April 24: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, April 24, 2015 – Episode #7063

Maya and Carter

Maya goes to see Carter.  He can tell what’s wrong.  She’s having a hard time keeping her past from Rick.  She was born knowing she was a woman it’s just took her body a while to catch up.  Carter says if she trusts Rick and thinks he’s committed to her then she shouldn’t be scared of telling Rick.

Maya says she has to tell Rick in her time and in her way.  Carter tells her she may not have that option.  Nicole knows.  Does Maya trust her?  Maya says Nicole is seeing Wyatt now.  Its fast they discuss.

Rick Wants to Marry Maya

Brooke wants to know if Maya is pressuring him into marriage.  She doesn’t operate that way Rick says.  Brooke reminds him he’s still married.  Eric says it’s the next logical step.

Maya has earned Brooke’s respect but Brooke thinks he shouldn’t jump from one marriage to the next.  Rick finds it funny coming from Brooke.  Eric thinks marriage and family is good for a CEO’s resume.

Maya is different to Caroline Rick says.  She’s never lied to him or kept anything from him.  She has integrity.  Brooke is happy that Maya makes Rick happy.  Rick calls happiness elusive for him.

Rick wants to marry Maya.  He wants stability at the office and at home. So much of what he’s accomplished is because is because of Maya.  She is everything.

Maya enters and notices Eric’s watch on Ricks arm.  Maya knows that a token of Eric’s esteem means a lot to Rick.

Rick says that growing up at Forrester wasn’t always easy with the spotlight on their family mostly because Ridge kept bounding back and forth between Taylor and his mom.  Rick wants his family to fly under the radar.  Scandal and paparazzi free.

He feels the unconditional support from the three of them at this amazing time in his life.  Rick promises not to let his father down.  His mother has been so much with Ridge.  He will use his power to protect his mother.  Maya has been there every step of the way.  A life routed in honesty and integrity is what Maya brings to his life.

Liam fills in Katie and Bill

Bill arrives in Liam’s office and is surprised its Wyatt on the jet, not Liam.   Liam explains Wyatt is using the jet to impress Nicole and get information from her.  He does seem to also like Nicole Liam says.

Liam thinks Wyatt can walk the line with Nicole that will see him get Ricks secret and get them the ammunition they need for a takeover.

Liam explains that he and Ivy think Rick is cooking the books.  Bill notes that Rick wouldn’t leave an easy to find trace.  Katie notes Rick is all about winning. Liam says his winning streak is going to end.  No matter whether the secret is business or personal  he’s going to use it to bounce Rick out of the CEO chair and to let Caroline and Ivy live and work in peace.

Bill isn’t feeling Wyatt liking Nicole.  Liam doesn’t think Wyatt will be distracted.  With Wyatt patented charm and 40,000feet of luxury lifestyle, Nicole is probably dishing her secret now…

Wyatt, Nicole and a Private Jet

Nicole could get used to this she tells Wyatt.  Wyatt likes her and wants to see where this could lead.  He knows secrets can destroy relationships.  He wants them to be straight up from the get go.  Nicole has no problem with that.

Wyatt says he doesn’t use the jet often he likes to make his own way – but he hopes to own one – one day.  Nicole says he’s keeping a secret from her.  Where are they going?  San Francisco,  Wyatt tells her.  The place where hearts are lost, Wyatt hopes she’ll lose hers there also.

Her heart is already half way gone Nicole says and they kiss.  Wyatt introduces Nicole to caviar.  She is hesitant over fish eggs but ends up enjoying it.  Nicole says she’s enjoying just magic carpet riding in the sky, she doesn’t need a fancy dinner in San Francisco.  They kiss again.

Since Wyatt has been so real with her, she wants to reciprocate.  She has been keeping something to herself and Nicole thinks she’s ready to share.  She doesn’t usually move this quickly.  She knows a big secret that once it comes out, Forrester will never be the same and Rick may never recover.  Nicole becomes hesitant.  Wyatt begins guessing. Nicole worries it will be all over his family’s media empire once he talks to his brother.  But Wyatt needs to know that Nicole trusts him.  Tell me he says.  He’s intrigued.

Nicole says she trusts him with this. Maya is….

Maya is what, Wyatt prompts.


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