The Bold and the Beautiful Weddings: Quinn and Deacon

Brooke had one last plan to stop Deacon from marrying Quinn - his daughter - Hope.

Quinn and Deacon Wedding Statistics

Date:  17 April, 2015 and 20 April, 2015

Location:  Los Angeles

Venue: Wyatt’s Malibu Beach House

Bride: Quinn Fuller

Groom:  Deacon Sharpe

Witness:  Wyatt Spencer

Celebrant/Minister:  Carter Walton

Unusual Occurrences:  Brooke tried to stop the wedding

Quinn and Deacon Wedding

Quinn Intended to Use Deacon

When Quinn Fuller lost her job and had her son disown her – in a single day – Quinn Fuller hit the bar at Bikini.  There, a dashing stranger offered to buy her a drink.  Quinn was quick to give him the brush off until she learned that the man at the other end of the bar was none other than Hope Logan’s deadbeat daddy, Deacon Sharpe.

Quinn’s son Wyatt was determined to marry Hope, and Quinn saw Deacon as an opportunity to further her goal to see her little boy’s wishes fulfilled.

Quinn plotted and maneuvered and Deacon did his best to stay out of Quinn’s hair brained schemes and even tried to temper them.

Quinn’s Intentions Backfired

Though Quinn had every intention of using Deacon, or becoming an ally at best, the two misfits fitted.

Unfortunately, Quinn and Deacon hooked up at a critical moment in Wyatt and Hope’s marriage.  Hope, pregnant, and realizing that Quinn had manipulated her life to see Hope marry Wyatt, banished Quinn from her life – and her baby’s.  Wyatt stood by his wife even taking out a restraining order against his mother.

Deacon and Quinn a Couple

When Deacon introduced Quinn as the woman in his life, Hope say it as Quinn trying to manipulate her way back into Wyatt and Hope’s life, through Hope’s father.  Hope instead banished Deacon also.

When hope lost her baby, in no small part to Quinn’s interference, Quinn and Deacon’s relationship suffered its first real test.  Deacon, stood by Quinn.

Deacon and Quinn’s relationship was then tested again, when Brooke returned from Italy.  Lonely, Brooke began drinking and Deacon a former alcoholic was there for her.  Deacon, of course, like Bill had proposed to Brooke before she went to Italy.  A fact Quinn was all to aware of since she encouraged a Deacon and Brooke reunion so that she could have Bill.

Quinn’s Jealousy

Quinn became jealous and got her crazy on.  Quinn stood up for her relationship with Deacon and told Brooke to stay away from her man.  Brooke, perhaps a little too drunk, decided she wasn’t scared of Quinn, and earned herself a slap down for her gumption.

Deacon tried to assure Quinn that he wasn’t interested in Brooke, that Quinn was who he wanted to be with.  Quinn didn’t quite believe it, until Deacon presented her with a diamond engagement ring.

Brooke Determined to Stop the Wedding

Brooke, however, still didn’t support Deacon marrying Quinn.  Though their mutual AA experience had brought Brooke and Deacon closer than they’d been in years, Deacon was still committed to Quinn.  Brooke did her best to convince Deacon not to go through with tying himself to Quinn’s crazy but Deacon and Quinn’s wedding day arrived regardless.

In a last ditch effort to stop the wedding, Brooke barged into Wyatt’s home just as Quinn had joked that at least there were no guests to object to the wedding as Carter asked the guests to speak now or forever hold their peace.

Brooke brought with her a tablet.  Hope was on the screen.  Not only could Hope not fathom how he could marry Quinn when it would change their relationship but Hope didn’t want Deacon to be changed by Quinn and her craziness and paranoia.  She pleaded with her father not to marry Quinn….

I Do’s or an I Don’t?

Hope tells her father that Quinn will never be a part of her life, and if he goes ahead and marries Quinn, neither will he.  Deacon stands by Quinn and tells Hope that he hopes one day that Hope can accept his marriage.  He will be marrying Quinn today.  He tells they will talk about this some more – but not today.

Hope hangs up, Brooke leaves and the wedding continues.

Wyatt feels he has to speak up.  He tells Deacon that Deacon has stood by his mother when everyone, including him, turned their backs on her.  And he did it again just now when Brooke and Hope tried to stop the wedding.   Wyatt can now see that Deacon is good for his mother and he wishes his mother the happiness she gave him growing up.

Deacon and Quinn exchange vows.  Carter pronounces them man and wife and ties their hands, bondage style in a surprise and not very traditional move.

Read the full vows here.


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