Do Brady and Melanie Have a Future? |Days of our Lives Spoilers

On Days of our Lives, Melanie Jonas helped reunited her boyfriend, Brady Black and his ex, Theresa Donovan with the baby they didn't know they had. Will it cost Melanie her relationship?

Brady  Black and Theresa Donovan owe Melanie Jonas a debt of gratitude that in its enormity is impossible to repay.

Melanie Pokes Around In Theresa’s Business

Despite their mutual dislike for each other Melanie Jonas poked into the Theresa’s new beau’s background when she heard him making a suspicious phone call about Theresa to a Dr Mandrake.  Nurse Melanie did some snooping and learned that Dr Mandrake was a fertility specialist who had recently disappeared.

With Theresa having claimed to be pregnant with Brady’s baby then turning out not to be despite her insistence, Melanie put two and two together and came up with Kristen DiMera.  Melanie had to come clean with boyfriend, Brady and tell him that despite him warning her to keep out of Theresa and Clint’s lives, Melanie kept poking and now believes that Theresa had told the truth when she said she was pregnant.

Melanie Tells Brady He’s A Dad

Brady listened to Melanie’s farfetched explanation of an embryo transplant and asked if it was medically possible.  Not only was it possible but the child was likely delivered early, Melanie stated.  Which meant that Theresa and Brady’s baby had likely already been born.

Brady Locates Kristen DiMera in Italy

Brady went to Granddad Vic and asked if he’d been keeping tabs on Kristen’s whereabouts.  Vic supplied the information that Brady needed. Kristen was secluded in a castle east of Rome.  Brady had the private jet fueled up and headed to Italy, unaware that Melanie had stowed away.

Melanie and Brady arrived in Italy surprising Kristen.  Now Kristen had to deal with them as well as her plot to get egg donor, Theresa to Italy to give her son Christopher, a life saving bone marrow transplant.

Clint Brings Theresa to Italy

Clint, told Theresa he’d won the lottery and they were going to celebrate in Italy.  OF course when Theresa arrived at her Italian villa Kristen helped her put two and two together.  Theresa was drugged and at different times held captive with Brady, Melanie and in her baby’s secret nursery.

Kristen Dead?

The entire fiasco come to an end when Marlena, while struggling with Kristen over a gun pushed Ms DiMera through a window.  Kristen fell hundreds of feet into the bay and between the cliffs and the current Brady didn’t see how she could have survived.

Eventually, after initially coming on strong over the list of crimes the Salemites had committed (illegally entering the country, Brady murdering Clint, Marlena murdering Kristen) the Italian police booked the four Americans passage back to Salem on a commercial flight (the Kiriakis private jet had a mechanical problem).

Baby Black Distances Melanie from Brady

Melanie, seated across the aisle from Brady, Theresa and their son, noted to Marlena that Brady was only a few feet from her but she suddenly felt there were miles between them.

What’s Next for Brady, Theresa, and Melanie?

Back in Salem, that distance will only grow.  Brady has a new priority in his life, his son.  With that son, comes a lifelong tie to Theresa, the child’s mother.  Holding his son in his arms, Brady would have to feel some kind of guilt for not believing Theresa when she said she was pregnant. And you can bet that Theresa will milk this opportunity for all it worth.  She is already being portrayed as a nervous new mother stressing when her son fussed on the flight home.

Could Theresa use this to keep Brady close?  Closer than he wants to be?  Brady has a son, and a responsibility and need to be with his son, but Brady’s relationship with the child’s mother ended long ago.  Brady has moved on and is in love with Melanie.  Brady does his best to assure Melanie that nothing has changed between them, but that isn’t how Melanie will feel about things.

Everything has changed.  Brady has a son. Melanie put Brady and his child’s needs before her own when she investigated Dr Mandrake.  It is easy to see that despite what it will cost her, Melanie will do the same again, stepping aside to let the new family find their new normal.

With casting news already breaking that Molly Burnett has finished up her six month stint on the soap, rumors that a heartbroken Melanie kisses Brady goodbye and heads back to Europe could very well be true.

That would be Theresa Donovan’s dream come true.  She manipulated a Las Vegas wedding to Brady that was annulled, but being the mother of his child will give her a lifelong “in” to Brady Black’s life.  Could Brady and Theresa reunite?  They have at least one emotional obstacle to overcome as new parents – the bone marrow transplant eventually needed to save their son’s life.  When Theresa discovered she was pregnant, the party girl turned her life around refusing alcohol and party drugs.

There is a very real possibility that her son with Brady could spur the redemption of this Donovan wild child.  Like mother, like daughter….


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