Who Will Expose Maya as Transgender to Rick? | The Bold and the Beautiful

Maya's gender of origin secret is spreading as Maya and Nicole continue to talk about it. Carter knows, Nicole knows, Liam and Wyatt know there is a secret, and Pam and Charlie find something out also. When does Rick find out? And who tells him?

Its May sweeps.  And this year, on the Bold and the Beautiful all storyline paths are funneling into a big reveal:  Maya’s gender of origin.

Weeks ago, viewers learned the source of the tension between Maya and her little sister Nicole.  From the moment Nicole turned up on her doorstep claiming to have transferred to UCLA’s computer science program, Maya was less than welcoming.

And it seemed with good reason.  Nicole was envious of the life her sister had built for herself in Los Angeles and wasn’t above using blackmail to get a piece of the action for herself.  Maya stood up for herself and told her sister to get lost.  Until Nicole revealed that she knew Maya’s secret.  One that would bring the lovely life coming tumbling down.  A secret so devastating she would also lose Rick Forrester, the love of her life.

Expecting a Nicole isn’t Maya’s sister, but her mother storyline, viewers waited for the big reveal.  When it came it was unexpected.  Maya wasn’t Nicole’s sister, she was her brother, Myron.  Maya is transgender!

Since that moment, Maya’s secret has slowly been exposed.  But the person who has the most to lose in learning that Maya is transgender, Rick, remains blissfully unaware that Maya is anything but the loyal, honest and trustworthy women he holds her out to be.

Though Maya has received an inkling of what Rick’s reaction may be when Carter overheard a conversation between Maya and Nicole….

So how with every storyline on the canvas this month featuring learning Maya and Rick’s secret, you can bet more and more Forrester’s, Spencer’s and Logan’s will be in the know through sweeps period.  But who will tell Rick?  Let’s look at some options…

Carter – Maya’s ex-fiancé

Since Maya dumped Carter to pursue rick boy Rick Forrester, Carter has had little else to do than review and prepare legal documents and perform the odd wedding or two. That changed when Carter overheard Nicole and Maya in a spirited conversation at Forrester Creations.

Nicole thought keeping Maya’s secret should buy her a certain lifestyle.  She had expectations and that included living in the Forrester Mansion and securing herself a job at Forrester Creations – but not as a lowly intern.  Nicole has aspiration – she wants to model like her big sister, Maya.  And Nicole wasn’t above using blackmail to secure that life.  Nicole told her sister that if she didn’t come through, Rick would learn that his girlfriend, Maya, was actually born Myron – a boy.  Carter overheard.

Stunned he let Nicole leave before confronting Maya. Carter’s reaction was a warm-up for the real expose – to Rick.  Carter noted he wasn’t necessarily fond of Rick, but the guy deserved to know that the woman he was dating was born a boy.  Maya begged Carter not to tell Rick stating that she would tell him herself – if and when he proposes.

But that was like a red flag to a bull.  Carter had proposed to Maya, and she hadn’t bothered to tell him!  Maya tried to explain, that she was still unsure of herself back then, but it took a while for Carter to see through the deception she had perpetrated on him.  Though Carter still believes that Maya needs to tell Rick the truth, he seems to be okay with not being the one to expose her secret.

To Rick, anyway.  Spoilers are hinting that perhaps Carter does clue Ridge into Maya’s secret.  He is also rumored to have a plan how to use the information to get Ridge into the power seat at Forrester Creations.


When Eric filled Ridge in on his plan to make Ridge’s CEO appointment permanent Ridge told his father that it takes more than good numbers to make a design company.  Ridge was insulted that everyone was attributing the company’s financial success to Rick’s tyrannical leadership.  Ridge decided that since his design skill wasn’t getting any credit for the company’s success that the company could go on without him.

Ridge quit.  He told Carter that he was going to peddle his design services elsewhere.  Carter told Ridge he couldn’t do that and he was needed to bring Forrester Creations back tot he company it once was.  But Ridge wasn’t listening.  He could report to Rick any longer and if Rick married Maya he would have to kow tow to her as well.  he wouldn’t do it.

Carter informed Ridge that the marriage was unlikely to happen.  Carter had thought he knew Maya while thye were engaged.  But he was wrong.  He told Ridge that Maya had a secret.  Maya was a chosen name not the one she was born with.

Ridge poo-pooed that secret, until Carter said the name Maya was born with was Myron.  Maya is transgender Carter told Ridge.

Could Ridge use Maya’s secret to bring his little brother down a peg or two?

Ridge did the right thing – he took the news to Rick’s parents, Eric and Brooke.  Rather than worry about Ridge’s resignation from Forrester they should think about their son.  Brooke decides that Rick needs to hear the news form someone who loves him and that has his best interests at heart.  Though Ridge would love to be the one to tell Rick, Brooke says she will do it – but first she needs to talk to Maya.

Nicole – Maya’s Sister

Nicole brought Maya’s secret to Los Angeles with the express purpose of holding it over Maya’s head and buying herself a better lifestyle.  She’d only ever been enrolled in extension classes at UC and had dropped out of them also.

Nicole has blackmailed her way into a luxury home and a modeling gig at Forrester Creations.  If Maya’s secret comes out before her future is secure, Nicole loses everything.  It is unlikely Nicole will intentionally expose Maya to Rick, though she and Maya need to stop talking about Maya being transgender in the office where their conversations are overheard….

Nicole also changes her tune on telling Rick when Wyatt Spencer takes and interest in her.  Nicole suddenly doesn’t want Maya to compromise either of their cushy lifestyles.

Liam Spencer

Liam Spender also overheard Maya and Nicole discussing a secret so big that it could destroy Rick and bring down Forrester Creations.  Liam had already tried to put together one takeover deal with ex-wife Steffy by combining Steffy, Thomas and Ridge’s shares in a hostile takeover to dethrone Rick.

That plan ran into a few roadblocks.  Firstly, if Steffy was to run Forrester Creations with Liam, she wanted to do so as his life partner.  Liam told Steffy he was with Ivy now and wouldn’t throw their relationship under the bus for the sake of the takeover.  Secondly, Ridge had a hard time with going against his father, Eric AND collaborating with Bill Spencer.

With, Ivy’s job less secure with the return of Quinn to Forrester Creations, and  the hint of a secret that could destroy Rick’s tyrannical reign at Forrester Creations, Liam is back on his mission to oust Rick as CEO.  He wants to know what Maya and/or Rick’s secret is.  And he has just the man to find out what it is.

Wyatt Spencer

When Wyatt returned from Europe where he was trying to save his marriage to Hope after the loss of their baby, Rick was not sympathetic over his long absence.  Wyatt’s hot temper saw him quit when Rick demanded he het down on his knees and beg for his job back.

Then Wyatt checked in with his Dad and brother and learned they were putting together a hostile takeover of Forrester Creations.  They needed a man on the inside – a Spencer plant – so Wyatt did grovel for his job back.

As head of the jewelry line, and understanding that Nicole knows Maya’s secret, Wyatt offered Nicole what she so badly wants – the opportunity to be a model.  Nicole was delighted when Wyatt offered her a job as a jewelry model and their business briefing at Wyatt’s Malibu beach house morphed into a margarita drinking date ending with Wyatt kissing Nicole.

Nicole, on cloud nine, told Maya that she had herself a “rick” in Wyatt Spencer.  Maya told her sister not to get her hopes up, but Wyatt did call and whisked the impressionable young Avant off on the Spencer jet for dinner in San Francisco.

Onboard the jet, Wyatt confessed to enjoying Nicole’s company but they thought they should play games.  No secrets and no wondering what the other was thinking – in the interests of getting closer.  Nicole agreed; nothing but openness and honesty from that night on.

Nicole didn’t divulge Maya’s secret on the private jet, but did when Wyatt and Nicole had their next date.  Nicole felt bad for not reciprocating with a secret when Wyatt shared his families past.  Nicole stunned Wyatt telling him that Maya was actually her brother Maya.  Nicole dropped her secret, received a text, and left.

Liam ran into his brother’s home wanting to know if Wyatt got the secret.  With his head still spinning from the enormity of the scandal that would ensue from making the secret public, Wyatt told his brother, the President of Spencer Publications, to fire up the Spencer Publications media empire.  he has the secret and its huge….

Pam and Charlie

This heavy transgender reveal storyline could use some comic relief.  And Pam and Charlie generally provide just that.  Spoilers for next week indicate that Pam and Charlie discover some shocking information about Maya.  Do they somehow stumble upon the truth?  Or does Pam simply learn that Maya has never liked her lemon bars.

After overhearing Liam, Ivy and Wyatt discussing Wyatt’s date with Nicole and that the secret that could bring down Forrester Creations is Maya’s not Rick’s, Pam tells Charlie.  When the detective duo find themselves alone in Rick’s office where Maya has left her purse, Pam knocks it off the desk, accidentally so they can see what is inside.  Charlie picks up the bottle of estrogen.  There is only one reason Maya would be taking this he deduces.  Maya is transgender…

With Maya’s secret exposed, Pam does a double take and convinces Charlie that they need to keep their mouths shut if the value their jobs. Charlie, however, is an established by the book do what’s right kind of guy.  He didn’t cave to Quinn’s pressure to keep Wyatt swiping the HFTF diamond to himself and Charlie was instrumental in Laim and Ivy learning that Quinn pushed Ivy off the bridge in Paris.

Could Charlie and/or Pam risk the wrath of Rick and tell them what they learned about his beloved?

Maya Avant

Maya knows it is just a matter of time until Rick finds out her secret – that she was born a boy and she came to California to transition to a woman.  Nicole knows her secret, so does Carter Walton, her former fiancé.  Maya has told Carter and Nicole that she will tell Rick herself about her past but only if he proposes marriage.  At that time she will explain to Rick that she cannot give him children because of her “medical condition” as Maya called it.

Maya is confident that Rick will accept her for who she is – the loyal and supportive woman she has proven herself to be.  But Rick hasn’t reacted well to recent deceptions and betrayals.  His reaction to wife Caroline kissing Ridge was nothing short of a tantrum and it is likely that Rick’s initial reaction to Maya’s secret will be the same.

Maya’s hand will be forced.  Despite Nicole changing her tune about Maya telling Rick the truth, her secret has spread far and wide.  a fact she realizes when Brooke confronts her calling her Myron.  Brooke tells Maya that Ridge told her.  Brooke insists that Maya tell Rick before he proposes.  Maya is not to humiliate Rick by waiting til Rick has proposed.  Brooke asks Maya if she wouldn’t rather have a proposal from a man who knows her fully?

Maya nd Rick head to Big Bear unaware that Nicole also has shared Maya’s secret in a bid to protect her budding relationship with Wyatt….

Rick’s Reaction…

Maya is likely to find out soon.  Rick has told that he intends to propose to Maya – soon. Will Maya stick to her word?  With her secret already out, she really needs to.  If Maya doesn’t tell Rick someone else certainly will.  It just remains a question of who and what will Ricks reaction be?

Will Rick come around?  Perhaps, but Caroline’s mysterious reference to cousin  Liam about his understanding soon enough why she has been in New York for so long make this viewer wonder if the Caroline and Rick are really over.  Especially since the six month waiting period for their divorce to be final has been mentioned over and over.

Even if Rick can accept Maya for the woman she is today, he has to come to terms with one big hurdle – Maya’s inability to give him natural children.  This of course is pure speculation, but wouldn’t it add an interesting twist if Caroline was pregnant and gives Rick the one thing Maya never can….yet, if memory serves Rick and Caroline haven’t been together since October last year…during the reunion that Rick faked to get control  of Forrester Creations, Rick avoided intimacy with his wife…

Spoilers and Speculation

With all storyline spoilers hint that Bill Spencer doesn’t have the ethics of his sons.  While Wyatt’s initial reaction is to fire up the Spencer media empire, Liam and his conscience are likely to question the integrity of publicly exposing Maya as transgender through their media network.

Bill, however, only interested in his investment in Forrester Creations won’t have any issues with the integrity of the move.  Spoilers point to Rick and Maya being secluded in Big Bear while Maya’s background goes viral thanks to Bill and the Spencer family media empire.  Will Maya tell Rick?  Or will he find out when Maya’s background becomes celebrity gossip?


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