First Kiss: Wyatt and Nicole |The Bold and the Beautiful

The Wyatt and Nicole pairing on The Bold and the Beautiful has potential.  As Wyatt himself stated when discussing his and Nicole’s first “date” with brother Liam, he likes Nicole.  Nicole reminds Wyatt of himself.  Setting aside the ego in that statement, Wyatt is right.


Nicole knows what she wants.  She came to Los Angeles with a mission in mind.  She may have told her sister Maya that she transferred to UCLA’s computer science program but as a subsequent investigation by Carter proved, that was false.  Nicole had enrolled only in extension classes, and even dropped out of those.

Nicole’s claim about having apartment and dorm issues and having nowhere to live was also contrived.  It was that lie that got Nicole Aly’s bedroom in the Forrester mansion.

Wyatt too, knows what he wants and isn’t above using questionable means to get what he wants.  He did once stage a diamond heist in order to make him a hero in Hope Logan’s eyes.  Nicole is currently using blackmail and knowledge of Maya’s secret to get what she wants.

Thanks to Nicole and Maya constantly discussing Maya’s secret in the Forrester Creations offices, others are also aware of the secret, if not in the know.  With a power play and hostile takeover in the works to oust Rick Forrester from the CEO position at Forrester Creations, Nicole is unaware that she is a pawn in that battle.

With Nicole making her modeling ambitions known and Liam also having overheard that Nicole is privy to a secret that could bring Rick and Forrester Creations down what Nicole knows is valuable.  And the Spencer men know it.


When Wyatt returned to Los Angeles after being in Europe trying to save his marriage to Hope after the loss of their baby, Rick was less than sympathetic over his brother in laws emotional woes.  Rick demanded that Wyatt beg for his job back.  Wyatt told Rick he could keep his job and quit.

After learning from Bill and Liam that the Spencer’s were endeavoring to takeover Forrester Creations to oust Rick and return a peaceful work environment to the fashion house, Wyatt groveled to Rick and got his job back.  The purpose was for the Spencer takeover cartel to have a man on the inside.  Wyatt is essentially a plant.

When Liam told Wyatt about the secret he overheard Maya and Nicole talking about, Wyatt was to get close to Nicole.  Wyatt smooth talked Nicole and asked if she would like to be a jewelry model.  They left the Forrester Creations office and headed to Wyatt’s Malibu beach house to discuss her new job.

Nicole was impressed, by the beach house, and by Wyatt and his last name.  Their business meeting morphed into a date, with margaritas, music and dancing.  Wyatt made it clear to Nicole that their business and personal relationship would be just fine if they were open and honest with each other.

The duo seemed to honestly enjoy each other’s company and one thing lead to another and Wyatt dropped a kiss on Nicole, leaving the young woman floating on air.  As she later told her sister, Maya, she had herself a “Rick”

Inauspicious Beginnings

As all good soap opera pairings, Wyatt and Nicole’s relationship is off to a rocky start.  Nicole doesn’t know it, but Wyatt is using her.  It could also be argued that Nicole is only interested in Wyatt because of his last name as well.

Spoilers hint that Wyatt actually enjoys Nicole’s company and starts to feel guilty about dating her only to get information for the Spencer takeover bid.

Wyatt and Nicole have chemistry.  And its time he moved on from Hope.  Wyatt and Nicole’s relationship may have started as a spin-off from another storyline, but Wyatt’s questionable intentions for starting the relationship, there is plenty of conflict to sustain this pairing as a soap opera couple.


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