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Marlena and John have been on the outs with each other due to Marlena not telling him he had another son, Paul. Will that change with Marlena's good deed? Ridding the world of Kristen DiMera?

Things have been frosty between John and Marlena, since she kept the news that Paul Narito was his son from him.  Marlena sided with her grandson, Will, who wanted Paul out of Salem. Will needed Paul out of the way while he worked on mending the damage done to his marriage to Sonny Kiriakis when Will cheated on Sonny with Sonny’s ex, Paul.  Got that?

Needless to say, John found out he had another son, and he was none to pleased with Marlena for keeping the information from him. They have been on the outs with each other ever since.

That looks like it may change this week when John learns about the events that took place in Italy.  John turns up at the Kiriakis mansion to find Victor almost deliriously happy.  Vic tells John that Marlena finally did something right – she killed Kristen DiMera.  After what Kristen put Brady through over the past couple of years, Victor can’t hide his reaction to her demise.  He’s as giggly as a school girl.

John’s first reaction is to make sure that Marlena is okay. Though still clearly rattled by the events that took place in the castle east of Rome, Marlena assures John she’s okay.  His concern is the first thawing of their frosty relationship over Paul’s paternity secret.

Perhaps, Marlena’s good deed for John’s other son, Brady, can buy her back into his good graces.  John is sympathetic over what everyone went through in Italy.

Of course John’s family expanded again through the trip to Italy.  While four Salemites raveled to Italy, five return when Brady and Theresa bring back their son, who Kristen DiMera stole from Theresa’s womb.

John is stunned when he arrives at the hospital to find his son, Brady holding an infant.  “Meet my son,” Brady tells his visibly shocked Dad.

Days Spoilers May 4 - 8 2015

In the matter of couple of months John has added a new son, Paul and now a grandson through his other son, Brady, to the Black family.  Of course those new family relationships come with some baggage.

Paul, of course, has a mother, Tori, who kept Paul from John.  But more intriguingly John now has to claim Theresa Donovan, his grandson’s mother, as a member of his extended family.  That should make for strained family events since Theresa clobbered John over the head with a fire poker placing him in a coma for several months. Theresa, also, is likely to cause some difficulties in Brady’s current relationship with Melanie Jonas.

John really does need to smooth things over with Marlena.  This is one family that could use a shrink in the months ahead…


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