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Is Caroline Pregnant?

Last week, during a phone conversation with her cousin Liam, Caroline hinted that there was a reason that she had been in New York, visiting with her momma’s, for so long.

Liam and Caroline’s conversation began with Liam sympathizing with Caroline over Rick’s constant demands and revisions, by any means available to him in the digital world, regardless of the fact that she was on the opposite coast of the US.

Liam thought that Caroline and her soon-to-be ex had been getting on better and Caroline admitted he was probably just pushing to get the best out of her.

Liam then asked when Caroline would be back, because she was missed.  And probably most by Ridge.  Caroline agreed they were still an item and hot and heavy for each other.  Liam asked his cousin why she had been gone in New York for so long.  Caroline cryptically told him that he would know soon enough.

Actress, Linsey Godfrey, has of course been away from the set recovering from being hit by a car that saw both her ankles broken.  There is a reason, Caroline has only been seen sitting during her recent phone conversations.  The actress has a long recovery process which has had her off her feet.

With an onscreen absence months long the writers have the opportunity to have Caroline return to Los Angeles with a secret.  With the Bold and the Beautiful recently making it clear there are no boundaries by introducing a main stream transgender character to the soap, Caroline’s secret could be anything.

But given that Caroline was recently married to Rick, who is about to get the shock of his life when he learns the woman he wants to marry is transgender, many are betting that Caroline will return from New York pregnant.

Is Caroline Pregnant?

The best soap opera storylines have tentacles that impact every character on the soap.  Maya’s transgender storyline has the potential to do just that.  Clearly Rick, who has been lecturing all who will listen on Maya’s loyalty, honesty and integrity, is set to get the shock of his life. Especially since he’s been blaming Caroline’s keeping secrets (kissing Ridge) on the end of their marriage.

But soap operas are also good at foreshadowing or dropping little hints to the viewers about what is to come.  Much has been made of the six month waiting period for Rick and Caroline’s divorce to be final, especially by Brooke who recently cautioned her son not to do what she is famous for, bouncing from one marriage right into another.

Brooke, upon returning from Italy was unpleased by Rick dumping his wife.  In coming to terms with her son’s choice, Brooke has questioned him about children.  Will he now have the children he was planning to have with Caroline, with Maya she wanted to know.

Maya, of course, has been revealed as transgender.  Her medical condition, as Maya herself describes it, means she cannot bear Rick biological children.  Caroline being pregnant would add another twist of the knife in Rick’s inevitable crushing.

If Caroline were to return from New York pregnant with Rick’s child, the pregnancy would have to be well advanced.  That is assuming time has travelled at the same pace for the Forrester’s, Logan’s and Spencer’s as it has in the real world (that is generally, a big assumption!)

Rick is the Daddy Timeline

Maya outted Ridge and Caroline’s flirtation during the meeting where Eric initially announced that Ridge would be Forrester Creations CEO.    Rick reacted to Caroline’s betrayal (kissing Ridge) by sleeping with Maya.  That occurred in late October 2014.  According to the storyline portrayed on screen that ended Caroline and Rick’s sexual relationship.

Though Rick did reunite with Caroline in time for Thanksgiving and their first wedding anniversary (November 24 2014) but it was with the express purpose of becoming CEO. He he was not intimate with his wife again.  Something Caroline confessed to Ridge citing Rick’s reasoning – that he was too tired from taking on the top position at Forrester Creations to make love to his wife. (December 30, 2014)

Of course, as Ivy would be the first to realize, Rick was still with Maya (December 18, 2014) .  They kept their relationship secret until Rick secured the irrevocable control from his father that would mean he couldn’t be ousted as CEO for the next year.  Rick figured that would be enough time for him to prove himself in the top job and for everyone to accept Maya as his life partner.

Rick immediately dumped Caroline and announced that Maya would be the woman running Forrester Creations at his side.  Since then, Rick has filed divorce papers from Caroline.  Things have been frosty between them, so IF Caroline were to be pregnant with Rick’s baby she would be nigh on 6 months pregnant upon her return.  Nice bombshell.

Caroline not realizing until late that she was actually was pregnant is easily explained by the stress her relationship with Rick has caused.  If Rick would shoot at Caroline and Ridge for kissing, what would he do if he found out the wife he was divorcing was pregnant with his child?  It is feasible that Caroline would stay away until the divorce is final or at least a foregone conclusion.

Ridge is the Daddy

Of course, Ridge and Caroline have also consummated their relationship.  If Caroline is pregnant, it could be Ridge’s child. Again the logic for staying away holds.  Rick was unstable enough to shoot a gun at the duo, what would he do if he knew they were having a child together?  That would be a bitter pill to swallow also upon learning that Maya can never give him children.

Caroline being pregnant with Ridge’s child would also keep Steffy and her father at odd’s upon her imminent return to Los Angeles.  During Steffy’s last visit she made it clear to her dad that she wasn’t impressed with him mid life crisis-ing with a woman her age.

What is Caroline’s Crisis?

Caroline, may not be pregnant at all.  Spoilers hint that she and Ridge will remain as intense about each other upon Caroline’s return as they were before her departure.  They also say that Ridge will assist Caroline through a crisis.

That crisis could be a pregnancy where Ridge is not the baby daddy, or it could be something a little closer to the actresses real life experience.  Caroline could have suffered and accident in New York and be recovering like her real world counterpart.

With Ridge also slated to try resigning from his job as Head Designer at Forrester Creations perhaps Caroline has been in new York doing the ground work for their own design house.

The possibilities are truly endless.  Stay tuned to find out what the writers have in store for Caroline…

Update:  Rumors indicate that Caroline may have suffered an accident in New York. much like her real world counterpart Linsey Godfrey.


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