April 30: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, April 30, 2015 – Episode #7067

Rick is Thinking Marriage

Rick picks out Maya’s engagement ring.  It shines just like Maya. As the jeweler leaves Rick reflects on his romance with Maya.

Brooke arrives on the sky lounge after Rick has texted her.  Brooke says why so soon when Rick shows her the ring.  He’s technically still married to Caroline.  Rick has never been so sure of anything in his life.  He knows everything he needs to know about Maya.  She’s the one.

Brooke is worried that Rick doesn’t really see who Maya is when he looks at her.  Rick and Brooke discuss Ridge walking in an out of Ricks’ life and the gossip and headlines.  Then he had his own issues with Amber and Caroline.  Maya is truthful and authentic – no surprises and no secrets.  Rick loves Maya and hopes that Brooke can be happy for him and supportive.

Brooke is happy for him and hugs her son.  She doesn’t want to see him hurt again.  Rick tells her that Maya will never let him down…


Ridge wants Eric to Void Rick’s Contract

Ridge stops in to see Eric who is in the building.  Father and son hug.  Eric says he needed a break from John.  Ridge tells Eric that he is at the end of his rope with Rick.  Things have gotten worse Ridge says.  Morale is low.  Everyone is worried about getting fired.  Your son is throwing his power around.  Ridge can’t deal with Eric’s poor neglected son as CEO anymore.

You ask anyone but Maya how Rick is doing and  you will get a different story.  Ridge brings up rehiring Quinn.  He was trying to go after Ivy, his cousin, Ridge says.  It had nothing to do with Quinn’s edge or the customers.  Open your eyes to what is going on around here and put a stop to it Ridge says.  Terminate the contract.

Eric notes reporting to his little brother is a big adjustment to him.  Eric tries to tell Ridge that Rick respects him.  Rick hurts people and messes with them.  It will cost the company.  Eric admits that Rick has a lot to learn about handling his employees.

Brooke walks in on Ridge yelling about Rick to Eric.  Brooke will defend Rick since he’s not here.  Forrester has been successful for a long time, but not because of someone counting the money.  This company starts on a sketchpad.  Rick provides strong management Eric states.  With Maya by his side he’s doing well.  Eric and Brooke fully support their son.  He’s proven himself time and time again and the success of a company is about growth and profit.

Ridge Quits

Eric admits that Rick has asked for an extension to his CEO contract.  Eric is thinking about giving it to him.  Ridge is stunned. Are you kidding?  Ridge asks.  Look at how he treats people Ridge says.  Do I have to listen to Rick for the rest of my days, Ridge asks his father?

Ridge back tracks. Since design doesn’t matter, and everything is about Rick’s management they won’t need him.  They can use a different designer. Ridge quits.

Nicole Wants Maya to Keep Her Secret

You can’t tell rick.  You could lose it all Nicole worries.  Why would you do that yourself.  Nicole admits she was wrong about telling her to tell Rick.  Leave your past behind Nicole says. So not tell Rick you are transgender.

Maya tells Nicole its not up to her.  But why now when things are so good Nicole says.  Maya wonder who she is thinking about her or herself.  Mostly you Nicole says.  The Avant sisters are rocking it.  Don’t do anything to ruin it Nicole says worried about her relationship with Wyatt if the truth comes out.

Nicole admits this life is pretty amazing.  Maya says her relationship goes deeper than a limo and a private jet.  Maya isn’t ashamed of herself.  She’s proud she became who she was meant to be.  It’s a part of who I am.  I can’t carry children and Rick has to know why.  Maya admits her biggest concern is that she has already waited too long.

SO Rick proposes, then you tell Rick your funny story.  There is a good chance Rick will wig out.  Maya says she has to trust Rick and his faith in her.  Maya will be surprised if Rick doesn’t understand.

Rick walks in, surprising the sisters.  Rick is pleased the sisters have worked out their issues.  Nicole leaves.

When Maya asks Rick what is up, he says honesty is good, but sometimes you need to have  a little secret.