May 1: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, May 1, 2015 – Episode #7068

Carter Learns Nicole’s New Position

Nicole remembers her sky high private jet date with Wyatt and smiles. Carter arrives. He teases her about Wyatt.  Nicole says Maya was thinking about telling Rick.  Carter still thinks she should.  Nicole says she has changed her mind.  There is too much at stake. Carter also notes that now Nicole has something to lose and she’s changed her tune.  It’s about Wyatt.  Carter warns her that Wyatt could be rebounding.  Nicole isn’t scared of the ghost of another woman.

Eric and Brooke try to Talk Ridge out of Quitting

Eric tells Ridge to dial it down and not act hasty.  You can’t quit Brooke says.  Ridge says life’s too short, he’s out.  Don’t make life changing decision based on emotion.  Ridge reminds them they haven’t been here.  Rick treats people badly.  Eric says he support Rick but he doesn’t want to lose him.  This is a family enterprise and he is the best designer in a business. He doesn’t’ want him to leave.

Ridge doesn’t want to walk out.  Forrester was supposed to be his birthright, but Eric gave it to Rick.,  That was his prerogative.  His prerogative is to say no.  And that is what Ridge is doing.

After Ridge’s departure Eric and Brooke try to deal with Ridge’s resignation.  Eric notes they can’t lose Ridge and his designs.  Brooke thinks Ridge just needs time to cool off.  He’s not going to leave Brooke reassures Eric who didn’t realize he was this upset.

Eric isn’t so sure.  Eric understands where Ridge is coming from.  He understands what it takes to put together a collection.  Eric thinks he hasn’t   Eric wants to set up some parameters form Ridge and Rick working together, but Rick doesn’t have to listen to him.  Brooke says their son still listens to Eric. If not Perhaps Maya can reason with him.

Brooke says they need to consider Maya too.  She has much influence over Rick.  Brooke tells Eric that Rick is going to propose.  Eric knows.  Rick bought Maya a ring Brooke says.  Brooke wishes Rick would wait a bit longer but she just wants Rick to be happy.  Eric thinks Maya has proven herself.  How they got back together is questionable but she is who Rick wants by his side.

Carter learns about Ridge’s Quitting

Carter comes in and finds Ridge.  Forester international want him and Caroline to do a European tour. Ridge says he’ll have to talk to Caroline about that.  As of ten minutes ago he quit.

Ridge tells Carter Eric wants to extend Rick’s contract to make it permanent.  Carter is shocked too.  Lines is what made this company Ridge says.  It’s only about the numbers now so Ridge is going to peddle his services elsewhere.  It should have been him behind the CEO desk.  This is what he worked for all him life.  He can’t take orders from someone who doesn’t know the difference between a bow and a boa.

Carter notes this is bad.  Ridge can’t bow to King Rick and Queen Maya.  Ridge goes to leave, but Carter calls him back.  Before he leaves, there is something Ridge needs to know that may stop him walking out that door, Carter says.

Close the door Carter says, this is serious.  Carter says this company needs to get back to what it was.  Carter shuts Ridge’s argument down.  What he has to say is about Maya, Carter says. Ridge says they will get married and he will have to bow to her too.  That marriage won’t happen, Carter says.  Carter thought he knew Maya when they were engaged, Carter says.  But he was wrong. Really wrong.

She’s been different lately, more on edge.  There is a reason. Carter struggles breaking a confidence.  Forrester has invested a lot in Maya.  Rick has built their corporate brand around her.

Carter overheard Maya and Nicole talking about a secret.  Maya is a chosen name.  She wasn’t born with it. Ridge is unimpressed.

Maya’s birth name is Myron.  Maya Avant is transgender Carter tells Ridge.

Rick Condones Some Secrets

Maya says she never thought she would hear him condone secrets.  Rick says some are permissible, surprise parties, gifts, them are permissible, earth shattering ones, not so much.  But Rick doesn’t have to worry about that with her.  Maya tells Rick that she never wants this life to end.  Rick wonders why she should think that.

He made light of secrets.  Some are innocuous.  The type that fall out of the sky and decimate lives he can’t do that again.

No matter how much it bugs Rick that he’s winning there is nothing he can do about it.

Maya wants them to just enjoy now.  Nicole blew open the past, they have been tip toeing around their future.  She just wants to enjoy the present. She loves sharing her life with him. One day he will know everything there is to know about her.  Maya hopes she doesn’t disappoint him.  Rick assures Maya she could never do that.

Rick proposes they take some time out.  Get away alone together.  You’re on, Maya says.  Rick talks about getting away to Big Bear. Are they celebrating anything in particular Maya asks.  You’ll have to wait to find out Rick tells Maya.


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