April 10: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, April 10, 2015 – Episode #7053

Brooke and Ridge discuss their family

The ego is a fascinating monster Brooke says.  Ridge knows Brooke is here because she hates being alone. He tells her that she is mad at the world because he isn’t fighting for her.  He’s not going.  Brooke tells him that if she wanted him back she could have him with the click of her fingers.  You’re with Caroline because you want to hurt Rick for taking your job as CEO, Brooke tells him.

We had this conversation about another Caroline Spencer decades ago, Ridge reminds Brooke. They’ve have some great times Brooke says.  She just wishes they’d made better decisions as a couple because them their family would be stronger and she wouldn’t feel so alone.

Brooke asks what is important to him right now.  Brooke needs to protect Rick.  Brooke admits she doesn’t encourage RJ to come home because Ridge hasn’t introduced him to Caroline.  Brooke sees Ridge moving on with his life without Caroline – otherwise he would have introduced RJ to her.

We were kids when we fell in love.  We share the most magical moments.  We had the best of times and worst of times over and over again.  Brooke says she thinks he will need her soon but he doesn’t know it yet.  How does Caroline feel about him not wanting to start a third family?  Brooke highlights all of the issues they face.  He’s going to realize that Caroline is too unschooled in the world for him and it will be kinder to let Caroline go.

Brooke is back in the office full-time.  She asks when Caroline is back.  Caroline is with her mom’s.  Brooke offers to run interference with Rick.  Ridge admits that Brooke is right about Caroline they don’t know everything about each other, but she knows who he is right now – not who he was 25 years ago.  That means a lot to him.  He and Caroline do their best work when people leave them alone.  Mabe for old times sake Brooke could do that.

Rick is oblivious

Maya and Rick kiss in his office.  Rick calls down to see how Nicole’s modeling session is going.  Meanwhile Maya sneaks a pill.

Maya tries to take the edges off Rick’s response to one of Ridge’s designs. Maya apologizes if she overstepped.  Rick says she doesn’t have to do that.  He wants to hear everything she has to say.  He doesn’t want her to hold anything back.

Maya tells Rick she wants to do something nice for Brooke – for being so accepting of her today.  Rick says Brooke will always do and accept what is best for Rick.

Rick asks Maya what she wants most in the world right now.  Maya has everything she wants.  She is glad that things are easier between him and Caroline.  Rick reflects on how bad things were. And that he supposed Carolien felt she couldn’t tell him everything.

Maya says when she has a husband. Whoever he is, will know everything about her.  Maya goes to leave.  Rick finds her purse on the ground. A container of pills has fallen out.  He picks them up and reads the label.  Why are you taking estrogen Rick wants to know….


Nicole is a bad model

Nicole is clearly not a model as Oliver photographs her.  She is oblivious.  There iis a difference between dancing and modeling Oliver says.  Carter arrives.  Oliver and Aly try to explain what is going on but Carter says it’s all clear to him.

The session resumes and Nicole still doesn’t improve.   At least she’s not shy Aly notes.  Oliver explains that she will likely start as a fit model or some online work.  They send Nicole to put on another dress.

We have some work to do Aly says.  It pays to Maya behind you these days Carter states.

Looking at the proofs Nicole thinks she looks great! Oliver and Aly head out for a coffee.  Carter tells Nicole to get out of those clothes.  They don’t belong to her.  Nicole says she’s not a thief, but Carter accuses her of squeezing Maya.

Carter tells Nicole that Maya is scared.  Scared people do things that don’t make sense.  Nicole doesn’t believe that Rick will understand in time.

Carter says he didn’t feel good about it so he doesn’t think Rick will either.  Carter admits that Maya was on the rebound and he pushed.  Nicole realizes Carter has forgiven her.  Carter suggests that when you are just trying to survive you forget how to love others.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013 – Episode #6547

Katie Fights for Her Life

Bill tells Brooke that he will deal with Taylor if it comes to that.  Bill thinks they are responsible for Katie being the hospital and fighting for her life. Taylor overhears the conversation and asks if there is something Bill and Brooke aren’t telling Katie’s doctor’s. Bill tells Taylor to back the hell off.

But Taylor persists.  She notes that Bill and Brooke are behaving as if she’s accusing them of something (which of course she is).  Taylor tells bill that she hopes for Katie’s sake that his relationship with Brooke hasn’t turned into more.  But Taylor has a sinking feeling it already has.

Liam notes that it seems like his dad feels guilty.  Hope and Liam go to find Bill.

Taylor continues to ask questions; this time of Donna. Donna reminds Taylor that his is a family matter underscoring that Taylor isn’t family and needn’t even be there.

Alone in Katie’s hospital room Brooke sits with her sister.  Are you here because of me Brooke asks her unconscious sister. An emotional Brooke tells Katie to fight.  This isn’t how it can end ; their last conversation a fight.  Don’t leave us, please, Brooke begs of Katie.

Brooke tells he sister that she is so sorry.  Taylor enters and asks what Brooke is sorry about.  Bill enters and throws Taylor out.  Taylor promises Bill she will find out what put Katie in that hospital bed.  Outside Bill asks Taylor’s what her deal is.  She’s always creeping around.  Don’t you have any other patients he asks her.


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