April 23: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, April 23, 2015 – Episode #7062

Nicole and Maya

At the Forrester mansion Nicole is all smiles about her night with Wyatt. Nicole tells Maya that Wyatt likes her.  Nicole is happy – she’s got her a Rick.  The beach house is amazing and could Wyatt be any cuter.

How did this happen Maya wants to know?  He got caught up in the moment.  Nicole would like it to happen again.  Nicole asks Maya to let her enjoy it.

Maya recommends she plays this right.  Don’t be too available.  But Maya doesn’t think she’ll hear form Wyatt too soon.  Her phone rings.  It’s Wyatt – he’ll send a car for her tonight.

Nicole is excited about going on an official date with Wyatt Spencer.  Maya warns her to be careful and not do or say anything she’ll regret.

Nicole dresses for her date.  She leaves on her date.

Wyatt and Liam

Wyatt debriefs with Liam and admits to getting caught up and kissing Nicole.  Wyatt says he kind of digs her.  Liam tells him to get his game face on.  They need to get Rick’s secret.  According to Nicole and Maya it could rock the foundation of Forrester Creations.

Liam thinks that he and Ivy think Rick is cooking the books.  Wyatt should see Nicole again, Liam suggests.  He needs to get her alone and what better way than on the Spencer jet.  One of the reasons Maya’s sister is hanging out with you is because of his last name.  Nicole likes to have a good time.  Take her to SF for dinner.  Champagne at 40,000 ft will get her talking.  Wyatt agrees that is kind of badass and tells Liam to gas up the jet.  He and Nicole are going on an adventure.

Wyatt calls Nicole and they organize a date for that night.   Wyatt tells Liam that Rick’s secret WILL come out tonight.

Liam makes the arrangements.  Liam says that what they do is their business and his business alone.  Wyatt likes Nicole.  She kind of reminds him a bit of himself.

Wyatt arrives on the jet.  Everything is set.  Nicole arrives and is surprised – is this for real?  A private jet?  This is the best surprise Nicole has ever had.  If all goes well Wyatt says, tonight will be full of surprises.  Nicole has never even flown first class before.

Nicole tells Wyatt she told Maya about him.  Wyatt assumes she played the big sister part. Nicole agrees.  Wyatt proposes a toast.  He hopes that she feels she can share everything with him.  It’s the only way to get close.  No games, no secrets. No wondering what the other is thinking.  Starting tonight.


Liam gets a call from Caroline who is frustrated with Rick’s notes.  None of which makes sense.  Caroline thinks it’s all for Rick’s amusement. He’s pushing her.  Liam says he has a new lead that may end Ricks reign of terror.  Liam asks why Caroline has been away so long if things are hot and heavy with Ridge.  Caroline cryptically tells him that he will know – soon enough.

Forrester Creations – Eric is back

Brooke returns to work. Rick welcomes her.  Life is good he says.  Business is booming and he has an amazing woman by his side.  Eric arrives. He’s sporting a beard!  Rick says it’s a great look.  Brooke can’t wait to hear about all Eric and John’s adventures.  He’s been in Mongolia on horseback and in Macchu Picchu.

Forrester is on a roll – because of him Eric says. Brooke and Eric are very impressed by how he is handling everything.  Eric’s shoes have been filled seamlessly.  He is very proud.   Rick says he can be better and Eric can teach him.

Business is booming and forecasts are for next quarter to be up as well.  Brand image and integrity is important also– always has in this business. That is a new priority for Rick, Eric says.  Eric presents Rick with  his watch – given to him in Italy after he received a lifetime achievement award.  Rick knows what the watch means and thanks his father.  Rick will cherish it.

Eric says he can pass it on to his son one day.  Hopefully that’s not to far off.  Rick is thinking of proposing.  Brooke and Eric remind him that he’s still going through a divorce.  Rick doesn’t want to risk losing Maya after all the support she’s been to him.


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