

Maya Avant was introduced on The Bold and the Beautiful in January 2013.  Just released from prison Maya came to Dayzee’s café to find her daughter.  Dayzee had assisted Maya in placing her daughter for adoption years earlier when Maya was facing a prison sentence.  Maya, of course learned that her daughter had been killed in a car accident with her adoptive parents.

But that wasn’t to be the end of Maya’s story.  While at Dayzee’s café Maya was waited on by Rick.  Rick was instantly attracted to Maya, and with current girlfriend Caroline being a diva, Rick began to spend more and more time at Dayzees.  (As Forrester Creations new President, Eric had encouraged Rick to take part in community services).

Over the next two years Maya would date Rick, then later dump him using the excuse that Caroline Spencer used over and over to talk down Rick and Maya’s relationship.  Maya didn’t belong in Rick’s world and with her jailbird past would be an embarrassment to him, the business and his family.

Maya then went on to date and later become engaged to Carter.  Unwilling to set the date with Carter Maya realized she’d never gotten over Rick and wanted the lifestyle that Rick had to offer.  When Caroline and Ridge began working closely together Maya was the first to notice (while skulking in half closed doorways)  there was more going on between Ridge and Caroline than business.

Ridge and Caroline’s dalliance hadn’t extended beyond a few kisses, but when Maya exposed it in the meeting where Ridge was named Forrester Creations new CEO, Rick didn’t see it that way.  Rick and Ridge had never been close.  There had been a lifelong rivalry between the brothers’ for their father’s attention.

Rick told his wife their marriage was over.  Then profusely thanked Maya for her loyalty and honesty. By that evening, Maya and Rick were once again lovers.

Honesty and loyalty would become cornerstones upon which Rick based his relationship with Maya.  He felt that he had Maya’s 100% honesty and that they kept no secrets from each other.

That is about to be tested with the bombshell reveal on March 18, 2015 that Maya was born Myron Avant.  Nicole, Maya’s sister held the key to Maya’s future with the knowledge that Maya had been born a boy…

Maya’s Backstory Re –Imagined

It is hard to imagine that The Bold and the Beautiful writers had a two year plan to reveal Maya as transgender.  While Maya’s backstory was sketchy at best there were some details of her past that had become accepted parts of her story.  Those are now being reimagined and as new twists on this old tale come to light new sections will be added.

Maya’s Jail Time

First she had been in jail.  No real issue there.  Though it would raise the question of what type of facility Maya did time in.  It seems with exposition around other parts of Maya’s backstory that Maya served time in a women’s prison.

Dumping Rick

Maya has also now stated that revealing her secret to Rick had been a big part of why she broke up with him that first time – not because of Caroline’s continual jibes about her doing time. Maya told Nicole that she had rejected herself before Rick had had a chance to – something she came to regret – and that was the reason she didn’t marry Carter.

Maya’s Birth Certificate

The next stumbling block would be Maya’s birth certificate.  Bill had done a background check on Maya upon learning that Caroline had been dumped by Rick for a jailbird.  Caroline was desperate to get Rick back and wasn’t above letting Uncle Bill do some digging.  Or rather Justin – Bill’s right hand legal eagle buddy.

Bill learned that there had been terms to Maya’s release from prison – that she not contact Jesse  – her baby’s daddy.   Bill clearly dug deep enough into Maya’s past to learn this but hadn’t discovered that Maya had been born Myron.

While Bill recently told Ridge he believed there was more to Maya than any of them knew, its hard to imagine Bill has known Maya’s secret all this time and just sat on it.

Then there was the inevitable background checks done for employment.  It seemed reasonable that Maya would have to provide a birth certificate.

This point was neatly wrapped up by revealing that Maya had not come to California to pursue a singing and acting career as had been proposed but that she had come to California to do something she could only do there – have her birth certificate changed. In her talks with Nicole it seemed that this was the key reason for Maya leaving the Mid West (Illinois) and heading to California.  This would have been done at a young age, before Maya went to jail.

Maya’s Baby

Perhaps the part of Maya’s backstory that had most fans confused was that she had come to Dayzee looking for the baby that Dayzee had placed for adoptions when Maya went to prison.  Jesse, the baby’s father, had even been brought into the storytelling through Bill Spencer’s manipulations (to put Maya back in jail for breaking the terms of her parole).

Maya neatly explained to Nicole that the baby had been her boyfriends (presumably Jesse’s) and that she had become the girl’s guardian and had loved her like she was her own. Maya explained to Nicole that the child had died.  Of course this explanation comes with as many questions as answers:  who is the girls birth mother, and how could Maya become the guardian.  But since the child or her father play no part in current storytelling viewers are unlikely to get those blanks filled in.


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