Days of our Lives Spoilers – May 11 – 15, 2015

This week on Days of our Lives (May 11-15, 2015): Marlena is kidnapped and sentenced to die as Kristen did!  Comfort turns into something more for Chad and Abby.

Sonny, Will and Paul

Will meets some of Clyde’s thugs while he’s visiting Poplar Bluff researching his article on Clude.  Will is not happy that Paul is back in Salem.  Paul and Sonny are caught in an awkward position by Abby and Melanie.

Abby, Chad and Ben

Abby and Ben continue to be at odds with each other.

Abby finds Chad vulnerable after his sister’s demise.  The youngest DiMera has lost both siblings (EJ and Kristen) in a short time span.  Abby can’t help but feel for him and comforts him.  One thinks leads to another and before they realize it comfort turns into something more intimate.  Are old feelings reigniting for Abby?

Lucas, Adrienne and Justin

Lucas, isn’t letting go of his grudge against his mother.  His mother cost him his job by making sure Victor overheard her mentioning Justin and Adrienne’s relationship.  Victor promptly fired Lucas (while he was in bed with Adrienne in Victors house) and Kate since being deposed at Dimera Enterprises stepped into Lucas’ newly vacant position.  Lucas lets Kate know that in his new job he plans to see Katie and her company destroyed.  Much like Kate has done to every relationship Lucas has ever had.  Kate is about to learn that there is a little bit of her in Lucas….her vindictive streak.  Kate seems scared.

Paige and JJ, Eve

JJ tries to defend himself to Roman.  It’s a lie the former bad boy tells straight arrow cop, Roman.  He’s been set up JJ states, truthfully.  He knows who did it too.  JJ vows to take Eve down once and for all realizing nothing is too low for Eve in her quest to keep JJ and Paige apart.  No matter how bad things look for him, JJ is not giving up on being with the girl he loves – Paige.

Days of our Lives Spoilers may 11 - 15 2015

Marlena, Chad and Stefano

Marlena tells Chad what happened between her and Kristen in Italy.  When Marlena is kidnapped the police appeal to the youngest DiMera to talk reason to his father.  Chad tries.

Victor may have been delighted with Marlena pushing Kristen from the window of an Italian castle to her death, but Stefano, Kristen’s daddy isn’t.  Marlena is right to fear retribution from Stefano.  It comes this week when Marlena is kidnapped.  If spoilers video is correct Marlena is returned to the scene of the crime (or is that a nightmare sequence?).

His “Queen of the Night” killing Stefano’s daughter adds a new twist to their tumultuous relationship – on that is revisited this week.   Stefano concludes by weeks end that Marlena must die for what she did to Kristen.  Stefano sentences Marlena to die the same way his precious daughter Krsten did, by being pushed out the castle window and into the waters below.

Will Marlena get a last minute reprieve?  Could John come to save his lady love one more time?

Melanie, Brady and Theresa….

Melanie comes to believe that she if fighting a losing battle.  Brady’s attention is with his new baby, as it should be.  That doesn’t make it easier on Melanie especially Theresa is using her new link to Brady to maximum advantage.

Nicole, Dan

Dan believes that he and Nicole are really over.  Meanwhile Nicole gets what she needs to prove Serena isn’t as sweet as she seems to be.

Serena is in a dither…

Hope and Aiden

Hope and Aiden’s relationship has been patchy lately with the cop and lawyer finding themselves on opposite sides of cases.  Hope has confided in Rafe about their difficulties.  This week Rafe advises Hope to drop her investigation into Clyde Weston.  Rafe thinks the Good O’l boy is one mean bastard and is worried about Hope getting more than she bargained for in going after Clyde.


Down the Track on Days of our Lives:

Melanie leaves town.

Nicole is in danger.

Stefano has revenge on the mind.  But John is there for Marlena.

Theresa’s mom comes to town.  Kim’s a grandma and has some words for Brady Black.

Days of our Lives Comings and Goings:

Molly Burnett (Melanie Jonas) is headed out of Salem sometime during the spring.  With her boyfriend part of an instant family, Melanie feels like she doesn’t fit into Brady’s life anymore.  Look for Mel to head back to Europe giving Brady the space to learn what his new life as a Dad means.

Patsy Pease (Kimberly Brady) is set to air during April.  Is Theresa’s mommy in town when she learns her daughter is missing?  Or does Kim learns she’s a grandma?

Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) is also set to appear during April.  What will Parker’s mom get up to in Salem this time? Where will Chloe and Nicole’s friendship land with Nicole pursuing Chloe’s ex?

Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) and Stephen Nichols (Patch/ Steve Johnson) are slated to return to Salem for or before November’s 50th anniversary….

Rumors indicate that Days is casting an older Joey (Steve and Kayla’s son) and Theo (Abe and Lexi’s son).

Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) is also on the departure list.  He will grace our screens until sometime during the summer.


  1. i hope nicole takes daniel back because he really loves her and she loves him i think he needs to fight for nicole and not give up so soon.

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